A Telephone to Heaven. It’s Real and it’s Miraculous.

A True Telephone to Heaven, and it is Miraculous. See and Hear the Miracle Box.

Hello to everyone! I have an all new video and you can see it above! In fact I have two new videos to share here today with all of you. One is an incredible demo of the new Miracle Box spirit communication device.  Yes, the video is long at 32 minutes but it is well worth the watch as I share seven clips from the April 2021 group session night using the new device, and they are amazing! I also talk in between clips about what it is, how it works and yes, that it is scientifically proven.

Fact: When you take 100% gibberish and feed that into the box and what comes out is fluid clear speech answering your questions with intelligence, it is scientific proof, and it is incredible! When you see the video above, you will see why I call this a true Telephone to Heaven. 

Yes, it is all 100% real. I feel I always have to say this as many will see this and not believe it. While it may be hard to believe, it is real, happening and can be done anywhere, anytime.  I learned how spirits speak many years ago and this device implements all I have learned. It brings clarity, response and direct answers from the other side.

Telephone to Heaven

I can demo this for anyone, anytime and it is currently being tested for my members during group night sessions with miraculous results.

The Miracle Box is truly a miracle, and no one can deny this fact. When it is in use by spirit, miracles are happening as again, they are taking that audio source and turning gibberish into clear, direct answers. They say my name, the names of loved ones and so much more. They talk of God, Heaven and the white light.

For ten years I have worked with spirt in ways that shed real light on ITC research, and this is my best yet.

I also have a second new video using the Miracle Box where I try to contact a pet for a member. I have done this many times with the Astral Doorway but this takes it to a new level. Yes, our beloved pets have a soul, and that soul is equal to our soul. See for yourself in the video below. Again, all 100% real.

I love you all, and thank you all.