The Man, The Spirit Box, The Connection. Interview with Steve Huff.

The Man, The Box, The Connection
A moment with Steve Huff of Huff Paranormal
By: Richard Allen
If you have been interested in the paranormal for really any amount of time you have heard of a spirit box or ghost radio. Well behind these radios and spirit communication is a whole field of research known as Instrumental Trans Communication or ITC. This includes all form of communication that involves some sort of electronic means. Whether it be a tape recorder, spirit box, old television, or even a device known as the wonder box it is covered under the ITC umbrella. Now if you have heard of ITC then chances are you have heard of Huff Paranormal and the man behind the name Steve Huff.
Steve Huff has been at the forefront of ITC these last few years creating devices to aid in spirit communication. Over the last ten years or so; dedicating his life to ITC and creating quite a following of those that love him and some that despise him, Steve has helped many people through his advancements made in ITC. Recently, I had the opportunity to ask him a few questions about his journey in the field, social distancing observed of course. This is his reply raw and unedited. Absolutely no changes or paraphrasing has been done to the following content.
This interview was conducted in 2021. You can see Steve’s work at his YouTube Channel HERE
ThirdEye: When did you first become interested in the paranormal?
Huff: My interest in the Paranormal has been with me since I was around nine years old. The full answer would require around 10,000 words so I will sum it up for you in the shortest way possible. Basically, I have had an interest in life after death and ghosts ever since I can remember. In 1978 my mother gave me $2 to buy an Ouija board at a Garage sale and ever since I have been fascinated with life after death. It was that same year that I begged my Mother to take me to the theater to see “Beyond and Back”, a movie about real life after death experiences. I would go to the library and get books on ghosts and spirits and these would be the only kind of books I would read. I also had three near death experiences when I was young, and one of them created a lasting memory of “the light” as I experienced going into that light and when I did, I did not want to come back.
As I grew older I did the “life” thing. I got married, had a child and did what I had to do to pay the bills but when the Franks Box became a thing, I knew I had to acquire one and when I did, it was game over. I knew this was going to be a huge part of my life as that intense interest in life after death from my youth was ignited once again as if it never left.
ThirdEye: Did you know right away that ITC was the path for you or had you tried other forms of communication such as Spirit Boards or pendulums?
Huff: When I bought that Ouija board at age 9 I would use it with friends every weekend. It became a part of my life, but I never feared it nor did I ever have any bad experiences with a board. Rather, I remember feeling as if I were speaking to “friends” from the other side.
In my twenties I owned a few pendulums but they did not impress me as any movement of the arm could make the pendulum move, something I learned back when I was younger. When I was 11 or 12 I bought a Kreskin ESP game/kit, and it came with a pendulum. I was fascinated with it but knew inside the pendulum was a bit iffy. When I tried it again in my 20’s, I realized it was moving with any slight movement of the arm or hand so I lost all interest.
I went through all of the phases of “spooky” and owned several Tarot Card decks, worked as a phone psychic when I was 23 (successfully I must say) and I always bought unique boards and anything related to spirit contact. When I said this has been with me since I was young, I wasn’t kidding!
These days, in 2021, I only use devices I trust or make myself but my speciality and focus is audible communication as well as feeling the different types of spirit energy.
ThirdEye: Those that have followed you over the years have seen you deal with people that try to downplay you as a fraud, yet you have remained steady in your research when many others would have quit and disappeared back into society. Do you feel that your research also gives you strength to persevere at times?
Huff: Ahhh, great question and one I am so glad you asked. When I started using boxes I knew no one within ITC. My son and I started together even though he was pretty young. We soon noticed that one or two of the ITC community groups online were not so nice, or friendly to anyone new. We saw people in groups always fighting amongst themselves, and soon, some of them were trashing us because we were so motivated and trying new things. Thinking outside the box was something these groups did not seem to like. I also noticed back then that most were of the thought that it was fast scanning noisy radios or nothing! Problem for me was, they sounded horrible and it was holding ITC back, and holding back many who wanted to believe that saw that evidence as sketchy at best.
