Can we see see spirits? My three visual experiences over three years.


Can we see spirits? My three visual experiences over three years.

Many times I get the question..”Can you see a spirit, and if so, have YOU ever seen one”? Well, the answer to that is a big fat YES, you can indeed see them if you open your mind up 100% to receiving that visual message. I was asked this question in the forum here, and answered it there but thought it would make for a cool separate post. So below is my extended account of the three times I actually SAW what it is I communicate with. Enjoy.

Visual, this is important and the “Holy Grail” for many who seek out ghosts or evidence, but for me, the times I saw visuals of these spirits were times when I was not even looking for them. Many will find my story hard to believe, and that is understandable because if someone told me this story 5 years ago I would have discounted it as imagination, made up or nonsense. But it is indeed 100% true, 100% fact and happened just as I describe it. Each time was very special, very emotional and very intense. It is one of those things you have to experience for yourself to appreciate and really believe in. But as you can see from my audio and photo evidence here on this site, if messages can clearly be given to me vocally, and images be shown to me to record so easily..what is so unbelievable about actually seeing these spirits on occasion. Today, I know with my heart that ANYTHING is possible. 

I have seen them on three occasions, but for me, I believed in them well before seeing them. When I was able to record a loud voice out of nowhere, from thin air every single day in my home and hold tiny conversations with this voice (not using a device or box, just a video camera and mic) that made a 100% believer out of me that there is indeed something else out there beyond this life as we know it. There is a spiritual existence of love, light and even darkness for some. If you have not read my full story yet on how I started to get into all of this, you can read up on that HERE. I suggest that before reading about my experiences below.

It was when I was doing all of these sessions and spirit communication on a nightly basis that I was becoming more and more aware of what was out there. Feeling them, easily sensing them and easily recording them anywhere. The more I was involved with my mind, body, soul and heart, the more they would come to me, and each time they came to me it seemed to get more and more intense. The more we really get into this field and the more we reach out to these spirits and lost souls, the more they want to talk to us. They want to speak to us more than we want to speak to them, and when they find someone who makes it easy for them, bam, they are attracted like bees to honey.

I remember my 1st visual experience well…

The Little Girl at my Bedside with a gift

One day after recording the voice of a little girl asking for her Mommy via EVP (NOT Ghost box) I remember being woke up from sleep that night with a whisper in my ear (from a little girl). My eyes opened, I looked to my right and Debby, my girlfriend was sleeping. I felt an intense energy and my entire body was electrified. I looked to my left and saw a little girl with very dark hair wearing a dress, but the dress was tattered and torn. She had a rose that was half limp and was trying to give it to me. I just stared at her and looked at the details. She was VERY intense and did not look happy. Of course after realizing there was a little girl in my room, and realizing it was a spirit my excitement raised and I lifted up to take the rose but she vanished in a very smooth and organic way. It was not like a magic trick vanish, it was a fade out organically type..not a mist but more smooth. I will never ever forget that image of the little girl. The next day I listened to the EVP again and wondered..was it her who paid me a visit during the night to get my attention? Was she looking for her Mommy? Was her Mom alive and she was trying to relay a message from me to her? I do not know but wish I did.


The Electric Blue Form

Another time I saw something near me was when I had the feeling of intense energy again but this time, I was feeling as something was on top of me in bed. I was awake, was not even asleep yet as I had just gotten into bed. I was laying there maybe 10 minutes and started feeling something (the energy) get into the bed. This was maybe a year ago and did make me a teeny but nervous but I allowed this to keep happening to see what would happen. In my mind I asked whatever it was to please get OFF of me. The feeling was the most intense I have ever experienced and I felt it getting stronger and stronger, but I never ever let fear creep in my head. I was ready t o ride it out to see what would happen.

Almost instantly I felt this energy lift up from me and the  bed and what I then saw hovering above me was incredible. Above me in the bed, in my pitch black bedroom  was what I can describe as an outline of blue energy. Almost like seeing an outline of blue molecules moving with light, changing shape, just floating above the bed. It was incredible. I just laid as still as I could to study this as I wanted to make sure I engrained it to my memory. It floated and organically just hung out above me for about 90 seconds. Then it appeared to dissolve right in front of my eyes. That was the only time I have ever seen anything like that but will never forget it. It was  very powerful, very intense and I have no clue as to what it was exactly but it was amazing. I felt it and saw it. Crazy validation for myself.


The Woman with the Burns

This one was VERY special to me and I can still envision it like it was a few hours ago. It was THAT powerful. This time I saw a physical presence. I was out shopping for a new android device to start to use echovox and was at Wal-Mart as they had a sale on a Google Nexus 7. I went to the isle where they had them on display and looked at the different models. No one was around so I waited for an employee to come to open the cabinet and get the device I wanted but they were busy at the electronics area registers. So I waited and looked around the isle to see what other goodies they had. I then started to question I want to spend $250 on a device just to use a $20 app? I was 100% alone in the isle and area. I walked back by the devices to demo them and  all of a sudden I felt the strong surge of electricity through me, which I know means that a spirit is right near me or on me. It was VERY VERY STRONG and surging. I felt it pushing from behind me so of course I turned around to look behind me and all of a sudden, right in front of me and facing me there is a very very skinny and bony woman standing there looking at me. PHYSICALLY. She had a HUGE HUGE canvas type of bag around her covering 80% of her body from the front and half of her face was burned/scarred. She stared me in the eye the entire time, smiled and nodded her head in a yes motion.

Of course I knew I had this massive spirit feeling but looking at her, she was 100% physical as I was even though she looked very “off” in a creepy kind of way and was directly staring at me smiling and shaking her head up and down in a “yes” motion. I this a ghost or a real woman?

I smiled, nodded and turned back to the cabinet, excited at what I just saw..but again, I wondered if this was a real person, as she looked real just as you or me. She looked anorexic, sickly, had burns and scars on her face and I felt one of the strongest presences ever when that happened. Within 5 seconds of me turning back around a salesman came and was at my left side. He asked me what I needed. I looked around to see her again and she was GONE. All within seconds. As if she just vanished when he came up to me.

I told the guy what I wanted, he gave me the device I needed and I RAN through the store with my iPhone shooting video – covering every inch of the store, even the woman’s bathroom entrance to see if I could find this woman, but I never did or could find her. I knew right in I just “knew” that she was a spirt and she was nodding yes to me to tell me “Yes buy that device so I can speak to you”. It was incredible and I was so electrified with excitement and happiness at what I had just experienced.


So there you have it, my three totally different experiences with “seeing” what I communicate with on a regular basis. I have opened my mind up enough to welcome it in and for me, it was not scary at all but exciting and intense. I welcomed it and hope to have more of these experiences as time goes on. In fact, these visual experiences is one of  the things that drive me so much in this field. When you experience something so powerful you want to discover more and more of what it is that is out there. With so little information out there in this field I find it is well worth it to take that journey.