MEAN SPIRITS – (The Living..Not the Dead)


MEAN SPIRITS – (The Living, Not the Dead)

Hello to all! Today I wanted to take a moment to write about MEAN SPIRITS, and no, I do not mean MEAN GHOSTS, but rather MEAN SPIRITED PEOPLE. I have been seeing so much anger, jealousy and hate from so many paranormal people lately and it truly makes my stomach turn at how vicious they can be. It is a sad thing seeing what ego and jealousy can do to a person yet it doesn’t make me want to hang up my hat and get out of this field, instead it is motivating me to go even further than ever before. That is just how I am.

Karma is real.

I have seen it in action and I know how real it is. Spirit guides are real as I have connected with two of mine. Lillian and Eva. They have guided me for the past few years in all the right directions. In fact, my life has been filled with love, light, peace, happiness, joy, fun, success and in fact, it has been amazing ever since I have made the rule for myself to ALWAYS be positive and ALWAYS share peace and love and ALWAYS be kind to everyone and follow my “gut” (which is your guides trying to lead you in the right path).

When I started to heavily pursue this research I immediately became passionate about it and for me, it was NEVER EVER and still is not about money. So many in this field, they have money as their motivator and this is why I think those people can never get real evidence on their own. They are in it for the wrong reasons and the spirit world KNOWS this. In fact, I have spent around $30k in gear, travel, etc on this field and I will be in the red for some time to come. I have spent THOUSANDS of hours of my limited time on it and this is NOT my job, it is my passion and hobby.

Me, I am in it for the fact that it is an amazing, real and wonderful thing. I mean, how amazing is it that we can do REAL TIME communication here in 2015? I mean, almost near conversations with what many say is “the other side”. I have stated so many times that we can never truly say what it is we are conversing with as there is no way to prove it, though we are getting VERY close. Since the SCD-1 I and many others have recorded so many clear messages that say things like “WE ARE DEAD”, “WE ARE SPIRITS’, “ANGELS ARE WITH YOU”, “WE LOVE YOU”, etc.

So is this proof? To many, yes. To others, no. Scientifically, this would not be accepted as proof of spirits. For me, it is enough but when I do my group sessions every month or do a session for someone privately (all free by the way, and it takes me hours of my time) I have recorded very private and personal messages for others. It is an incredible thing, and often times very emotional for the participants. It is special, magical and most of all, real. Think about what we are doing here, I mean…REALLY think. Connecting with spirits and HEARING them talking back? This is the stuff of movies yet here we are, it is a reality.

Some of these mean spirits (a living breathing person) who sell their products for ITC research, they NEVER do anything like this or what I do. To them it is all about SALES SALES SALES and THEM THEM THEM, not really authentic research. Yet they attack me, hate on me, and do whatever they think they can do to try to derail the success of the app I developed with Anthony Sanchez, the SCD-1. They make up lies about me and say awful nasty things that prove they have NO CLASS, NO IDEA OF REALITY and also prove that they are indeed in it for the wrong reasons. They say I am a fake yet NONE ever take me up on my $25,000 offer..prove I fake anything and I will pay you $25,000 CASH. That can never happen as I have never nor will I ever fake anything. They KNOW this but they try to discredit me and lie because they hate seeing me succeed. The good news? They are failing as haters… and people who are not legitimate and do things out of jealousy and hate always lose. ALWAYS, and they are.

Here is one example:

A certain app creator with a semi successful app.

When I first become associated with this person it was over 2 years ago when he launched his Flagship ITC app. I tried it and yes, I liked it. I did video after video and shared evidence with it because it worked. It was real, though hard to analyze the evidence. Still, the evidence was there but had to be dug out with hours of listening and analyzing. For me, this doesn’t matter because if the evidence is there, it is THERE. For almost two years I proclaimed his one flagship app, THE ONLY REAL APP for communication and in the early days I was getting amazing results with it (for the time), so he always showed my videos on his Facebook wall and praised me to no end. All the while he would attack my friends and real physical spirit boxes, calling them “bullshit” because he was and still is ONLY about his app. He never talks nice about other people products and never will. He is self-absorbed, has a HUGE ego and is a pretty nasty individual when it comes to what he says about others. He is a legend in his own mind. To him, his main app is the only real app or device on the market for communication, but this is so not true. It is one of MANY, and 4th to a real box, the SCD-1 and the GB-1/RIFT app.

We were good, he loved me. He would often proclaim his man crushes on me as when I did his TUTORIAL VIDEO FOR his app that he used it on the APP STORE to sell his app. I never asked for money or compensation as I never would, I was in it for the research and liked his app, so it was my pleasure. I promoted his Facebook and linked to his YouTube channel after he asked me to as he was “having trouble getting subscribers” as he said. But again, was my pleasure to help out a fellow researcher who WAS doing something good for all of us in the field.

As months went by, every time I did a video using his app he would thank me and praise me as the real deal, saying publicly how I was the best at what I did.

Two years go on and after me helping him and being his so-called “friend” he turned quickly when I released the SCD-1 with Anthony Sanchez. When it was starting to get noticed and spreading through the community (because it is one hell of an app that works amazingly well if used correctly) he started trashing it, saying it was BS. Then he bought a copy and messaged me saying “I bought your SCD-1”, with a wink face. I knew what he was doing, and informed Anthony that this man was about to start trouble out of Jealousy, in fact I called it a month before the SCD-1 was released. This guy, for some reason felt threatened and he did not like that attention was moving away from him and his app. I stayed quiet, and even stayed out of the forums where he was trashing me and calling the SCD-1 a “lie” and fake (trying to derail it, but as he soon found out, he has little reach in the grand scheme of things, and the SCD-1 speaks for itself). Then he got personal and made a video trashing me saying ridiculous nonsense like I live in a mansion (lol, I live in a modest house that cost me $100k) – Words like “go suck a dick” were thrown at me as well. Wow.