When I discovered how spirits were truly speaking, and it went against the old school theories, I started to get hate from some in the ITC community. I knew I was right, as I was seeing and hearing what was happening in front of my eyes and ears, and that was that spirit was changing audio from apps, radios or even my own voice to form messages. They were not coming in through radio frequencies, they were able to use almost any audio I gave them as a source.
As things progressed, and my work was improving steadily I had many jump on the hate train. I had feces sent to me in the mail, white powder, glitter bombs, and my address was put online. Some were telling others to “come and get me” and at that time I knew I was on the right track. One woman said in a video she believed I recorded my stepdaughter in the shower and then called me a “MF’n Rapist” which of course was pure fabricated nonsense to drum up hate. I was in shock at the level some of these individuals would stoop to due to hate, lies, and misinformation. One guy made a video wearing a scary mask telling me if I did not stop, he knew where I lived, and where my electrical panel was. This was public on YouTube for a few days! I mean, really? It seemed to me I was on to something and the dark did not like it, and with some of these people obviously consumed by darkness, it made sense what was happening.
The things I was doing and the discoveries I was making was getting the attention of that darkness, and that darkness was trying to stop me. Dark always tries to stop the light. I knew I could never quit, and I didn’t.
My evidence was real, and I knew it, so it did not matter what anyone else thought. On the flip side I do have some regrets from that time though as I had a lot to learn myself. So some of that hate I brought upon myself with some of my actions. Looking back, I could have handled a few things differently but even so it would have not stopped the extreme hate. But one thing I have never done is fake a video. That is a fact. I have made mistakes during research, but never ever would I fake anything.
In any case, we should never ever allow others hate, lies, threats or bullying to dictate what we do. We should never let others words effect what we believe in with our heart and soul. I mean, who cares what someone else says? When you know with every fiber of your being that you are doing what you love, and doing it well, it doesn’t matter what a few negative and angry individuals say or do. The truth is, when I get hate it just motivates me more and some of my best work has come from those times. Some people cry fake out of ignorance because they have no clue at all about real ITC Research and how spirits speak aloud. They have no desire to learn, rather their ego just wants them to be right. It holds back this field immensely when you have those who claim to be within it, attacking others for doing real solid work.
ThirdEye: You seem to be one of the kindest, hardest working, and happiest people at the front per se’ of the paranormal scene. How do you keep from becoming jaded?
Huff: Well, I am glad you noticed! I am indeed happy and at peace in life. Through the help of spirits, guides and yes even the Lord above I have learned how to live a life without stress, fear or worry. When you realize that stress, worry and fear never ever make any situation better (only worse) you learn to understand the beauty of stillness. Being calm. Knowing and believing all will always be OK. I am truly living a blessed life. One of my old friends used to always tell me I had a horseshoe up my behind. Another used to say “Man, everything you touch turns to gold”. While that is not true, I do feel I have somehow been blessed.
I have live a life with good times, bad times and have learned so many lessons in life. All of the bad things I have experienced were necessary to make me the person I am today. It’s all part of the path and we all have one. I am not special or different from anyone else who does this. I just chose to take it farther and dedicate my life to it. Again, I felt pushed to do so.
When I was shown my path, and shown how I had to change my life, I listened. I took action.
Today I live life with kindness, love, and treat all with respect. I help others when I can, and sometimes that even backfires on me badly (I get used). Even so, I do not ever let those bad times change who I am as that is not on me, it is on the other person who takes advantage of my kindness. That has happened many times.
If someone within my life goes negative, I cut them loose form my life and do not get involved in drama or hate. I do not care who it is. If someone uses me I cut them free from my life just the same, and that has happened many times as well. I mean, why live life with negativity? Negativity does no good, nada. It only causes one to delve deeper into darkness and I keep that away from my life 100%.
