The Power of Negative Thinking!


The power of Negative Thinking!


Over the past few days I have been thinking and feeling pretty sorry for all the negative people in this world. I come across them every single day it seems. You know the ones..those who hate their life, those who are bored with life, those who are unsuccessful and they blame everyone else but themselves. The ones who sit around and complain instead of making their own life better.

The ones who attack others due to their own failures and inabilities. Those who have lost their purpose in life and  feel in necessary to go on and on about how great they are and how awful and pitiful others are. The ones who feel they are the greatest thing to ever hit this earth when the reality is they are near the bottom of the barrel in todays 2015 world and are trying to make themselves feel better by spewing nonsense.

I feel so bad for these individuals because they seem to not realize what they are doing to themselves and those around them. It’s the power of Negative thinking, and it is not a good thing. This power has a way of screwing with your life if you are not careful.

Me at around age 5 with my uncle. I was always a happy kid and still am today 🙂

I have never understood why someone would live on this earth and spend this short time we have here being so miserable. Our time here is limited and I have always been a huge believer in making the most of it as it is all a huge learning process. For the past six years I have (especially) been a HUGE believer in POSITIVITY and the effect it has on our lives. Positive thinking, even in tough times seems to have a way to turn things around. It’s a pretty amazing thing..our mind. Just by constantly being happy, being positive and being an all around nice person can really improve upon our lives. Really! This is 100% factual.

I see so many people who are negative thinkers and all they do is complain, bitch, moan and spread hate and anger. WHY or WHY? Well there are reasons for their behaviors.


The title of my little post today is called “The power of Negative Thinking” because I wanted to try to touch on what negative energy and negative thinking can do to us, and it is not good. Those who are negative all the time seem to be the most miserable people in the world and I see it destroy so many people who practice this way of thinking. Some people are not aware that negative thinking attracts negative energy, but it is true. When someone is always so bitter and negative it attracts negativity to them like a magnet. It is a bad place to be and when it comes to life and living I have found that always being positive, always being generous, and always being happy, loving and KNOWING that life is good then things have a way of not only working out but they have a way of making you prosper in all areas of life.

Negative people and negative energy bounce off of me because I am shielded from such things but I get my fair share of miserable individuals hounding me or attacking me from week to week even though I avoid those who show this behavior. The good thing is I have the thickest skin in the world, I really do 🙂

So how does it affect me? It doesn’t! It just makes me feel sorry for those who go around the internet hiding behind a keyboard and spewing ridiculous comments when they know damn well that the reason they are saying such things is only because their life sucks, or they lost their own vision or they feel like  attention is taken away from them. Instead of changing their life for the better they go on and on and attack others who are happy, who are positive, who seem to be doing well. Pretty sad when all one can do is write negatively about others instead of talking about their own accomplishments. Some of the things I have read recently is just so downright negative it gives you a feeling in the pit of your stomach that makes you question why this person writing is so down on themselves. It is very sad, and these “bullies” will NEVER admit this to anyone, that they hate their lives. EVER. But they know the truth inside, and this is why they act out.

Since getting into the Paranormal I have come across some of the most amazing, influential and positive people I have ever encountered in life. These people are the ones who I flock to and who flock to me because believe it or not we all put out certain energies. Like I said earlier, positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative. I have also come across some of the meanest, nastiest, rudest and most ridiculous people I have ever come across in life. These “bullies” are the ones who are just plain down right miserable due to their lack of attention, success, or overall life happiness. Others have been brought to this state through drugs, alcohol or something else that just makes them full of hate. Either way, in my book, there is no excuse and it never has to be dealt with by anyone. The best medicine is to ignore them and never acknowledge them. They are not worth it.

Negative Thinking can destroy a persons happiness and I have seen it happen over and over again. First hand. 


I am sure all of you are probably asking right about now “But Steve, what does this have to do with Paranormal work”? The answer is…well, it has to do with everything in life. Your work, your family, your finances and even your hobbies such as Paranormal or ITC.

Let’s say you are an amateur investigator and you enjoy this as a hobby. You do not do it as a profession nor do you really want to. You want to go out and peacefully talk to spirits.I feel spirit work can be great for “peaceful therapy” because when you are out doing something amazing and that pleases you it is GOOD, scouting locations or taking a long drive searching for that next cool place to check out means you could care less about other things going on in your life as you are enjoying THAT moment. You are in it for the moment, the beauty and the passion..even in some cases the equipment you use. If  this sounds like you I bet you are a happy and positive person.

This is good. So stay happy, stay peaceful, stay wonderful and stay positive! By doing this good things will cling to you in life and you will live a happy and peaceful existence. Stay around those who are positive and those who are negative, well, try not to listen to what they spew. In fact, I would avoid them at all costs as they will drag you right down with them. Soon, you will start to see yourself being more angry, complain more, bitch and moan more. THIS is a direct result of dealing with negative energy and people. 

So the moral of the story is…be happy, be positive and be a caring and loving person. When you do this you will attract the same into your life and things will ALWAYS work out and your life will constantly improve. If a negative person tells you that you can’t do this or can’t do that or that or makes fun of your appearance then know they say this because they are lacking in some area of life, maybe in their appearance or their career or their work. Just shrug it off and be happy knowing that YOU and only YOU control your future and life. Be confident, be secure, be kind to all and help anyone that you can in life. Karma is real, and believe me…you want the good kind 🙂