Messages from Heaven. Hear real spirits speaking clearly.

Hear these Amazing Messages from Heaven. They may make you Cry.

By Steve Huff

The video embedded on this page below is yet another incredible demo of the Miracle Box Spirit Box device in action as we receive true Messages from Heaven. I have been testing this device with my members for my “Messages from the Light” group sessions where we try to reach our loved ones in Heaven. So far it has been a huge success with the clarity and direct nature of the interactions. This is like nothing previously seen in the field of ITC.

If you missed my Miracle Box, you can see more on my Miracle Box at this page HERE. 

I have been at this for eleven years and all of what I have learned has went into what you will see below. From the box to the connection to the technique used to allow the spirits to speak clearly and in conversational form. This is how real spirits sound, and what they speak like. I have been doing this for a long time, and today in 2021 it is where all of my energy is focused. In the video below you will hear sisters connect from earth to Heaven with their bond of love. You will hear a mother come down and speak to her daughter in her OWN voice with stunning clarity and intelligent answers. You will see clips of what most thought would not be possible just 2 years ago.

This is groundbreaking in the world of spirit research and yes, it is all real. We now have the capability to reach the other side and actually hear our loved ones speak from beyond. If that is not a miracle, I am not sure what is.

The best is yet to come though. Mark my words. You can see the video below directly at my YouTube channel HERE.