The Best Spirit Audio Evidence EVER Captured. The Huff SCD-1.


The Best Spirit Audio Evidence EVER Captured. The Huff SCD-1.

A BIG BOLD STATEMENT I know but using the SCD-1 for over 6 weeks now, plus the beta testing moments, I am 100% confident in making the statement. What I have compiled below is maybe 15% of what I have captured but I did not want the video to be 2 hours long, nor could I post the personal and private replies I have been getting.

The Huff Paranormal SCD-1 is the most amazing tool I have ever used for communication with the spirit world. FORGET what you know. FORGET what you have been taught in life about these things. THIS is 100% REALITY and I have never experienced ANYTHING like this in my lifetime, even the past five years of intensive spirit communication work. What the SCD-1 brings is basically an advanced $49.99 Program/App that came about from my years of experience and letting THEM guide me to have it made. Anthony Sanchez made my dream a reality as he built it to my specs.

I will not go on here about all of that as I have written so much about the SCD-1 HERE. I posted REAL USER REVIEWS HERE, and plenty of evidence videos HERE. All of what you are about to see and hear is 100% REAL. I have a stellar reputation for being real, genuine and honest and besides, there are thousands of worldwide users getting the same kind of results as I do, so there ya go. It has been accepted, embraced, proven and most of all, IT WORKS for those who use it correctly or take the time to LEARN how to do this correctly.

SO enjoy the video below, it has some of my fave replies using the app, and yes, once again, this is all real and uses proven Spirit Box methods but without the noise and static of traditional boxes. REAL Physical boxes are a thing of beauty but they will cost you $275-$2000. I have MANY of them and buy new ones when they are special. THIS will perform just as well, if not better but it will not give you that spirit box “mojo” or feeling. I love physical items so I own boxes, but this SCD-1 gives me the best communication I have ever received, so far. 😉

If you just landed here for the 1st time I urge you to explore this website, my YouTube or my Facebook. Most of all, I wish you peace, love, light, positivity and happiness.

You can buy the SCD-1 HERE.

As of March 2015, it is for the Windows operation system only but I use a couple of tablets to run it. You can get a windows tablet for as low s $69 these days so for me, it is well worth it for something as incredible as this. Yes, I rave about it for one works so well and people need to use it, see it and experience it for themselves.

The Best Spirit Audio Evidence EVER Captured. The Huff SCD-1