The GB-1 App Validation Files. Proof that it’s legit!


The GB-1 App Validation Files. Proof that it’s legit!

After I posted my full 1st test of the new GB-1 App from many were excited just as I was and some cried that it was fake or nonsense. Well, I knew this was not the case as I would NEVER EVER recommend anything that was a sham. This is the reason I have been telling so many for 3+ years that the OVILUS is not worth the $250! I buy a ton of “Ghost Hunting” gear that makes great claims and to date I have realized so many things that so many buy are really garbage. There are a few things that are needed for spirit communication. One is recorder for standard EVP. Another is a video camera. Then a ghost box. Then Echovox.

Now we also have the GB-1 App, which is for WINDOWS PC’s and Tablets ONLY. It is $30 and IMO, a steal of a deal for what it is capable of. (see my 1st session with it here)

After I saw that a few were stating that it was an app that just spouts out Random words I knew I had to put together this video to show that it is indeed 100% authentic and for me, it works amazingly well. This video posted below will prove this 100%. For anyone who doubts it after this, then nothing will convince you. I have been doing this for so long I know when something is real, and works and when something is just made for a quick buck. Also, to those who complain about the measly $30 price tag, if you have to complain about it  then it is not for you and you probably will not get results. To receive communication like this takes many things – positivity, love, openness, and so many other things. To me, $30 is much too cheap. This is up there with super expensive boxes.

With that said, when you run this app you will hear non stop chatter and phrases. NOT ALL OF IT is spirit communication. Listen for personal messages, names, replies to your questions in different voices. Many think when they turn it on and hear voices that those voices are spirit, and it is not. You have to A: RECORD each session as 90% of what you will get will be heard when you play it back. Spirits manipulate sounds and CAN INDEED manipulate them as they are being recorded by your device. This app helps them to do just that.

So take a look below at the video that shows that this app is indeed an authentic tool for all of us paranormal investigators out there. Another superb tool to add to your arsenal. Also note, I am not affiliated with this app in any way, shape or form. I paid for mine just like everyone else.