That is when he lost all credibility with me and many others. Here is a guy who praised me for 2 years, saying I was the real deal, thanking me for my work with his app. I helped sell MANY apps for him as many will tell you. MANY more than one would think. Yet here he is, a few days after my own app is released (and he felt threatened as it was working MUCH better than his), and he was attacking me and Anthony, spreading lies and making up BS, even having some of his followers attack me on my own pages. He even wanted Anthony to make him an app using the same tech as the SCD-1, scanning internet radio! Anthony said NO way! Kind of strange huh?

It was so shocking and sad to see how much this guy was falling…and imploding. Instead of working together as I suggested, he refused. He made the worst choice he could make, attack me personally.

I was a friend, a supporter, and would have used his apps for life and worked with him anytime. Now he is dead to me. He burned that bridge and I was ignoring him, but he keeps on going…and going… thinking he is doing some kind of damage, and he is, but only to himself. I have received over 70 messages in the last 10 days from those telling me they deleted his app and no longer follow him. Many blocked him. As I said, he is imploding. I even heard from someone close to him who told me a few things going on with him…and its not good.

Remember, I NEVER EVER attacked him (and never ever would). In fact, I even did a video with his app and mine, showing THEY BOTH work AFTER he was starting his attacks!. I said his $5 cheap app was awful and needed major work, because it is and does (and I am honest and hoped it would spark something in him to make it better), but I praised his main app even after my app was out. Still, he couldn’t stand the fact that the SCD-1 was not only sounding and working better but getting much more attention than his app. If he would have WORKED WITH ME and ANTHONY he would have been much better off. He burned one of the best bridges he had and I am one of the easiest guys to get along with. Calm, chill, and I love everyone, I am kind to all and I would give my last dollar to someone else if it would help them. Even when attacked I usually just stay quiet and ignore, but this had to be said as it is never-ending and he keeps going, doing childish things behind the scenes which makes him appear that he may have some kind of mental instability going on.

Many have told me they think he is possessed, some have said he is just unhappy and miserable and others say he is unstable. Some in his “inner circle” have told me he is worried as his main app is his bread and butter.  I do not believe this. I just believe he felt threatened by MY app and his EGO would not let it rest, but how does he not understand that we should all work together? This is when GREAT things happen. These things should NEVER be about competition! We should all band together and work for the greater good, but folks like this..they do not have it in them as they are selfish and full of EGO, when there should be no EGO at all.

There are some GREAT minds in this field. There are some amazing minds in this field. There are some amazing souls in this field and there are only a handful of bad apples. The “bad apples” all have one thing in common. In the grand scheme of things, not very many followers or fans. They spew hate non stop, they spew anger and awful things and the majority see this and walk away. None of them can get good evidence to save their lives and the reason is that the spirit world KNOWS THIS.

So I am here to say even though this guy and a few of his buddies have said the nastiest lies about me, and made up so much nonsense about the SCD-1 app (which is VERY real and scans LIVE internet radio and has HUNDREDS of positive reviews) they are losing their battle because it is a one way battle, I refuse to take part in the childish games. Somehow and someway my Facebook has had 4000 new likes in the last week pushing me to over 101,000 fans. THIS is amazing and speaks volumes. The SCD-1 app is selling AMAZINGLY well all around the world and the best part is those who buy it report back with AMAZING results. Because it is real. Five star reviews are the norm from REAL users and the feedback has been out of this world good. THIS warms my heart, and I thank ALL of you who bought it and use it and share your results.

It is what it is. No one can change that, especially a guy who has proven and shown his true colors.

Nothing they do or say will EVER change reality or slow me down, in fact, it makes me work harder so in many ways, they are helping me by motivating me even more than I already am.

I truly wish him and the others like him well and hope they can get out of the dark place they are in. To me, they will never be associated with me ever again, ever. I removed all of my videos from YouTube that used and explained his app and deleted the app from my tablet. It will never be mentioned or used, ever again by me. I will not promote it due to his nasty actions after I have helped him so much. If someone tries to talk about it on my Facebook, their comment will be deleted.

I keep away from the hate filled negative ones who can and will suck the life from you.. but I hope they achieve their goals and see the “light”. I was never going to write this post but they just do not let up, and I have a much bigger audience than they do. What they say will not affect me, but this has the ability to affect them. Notice I never mentioned names, as I feel that is not necessary. But saying SOMETHING when it just keeps going IS NECESSARY. Many have been messaging me about the things that were being said and it is just ridiculous, so THIS is my reply to all of you understand what is really happening.

I do not expect them to stop (childish bully tactics stem from insecurity) but just need them to know that NOTHING they will EVER do will affect me, change me, hurt me, stress me out or alter what is meant to be. I am not sure what is meant to be for me but this is part of my life path, it has already been chosen, and I will accept whatever it is. It will be interesting to see where we all are a year from now. I know where I will be..right here still doing what I love, being honest and open and sharing my thoughts, ideas and evidence with all of YOU using whatever product works the best for me, and I will still be working with Anthony to create even better forms of communication. This year has just begun and trust me my friends, there are some AMAZING surprises coming this year that will make you say WOW.

Thank you all, love and light to ALL, even the bad apples. 🙂