By doing what I do within ITC and working with spirit I have learned that there is much more to life than meets the eye. Life is not about celebrity worship. fancy cars, designer clothes, money or ego. It is not about owning the mansion on the hill or having a few million dollars in the bank. The reality is, and I am serious here, it is all about Love. Love of oneself, of others, of the world we live in and of all living things. When we live life with love, peace, calm and get rid of the things that come from darkness such as anger, ego, hate and greed our life improves in so many ways.
Sadly, I feel that we have lost a lot of that in the world today. It seems everyone is out for personal gain, no matter who they hurt or step on along the way. I truly hate no one. I have anger towards no one. I compete with no one. I just do what I do and live a calm, easy going, very chill life where I have all I need with a small house in the woods, a single car, the love of my life and food on the table. I want for nothing.
I have found that we get in life what we put out. My life changed dramatically when I started living a life of love. Not only within my spiritual connection and ITC Research but my life in general. It has improved beyond what I thought was possible for me. Love is the Key, without question.
ThirdEye: To have such open communication with spirit one must build upon a connection creating trust. Was it a difficult road for you to do so or was it more of a natural connection that just needed shaped if you will?
Huff: Trust is indeed important within spirit communication. In fact, spirits used to tell me all of the time “trust us”. Yet back when I started I did not. I was hesitant to do so as when you deal with the unknown, at first, it can be a bit well, unknown. They said they trusted me but for a while I held back on my trust of them.
Always hearing others theories and opinions made it hard. Some said “they are all demons” and many so called psychics predicted I would be killed within 2 years. The letters I would get were…well…scary. I started to believe these things but as things progressed, especially today, I now realize none of that was or is true, at all. Today I have full trust and am 100% open with full belief and trust. The interesting thing is that it wasn’t until I opened up fully and trusted fully that my connection deepened. Spirits have told me a few times “you have been chosen” and that used to scare me. Then came the messages of “we are training you” and just last night I recorded a clear message saying “you are now a soldier of light” and “You can now make the light”. Crazy stuff that makes me wonder what is happening here but as the connection deepens, I feel it within me as well. Things just come to me naturally, like how to improve communication further, how to be happy and at peace or how to see what really matters in this life above all else.
Spirit does guide us, and it’s up to us to trust and be open to receive these messages from within. When I started listening my life started improving in every aspect more and more.
Fear is also a hindrance within ITC. I learned that when you drop all fear and go about ITC with full love and kindness that soon you will start to attract higher levels of spirit as fear is an energy, and a negative one. Negative spirits are attracted to that fear energy, that is very real. When we put out love, higher vibration spirits are attracted to us. Makes sense right? Today I only get messages of love, God, heaven and the light. Back when I had some fear and did not trust I would get messages like “we should kill you”. We should never attempt spirit communication while upset, depressed, angry or under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Doing so opens yourself up to bringing negative or dark energies.
But yes, trust is one of the ingredients to a solid connection.
ThirdEye: Has there been a point in your life that you believe your guides have taken control and shown or placed you on the right path when otherwise you would have gone totally astray of where you are now?
Huff: 100% yes. If I did not follow what I was being shown and told over the last 4-5 years I would be living a life of drama, negativity, carelessness and I would probably be in financial trouble as well. This happened a few years ago with my Sign from God. That sign was so powerful to me that it changed the way I go about sessions completely, and even how I approach life in general. There is a video on YouTube of it and it can be found by searching “sign from God Huff”.
Ever since then, they have been showing me continually what I need to do and what (or whom) I need to avoid. When I listen I am never led astray. We all have guides and if we listen, it has a way of smoothing out our life. Problem is, as humans, we usually get in our own way and screw things up. It’s not easy to always listen but if we trust in it, it can be a wonderful way to improving ones life.
ThirdEye: As mentioned you are one of the hardest workers it seems in the field of ITC. You do so much for others that it is almost unbelievable that one man could be so selfless, putting out so much energy for others, and remaining humble at the same time. How do you continually find the motivation to do so?
