My 1st near death experience in 1978

My 1st near death experience in 1978

My 1st near death experience as a kid, and why this may be what connected me so closely with the spirits today.

Many times people ask me how I live in my house with so many spirits around. I am also asked about the history of my house and why there are so many spirits here. Truth be told, my house was built 8 years ago and has no history. The main reason so many spirits are around and in my house constantly is because of what I do in this field. I have a passion for this work, a true passion as if something is just drawing me unseen force possibly.

Somehow, someway I have become a legitimate “Spirit Magnet” and 90% of the time, there is a spirit either on me, with me or yes, even attached to me. There have been many things that I have never mentioned here or on my Facebook for various reasons as I do not like drama nor do I like scaring anyone. I never get scared, ever, but many fear this type of work and what comes along with it and I am here to tell you that if you delve deep into spirit communication, then things will hang around and they will stick with you, waiting for that next time you do a session so they can speak. I do not believe they can or will harm you but if you fear it then damage can indeed come due to this fear..mental damage.

I think my ability to connect with spirits started when I was just a boy.

Many years ago during the school year of 1978 I was out on my street playing baseball in front of a friend’s house with 8-10 other boys & girls but not for the love of the game, not at all. I was never the athletic kid because I was shy, scrawny and was just not good with athletics or sports activities. I had a nickname of “pencilneck” given to me by my own Uncle because of my small and skinny frame. I still gave the game my best but I was the kid who was made fun of in school when it came to baseball, softball or football day in Gym class, even extending to High School.

Yep, I was THAT kid who was always picked last to be on the team because no one wanted me on their team. I was not good, so I understood the reason, even back then in grade school. It did not make me upset because  I knew 100% that I was lousy and always knew I would be last. So even with all of that, I still tried to play on weekends with my real friends in an attempt to get better, so I would not let the kids at school down. Even though they made fun of me, and on many occasions were so mean with the nasty words like “faggot”, “retard” and “oh no, NOT HUFF”  I felt like I was letting them all down due to my inability with all thing sports. I did not watch sports or go to games (and to this day I still do not watch sports or go to games) and I never knew anything about teams or what was happening. To me there were more important things for me to do than sit around and watch baseball or football.  As I said though, I always tried to improve my skills, or lack of, on weekends when my close friends wanted to play.

I remember in vivid clarity the day my life was about to change, with my near death experience on that day in 1978. I  never ever have spoken of what happened that day in detail, to anyone. The main reason was I knew that everyone would just laugh or think I was crazy. But I am about to tell the story now, and it is 100% factual. You can ask my Mother or Sister about the accident that happened that day, and they will tell you that yes, I was near death that day. Much has been written about near death experiences and what comes along with them..usually a bright white light, a feeling of peace and love and sometimes hearing voices or seeing relatives who have passed. Many times, those who return from such experiences find they have certain things about them that have changed, including the ability to see or hear spirits. It’s a theory of course but many people have had these experiences and lived to tell about it. I figured “Why not tell my story”?

How it happened…

There I was, playing baseball with the girls and boys in front of my neighbor’s house. I was doing better than I normally did, even hitting a “Home Run” into the street when I was up at bat. I was happy that day, and for the 1st time, excited to be playing baseball. When my team was ready to switch sides I ended up being the catcher. I was cool with that so I put on a buddy’s glove and squatted behind the batter. First ball was thrown and it was a strike. I missed  the ball of course but retrieved it and threw it to the pitcher. Second ball thrown, and for some reason I felt a rush of nerves..telling myself “Don’t look like an idiot Steve, CATCH IT!”  – then the next thing I remember was a loud metallic CLUNK as if it were about to bust my eardrums out..then I remember falling to the ground and laying flat, opening my eyes to see 8-12 neighborhood kids around me looking at me freaking out. Some screaming, some studying my face and others running away.

Yes, the batter missed the ball but connected with my skull at full force using an Aluminum bat.

