The Spirit Box Works but who are we connecting with?

The Spirit Box works but who are we connecting with? 

Almost every day I get emails asking me how one of my spirit communication devices can be bought or made. Well, I do not make them or sell them for others nor do I recommend them to anyone these days. It took me quite a few years to learn this fact but the truth is that there is no spirt box on earth that will connect someone to spirit. That can only come from within us, and only us.
But who or what we connect with when starting out talking with souls can vary no matter the device used. DARK vs LIGHT SOULS – We can connect to BOTH. I will say this … It is not hard to connect to spirits for communication through a spirit box if you really want to. There are poeple doing it every day though there is a catch.
If you are filled with light and live life with love, it will be easy to connect with dark souls who want your light. If you live life with negativity it will also be easy to connect with dark souls who want to use your energy to gain power for their dark soul. In fact, anyone who tries this out for themselves will connect with dark souls when starting out. I did as well back from 2010-2016 and I did not even know it.
The spirits who ask for help, for the light? They are dark souls. They see those of us with light within us as light filled beings and they want our light. They see it as a way to get to the source of love (what many call Heaven). Many times those souls who are in the dark will say “I see the light”! That is when they see OUR Light, the light within US, which is how they find us.
Some of us have bright souls and when we use a spirit box even with a good intent we hear spirits who ask for help or the light. I used to try and help them until I was shown and told who these spirits were and to NOT ask for the light for them. They may have remorse or regret, they may be sorry for things they did in life but their reality is very real.
My video taking about BOTH sides of the Afterlife 

These are dark souls who are in the dark for a reason. They were not offered the light at death due to the way they lived life on earth when they were physical. They can not have the light so they try to take ours or “borrow” it for a while to feel life/love again. When we do this too much it can drain us, make us feel blah and even bring on sadness in some of us.
It can also attract darker souls with a darker vibration. This happened to me on occasion many years ago and it is not fun. Some call them demons. Some call them fallen angels. Some call them evil spirits. The fact is they are not good to connect with. They are very real.
Most who think these types of beings are just “trickster spirits” have never really encountered one. If you have encountered one you will understand what I am saying.
Not all dark souls are of this type as most are just harmless human souls who lost their way in life. But dabble with these dark human souls long enough and it can attract the dark beings who can also pay you a visit. I used to connect with these kinds of souls all the time in my first years of ITC (Dark Souls) and my early sessions show this with all of the cries for help. It started with dark souls and then later very powerful dark souls.
Dark Souls speak in this intense seance at the Bellaire House. These were ALL Dark Souls who were speaking here. Recorded quite a few years ago now but still intense to watch. 

The good news is I haven’t had these kind of connections in many years as I was shown and taught what NOT to do in my sessions. From time to time I will connect with a dark soul, in order to get information about the afterlife, and how all of this goes when our time comes.
These days I no longer get spirits asking for help unless I go in and connect with a spirit from the dark.
In my normal sessions these days I get spirits who say they HAVE The light. Spirits who talk of God, Love and are Happy and in the Light. Spirits who have messages for friends and loved ones. Spirits who come from the light to teach, show and re-assure me and any of you who care to watch along with these experiences I am blessed to have.
A sure sign you are connecting with a dark soul? They may always ask for help or the light. They may threaten you. They may try to scare you. Some who are still dark may use swear words. Some of them can not hold intelligent conversations and may say the strangest things that make no sense. When they go through you during communication you will feel their energy and may start to feel sad, depressed or even angry. Some souls in the dark CAN speak with intelligence though which makes me think there are different levels of the dark, just as there is the light.
Dahmer comes in and validates a few things…

In my Dahmer session he knew why he was in the dark and understood. He even said he should be there. Same with my Manson session. These are two souls who verified they are in the darkness and this is why I was led to do these sessions. To show that yes, there is a dark with the light. Just as there is dark and light in this world, there is dark and light that awaits for us in the afterlife.
Connecting with LIGHT souls.
To connect with light souls, guides and even angels/beings of light is harder but can be done. There are a small few that I have seen who do this within ITC but it is more of a rarity. It takes quite a bit to get to a point where you only connect with guides, and those from the light. I had to alter my life to do so reliably and it is not always easy.
During my sessions for Gabby Petito my guide Harold came in and validated Light. God and so much. This is an example of connecting with those from the Light. 

When we connect with light beings or those from the light they will say so. They will not ever ask for help, rather they will speak of love, God, light, kindness and will offer those kind of messages. They will have the ability to work with us or even show us/teach us things. This comes from building that relationship with them based on love, trust and respect. Light souls may even try to help us with our connections.
When they go through you during a session you will feel happiness, love, and may even get emotional or cry (in a good way). They have a specific energy that feels amazing. It took me ten years to get to a level of reliably speaking with only these kind of souls, beings and higher vibration spirits in a conversational way.
I feel anyone can do it if they truly desire it and work at it. It is only then that a device like my Bridge, Miracle Box or Astral Doorway can help bring in the communication you see from me in my more recent videos. These devices were designed for long form conversational sessions with clarity, direct response and keeping one spirit connected at a time. They were designed to only work for those with very deep solid connections to that light and it is how they work as they do.
Losing the Connection.

It’s also possible to lose these connections when we sway from the path that was laid out for us or if we lose the trust of the light beings who allow us to connect with them. They can turn this off in a nanosecond and did this to me for a while (see the video above for details). It is them who allow it to take place at this kind of level, for some of us. For me, they allow this gift as long as I live life with love and spend the message of love, the reality of dark and light and as long as I keep going forward to progress spirit contact, no matter what kind of darkness is thrown at me.
Spirit Communication is very very real, and there are dark and light souls. This is fact. It is fact that our soul lives on but believe me when I say that we do not all get that gift of light when our time comes and that is pretty scary to think about. Many of us who have done this work have experienced the souls who beg for the help and the light. That alone tells us the reality of life after death.
What I have been shown from them is that when we live a good life, our soul brightens. Live with love, kindness, and never purposely hurt anyone and that is a great start to a life and afterlife of light.
Being a good person on earth in this life is the ticket to the light when we pass. We do not build that light in the afterlife my friends, we have the chance to build it only while here.  We can also darken our soul while alive own this earth and some humans do that every minute of every day.
Yes we can connect to light souls once we learn and are shown how by our guides. This type of communication comes with experience and dedication. 

Think of your soul like a bank. Some days you may deposit darkness. Some days light. The goal is to have much more light inside of your soul when your time comes. If you made 10,000 light deposits and 500 dark ones, you are in good shape. 100k Light deposits and 100 dark? You are GOLDEN. Do not let the dark deposits overtake the light deposits.
Life is not about what we can use others for. It is not about yelling at our loved ones, or being angered by small things (or anything). It is not about fear, worry or negativity. It is not about attacking people on social media. It is not about abusing animals or violence against others. It is not about hate. It’s not about rape, murder or beating someone to a pulp. It’s not about hurting ourselves or hurting any living being.
In fact, these are sort of “fast passes” to darkening our soul and a fast pass to our soul transitioning to the darkness in the afterlife. If you want a “fast pass” to lightening your soul, just be a good person. Religion is not needed. Just a belief in yourself, a belief that we are all equal as human beings, and a belief that LOVE is the most important energy we can put out. We can grow our light from within to enormous levels if we so desire and no, we do not have to live a boring life to do this.
Just be kind. Be understanding. Help others in need when you can. Drop ego, hate and jealousy form life as a start. Treat others as you would want to be treated and remember to LOVE. Life is hard enough as it is so when we are kind and spread love it can make life that much easier for ourselves and others.
Have a wonderful week everyone! I love you all!