Huff: Well, I wasn’t always like this. I used to be selfish, arrogant and could easily be triggered. These days I find joy in helping others even though as I said, it has come back to bite me a few times. I am a trusting guy and like to believe most have a good heart. Unfortunately that is not the case, as I have learned. Even so, right now as I write this I am making a “Miracle Box Mini” for someone I never met, and am gifting it to them. I spent over $1,200 to make this just to give it away. Why would I do this?
Again, we get back in life what we put out and I am led to do these things. I was told from within that this person would use this box in the right way and will get results with it. She has also been a Patron of mine for years, and she is a wonderful human being.
The fact is that when I listen to that guidance and follow through I am always rewarded in some way, as that kindness always comes back to me. When I say “rewarded” that could just be in the form of happiness, peace and more love sent my way. The law of attraction is real, and if we treat others the way we would want to be treated then it truly does bring that back to us. I have seen it my whole life, and believe this 100%.
When I am kind, help others, spread love to as many as I can and never hate, have anger, or talk bad about someone my life is smooth siding and things always work out. Those times in my life long ago when I would snap at people, yell at people, or spread negativity that is exactly what came back to me in life as chaos and bad decisions.
Ever since I started living my life in a positive way 24/7 things have changed. I went from being an on edge stressed out guy who hated where he lived to being the happiest man alive. Well, I am sure there are others who are just as happy but I feel blessed every day when I awake in my bed and open my eyes. I often ask “how in the world did this happen”?!?
When I say these things I am not speaking of money or finances as that doesn’t bring happiness. I have been there and done that. To me, money is the root of all evil and I am not interested in raking in millions of dollars. With lots of money negative things have a way of creeping in like greed, arrogance, entitlement and so on. I can be happy with a minimal income and am happiest with just that. Money doesn’t motivate me, and I also feel that is why my ITC results are so successful. Spirit knows our intention and mine is pure. I am in this to help spirit, to help the living and show as many as I can that this is real, and death should not be feared or seen as taboo as it really is more like a rebirth of sorts.
When I say Love is the Key, that is me. It comes from the heart. When you see my passion in my videos, that is really me, not a YouTube character. I feel all of this helps me to be happy and at peace. While I am not religious, I do believe God=Love and I do believe in God. How could I not?
ThirdEye: Being at the forefront of ITC research, you have created your own devices and apps and tested many apps for other researchers in the ITC field. Do you like where ITC is advancing? Did you ever think the day would come when a persons cell phone could also help them communicate with those that have passed on?
Huff: Ten years ago I said “I believe in ten years we will be as close as we have ever been to a true telephone to the dead” and today my Miracle Box device is about as close as we can get. I have been flabbergasted at the results using it. At the same time, I have learned that above all else, the connection is key. Seven years ago I was all about the apps, the boxes and devices. I did not realize back then that the connection was the most important aspect.
Today I spend more of my time on building that connection rather than worrying about apps and devices. How do I do this? By practicing what I said above. Being kind, spreading love, avoiding drama and just being a genuine kind giving person without one shred of hate or anger in my life.
The truth? All an app, radio box or portal does is provide spirt with an audio source for them to manipulate. With that said implementation is everything! Even if someone has a 10/10 rated connection the tool they use must be made with spirit in mind, how they speak and what they need. If the device is created in this way the results with a connection can be unreal.
Sadly, a lot of the apps I see today are garbage and made strictly to sell apps and are a quick buck. Many include scary words or phrases built in and some who use them think they are talking with spirit when they are just hearing the audio banks. With the prevalence of a new breed of fakery on YouTube as well I think ITC will soon start to move in a new direction.
In fact, I think ITC will start to focus on “false positive free” apps and devices. In fact one app is out there now using all of my findings and techniques. I even consulted on how to go about it and make it a winner. It’s basically an Astral Doorway in app form and it works well for those with a connection.
I am making an app of my own with all of those same ideas that I discovered over the years that will be 100% false positive free and made for those serious about ITC rather than those looking for a quick reply or false positive. The Miracle Box app is coming soon and it will be $3 and made for those who are serious about growing in ITC. I will not take a cent from the app, as that $3 will have to go to pay the developer. Will be affordable and a serious ITC tool that will amaze when you get a spirit reply as again, it will be false positive free.