It busted the front of my forehead wide open, so much so that my skull was visible to all. I was bleeding at a fast rate and as I watched  the kids hovering over me, a few were freaking out and yelling for someone to call for an ambulance. Of course there were no cel phones back then so a friend had to run in his house and tell his mom what happened. She came down, saw me and instead of calling an ambulance, she told my friend to call my Mom and tell her calmly that I had an accident and she needed to come get me. I remember hearing that and trying to comprehend why an ambulance was not being called for. The next things I remember is seeing a pool of blood on the ground and my hands covered in red blood, dripping. I felt it oozing from my wound going into my eyes and mouth..and I started to get very sleepy. VERY sleepy like I just wanted to sleep.

A couple of the kids were trying to keep me awake and then my parents arrived.

My mom freaked out, started crying and my Father assumed someone attacked me so he was ready to kill whoever did this to me. He was unaware we were plying ball and assumed someone just cracked me with a bat. He was yelling “WHO DID THIS!!!!” ready to tear their head off. I heard someone tell him we were playing ball and it was an accident. He grabbed me, carried me to the car and I lay in my Mothers lap as my dad raced to the hospital. I looked up at my Mother, who was full of tears telling me “Don’t go to sleep, you have to stay awake”.. I remember at that moment a feeling of love, peace and warmth come over me. I smiled, looked at her and said “It’s Ok Mom, I can sleep, don’t cry”. I started to doze off and had zero pain, just a strong peaceful and euphoric feeling, and at one point I did pass out for just a few seconds, I was going in and out.

Before I awoke to my mom slapping my face to revive me I did indeed see some things…

I saw a very bright white light that filled my vision/head and body..I felt peace, love and warmth again. I felt like I had to go, to leave where I was and I was not upset about it at all. In fact, I wanted to go as if I belonged to the light instead of my body. I felt like I was supposed to leave…. I then awoke to my mom smacking my cheek with blood all over her hands, arms and clothes. I over to look at my dad and he had a tear down his face, which was a surprise as he was a tough as nails guy who never cried. He was racing to get to the hospital and I think they both had a thought that I may not make it.

Next thing I remember is awaking in some sort of emergency room and I was being stitched up without any kind of pain or numbing medicine. I was allergic to it so they could not use it. I screamed in pain as the big needle was attempting to sew me up. It was the worst experience of my life pain wise and I may have even passed in and out as the Dr. rushed to get the wound stitched up.  I remember hearing him say “he has too much blood loss”..and I started to see a light once again, fading in and out. I remember the Dr and Nurse being very hectic and worried looking but between the bouts of pain from the high needle, I started to feel at peace again.

All of the sudden my next memory was me waking up and seeing my parents and sister, I made it. My parents were relieved of course and as I lay there they were just staring at me, in disbelief that I made it (or it appeared to me that way). I was then feeling the pain as well..head throbbing and sore.

The Doctor could not stitch me up due to the pain I was in so he used a special tape instead which left me with a swollen scar for 20+ years right on my forehead. I had a huge bandage on my head for weeks and I remember going to school again and 1st thing out of some kids mouth “you look like you have a maxi pad on your head” and then he laughed. But I could take the bullies, they never affected me much (same as today with the online bullies). Over the months I healed up and many gained a new respect for me as some of those who witnessed this accident spread it around school. Once the kids realized what I went through, and lived through, they stopped harassing me for the most part. I remember even being picked FIRST for a baseball game at school shortly after that.

Something kept me alive that day and pushed me back to be among the living. I am glad they did as my life has had so many wonderful experiences since that day, many learning experiences which is why I feel we are even here on this earth. I strongly feel that due to that experience when I was a kid has something to do with me being able to connect with spirits so easily today. Many who have had near death experiences have found the same thing as me. Not sure why but it could be the case. I do know that my experience with seeing and hearing did not stop there, but it did take many years to show back up in my life. Probably because I was finally ready to accept it.

I did have another near death experience as a child when a Dentist pulled an abscess tooth, then it spread to my brain and I was hospitalized for 10 days when I was 10 or 11. When it was all said and done I had no memory of those 10 days and I was told I almost died and was also told of crazy things I did due to my brain not working correctly. I have no memory of light, or warmth or voices from that experience but it was yet another near death episode. I am glad I grew out of those 🙂

Thanks for reading,