Must Read Posts – The best articles on Huff Paranormal not to be missed!

Below I have started a list of the best articles posted here that are “must reads” or “must see”. Over time this will grow but as the site is so new, for now there is not much here. But keep an eye out and this will be the place to check just in case you ever miss a great post. Thank you!

The SCD-1 Evidence Files. The Most Amazing Spirit Communication Evidence EVER recorded. Period.

The Power of Negative Thinking and HOW and WHY to Avoid it

The 2014 BEST OF compilation of Spirit Communication  – 30 minute video

BROTHERS: Connecting Lee to Jason, with audible validations.

MEAN SPIRITS – The Living not the Dead

My Near Death Experience 

Ghost Dog: Photographing your Pet. After they pass. (with photo evidence of my dog, two days after he had to be put to sleep)

Life is Good, but how can it be?  (Demon Related, and my beliefs on them)

Spirit Boy Re-Visited (A spirit photo of a little boy captured on Group Night #5)

How to prepare yourself for spirit communication!

Spirits deserve respect too!

Did Joe come through the Joe’s box? Check it out!

Can we see spirits? My three experiences. 

My best spirit box session ever. Must hear these clear responses! Maybe even one from Robin Williams! (Third time in three videos)

Messages from Beyond: Robin Williams? decide. 

The GB-1 Validation Files

Visual Evidence. Seeing the Spirits with an SLS Camera. 

Snapping the Dead. Post Mortem Photography. 

THE SCD-1: Amazing device to communicate with the other side? Listen for yourself.