ThirdEye: Over the years you have created many boxes such as the portal and the wonder-box. You use to sell your boxes at one time. Why did you choose to stop selling them?
Huff: Over the years I have had an insane amount of emails from those wanting me to sell them a box. I used to sell only a few per year as they are expensive to make and would take 2 weeks of my time. Back when I sold them I wasn’t fully aware of the importance of the connection, and I assumed anyone who bought one would use it right and get results.
What I found is many of those who bought one of my devices used them completely wrong, even when I sent a video to them, using their box, on how to use it. I also found not everyone can establish a connection and this means there is no spirit device (that is real and serious) that will work for them.
I felt bad for those who could not get results and when I fully understood the connection is #1, and not everyone can attain one, I stopped selling them. Even though I have had offers at $10k or more for a box, I refuse, and have many times. There are quite a few out there who have had that email from me saying “no thank you”.
I would hate to sell a box for $3,000 (which would have to be my asking price today due to cost and time) and then find the person who was excited about it did not get any results with it because their connection was not there. I have a conscious, and that is a lot of money. There are a few I have agreed to sell a box to though. They have been asking me for months or even years and a long time ago I promised them I would one day sell them a box so I may sell a couple more here and there but only to those who understand that if they do not get results, it is not the box, it is them. There is no such thing as a magic box, app or radio. The magic lies (or doesn’t lie) within us. So for that reason I will not sell my boxes publicly again.
ThirdEye: How do you feel knowing that your research and creations from that research are being marketed by those who seem to only want to profit from the paranormal field?
Huff: It used to bother me but these days I accept it as I have no choice. I hate to see my discoveries, techniques and ideas being used for profit by someone who is claiming them as their own but I guess I could look at it as a form of flattery. If some are using my discoveries in a box or app, it means those ideas are valid, and work.
Many of my so called “haters” use my devices and techniques. Some who claim I am a fake use my devices and techniques. It’s almost comical. Some take my ideas and discoveries and turn them into apps. They may even consult with me about how to better them and I give them ways to do just that. They do not even give me credit. Again, not financial but actual credit where it is due.
Again, most know where it comes from so it’s OK. I have noticed all of those in the past who hated on me, made websites about me, trashed me, made up lies about me or harassed me are just about nowhere to be found these days. They have withered away into obscurity. The reason? They fell into that negativity trap which led them down a dark path, and when you go down a dark path nothing good will ever come from it. When you hate, lie, or use others to climb up the ladder, karma will eventually strike back. That has shown to be so so true.
ThirdEye: Regarding your advancement from lets say the portal to your newest box you’re working on now, the miracle box, what would you say has been the most difficult to overcome from box to box?
Huff: Well, again, the connection is key but the box does matter when the person using it has that special connection. My goal has always been to find a way to attain clarity. I did accomplish this with the Astral Doorway but I still wanted more clarity as well as the ability to hold one spirit “on the line” for as long as we could.
I was finding that many boxes bring many spirits in at a rapid pace, mostly radio scanners or random IP scanners. I was then shown from within why this was happening (and when I say this I mean, it just came to me, as I knew forever) and implemented a way to keep one spirit connected at a time. It was simple really.
With each box came a small improvement in either clarity, or the direct nature of the replies, With the Miracle Box the clarity has stepped up quite a bit as well as the way the answers are more direct. I am also able to have small conversations with one spirit to the best of their abilities.
To be honest it wasn’t really challenging but these things just came to me, and I credit the other side for this more than myself. I could be in the shower thinking about breakfast and all of the sudden I see an image showing me what to do, and why to do it, like it was in my brain for years, like I always knew which is crazy to think about. I then go on a mission until what I need to accomplish is completed. I become like an obsessed mad scientist. If I listen to “them” it never fails. Every time this happens it also opens me up more and more, which in turn, deepens the connection. It allows me to have zero doubt about spirits, guides and even God.
