Spirit Photography: Photographing your Pet’s Spirit..after they have passed.

Spirit Photography: Photographing your Pet’s Spirit..after they have passed.


In my teen and into my 20’s and 30’s I was never one to believe in ghosts, spirits or anything paranormal. In fact, for most of my life I was a skeptic even though I always have been fascinated with the afterlife, what happens to us when we die, and how all of this (thing called life) started. I mean, think about it. We are all sitting on a big ball called earth that is floating out in space rotating. When you think about that, it sounds insanely crazy but we all accept it as it has been proven to be a fact. But on a big ball, floating in space, the human race with all of the intelligence and technology. If that is possible I said, then ANYTHING can be possible.

While I am not religious, I do believe in a God, a creator and over the past few years I have believed it more and more. These days, after experiencing all that I have I KNOW there is something out there and I know that we continue on in some way, possibly in a spiritual world where love is the #1 priority.

My Best Friend

My dog Scrubby came into my life when he was about 2. He was rescued from the dog pound and was a mess when we picked him up and chose him on that hot summer day. His hair was over his eyes, he was smelly and filthy and looked like a broken dog both physically and mentally. I had no idea what his background was but I do remember him being the sweetest dog ever though he seemed afraid of us at first. Like a scared child.

Scrubby was the most amazing dog I have ever owned in life, and throughout the 13 years I had him he was always faithful, always there for me, always by my side when I needed him. When I was going through a divorce after a 15 year marriage close to 5 years ago now Scrubby was plastered by my side always seeming to look up at me saying “cheer up Dad, I am still here”!

That dog brought me through some tough and stressful times. I felt his love and gave it right back.


Scrubby never had a mean bone in his body yet he would risk his life if it meant he would save mine. Dog’s are faithful like that and I have yet to meet a person…a human… who can match a dogs trust and faithfulness. They have hearts of gold and are innocent as a newborn baby. They do not know anger or think bad thoughts. They are as positive as they come. A dog becomes very much like one of your own children..a family member that sticks with you to the end. That is what makes it so hard when they have to leave you.

When Scrubby was around 15 or so he became frail and fragile. He had a very hard time walking and on his last days I laid with him on the floor slowly petting him. He gave me a look as if to say “Dad, I am ready”.

I took him to the vet and she agreed that it was his time. Usually Scrubby was afraid of the Vet but this time he just laid down on her metal table as if he knew what was coming. He looked peaceful and he looked like he was telling me “it is OK Dad, I will still visit you”. I will always be your best friend.

After some alone time with him to say my goodbyes the doctor came back in to explain how it would work. As I held his paw she gave him the medicine to put him to sleep. I broke down and cried of course and gave him one last hug as he was wrapped in a child’s blanket.

Scrubby was gone and I missed him. A couple of days went by and it was July 4th. Brandon and I had some smoke bombs and we thought we would try to see if we could do something that was pretty much impossible. Catch an image, a glimpse..one look at Scrubby to see if he was still around watching us. I have done spirit ITC photography before but because my emotions were so high I figured I would give it a shot with smoke.

We set up a cup and smoke bomb and lit the fuse. As it was blowing smoke I said “Scrubby, we still love you. If you are here or can come down and show yourself to let us know you are OK that would be amazing”. I then took three images with my digital camera.

When I looked at the photos, one of them stood out and I saw Scrubby plain as day. I started to cry.

This is the image with a pic of him next to the smoke for reference….


You can click that image for a larger view but to me it was unmistakeable. I saw him one last time and he let me know that he is indeed OK. No more pain. ON command he appeared in that smoke for 1/60th of a second and just so happened to be right at the moment I asked and snapped the shutter.

Now I have shown this picture to many people and every one of them saw what I saw, even the full on skeptical ones. Of course the skeptics have various opinions from “you faked it” to “its a coincidence that the smoke lines up just right”..to other nonsense.

First of all, nothing was faked..at all. If you feel it was I suggest you do not come here anymore as your mind is so closed nothing could ever open it. Second, what are the odds that in one picture, after I asked him to appear that there would be a form that looks just like him? What are the odds? I think I would have a better chance of getting struck by lightning.

I have taken around 7 photos in the past three years that have a spirit presence in them, all on command after asking for them to appear. I do not do this very often, only when I feel the need, or a “push” to do it. It never ceases to amaze me but this one was the most emotional for me because it was right after Scrubby passed and right after I asked for him to appear.

It is amazing, it is special and it a mystery as to how this happens but one thing I think is true and that is even our pets come back to visit us from time to time.


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