ThirdEye: You have stated that the miracle box will be your last build. Why is that? What should we expect from Steve Huff and Huff Paranormal in the near future? Do you plan to retire soon?
Huff: Yes I have said that this will be my last tabletop device. The Miracle Box is about 40lbs and meant for tabletop use. It needs to be plugged into the wall and is not portable. I do have a “mini” version that I will be able to bring out with me as well though it’s not the same as the big one.
This will be my last as I feel it can not get better for me or from me in my lifetime. What this device is doing for my sessions is miraculous. I feed in gibberish and what comes out is human speech, answering my questions in a conversational manner. With the best clarity I have ever had. It doesn’t need traditional apps or a radio either. Rather I have made 10 sound banks, that are all gibberish without words or phrases, and some of these will be part of the Miracle Box app as well. This is the first spirit box device created, to my knowledge, that can scientifically prove the existence of spirits. How so? Well, when you only feed in pure gibberish but get out full speech with direct answers, that is scientific proof. Period.
With radio scanners we can get false positives. Apps with words or IP radio scans can bring false positives. The Miracle Box when used with the app of the same name, you will never be able to capture a false positive. This means when you hear a reply it is 100% spirit. Oh, and the app will also be able to be used on its own of course!
As for retiring?
I will continue on with what I do as I love it, and it is my life. Even if I had 10 views on a video I would do what I do, as for me it is about spirit and helping others rather than views and subs.
Also, spirits have been showing me for a while now, a walk in spirit communication device that is absolutely massive and it’s much more than just a walk in box. It’s HUGE and would be life changing but I can not speak of details until it is underway. The name alone came to me last week and it’s perfect. I just hope I can get it done.
They (the spirits) want me to make it, and I see it clearly. The problem is, I am no woodworker, and have limited skills with that sort of thing. Being where I am now though, surrounded by the forest, maybe I will learn. Who knows, maybe that is what they want. My Astral Doorway was three years from when they showed it to me until it was made. I feel this walk in device will be a long way off, and one that may indeed retire me by the time I get to it, lol.
ThirdEye: Is there anything that you would like to touch base on? Any messages for upcoming ITC researchers?
Huff: I would just say to anyone who wants to get into ITC that they should go about it from the heart. Do not get into it to do fake celebrity videos (as some do today) and do not get into it for fame, money or attention. You will always, and I mean always fail eventually if your heart is not in it. To be successful it has to be within you, a passion and part of your life.
Always go about it with love, respect, empathy and care. Go about it with light, and never the dark. We can connect to both sides, the dark or the light and when we connect to the dark it will eventually consume you. If you go about it with love and mean it, you will gain the attention of the higher realms and they will reward you for it with love to you, and even showing you how to attain inner peace and happiness within yourself and life.
Also, never let anyone get you down. Do not react to hate, or attacks as those who do those things want you to react, as they crave attention. As you grow within ITC some will lie, try to bait you and try to sway others against you. Ignore them as those are not people whose opinion you should care about anyway, as they are negative, which means the darkness has them. Ignore them fully and they lose all power over you. It’s that simple. Never worry about negativity thrown your way as it just means you are on the right track. Stay focused and follow that voice inside of you. Let it motivate you rather than hurt you. Remember, light always beats dark.
I know within that someone will come into the ITC scene in the near future and do amazing things that progresses on what I have done. It’s all part of the master plan. Imagine how different the world would be if 60-70% knew without question or hesitation that God is real, and there is truly life after death. If we knew for sure that our actions on earth had consequences in the afterlife. I think the world would be a much better place, and this is how the war of light vs dark will be won by the light. One day.
That concluded my questions for Steve. I hope all that reads this gained a little insight to the man and his work within ITC. Hopefully all who read this has gained some knowledge that one can implement into their own lives and maybe, just maybe the high tide of stress we all fell will start to recede some and a new appreciation and love can replace the darkness with light.