Spirits deserve respect too!

Spirits deserve respect too!

I see so many paranormal teams out there in the real world and on TV who are so rude and obnoxious when it comes to their investigations. I also feel that going out to explore these same old haunted locations is getting old, and most likely, tormenting the spirits and lost souls who hang there. In fact, I would not be surprised if many of these teams who go out being mean, forceful, demanding and threatening are what is turning some of these spirits against the living!

Imaging if you were a spirit who was roaming the earth, or for example were stuck in a hospital you died in and perhaps you do not even know you are dead. You do not know why no one can see you or hear you and then all of a sudden you get people coming in almost daily that CAN hear you and proclaim to know that you are there. As a spirit, you would be happy to know that you were not alone and that maybe, these people could help you. Then it starts..they start yelling at you..demanding that you show yourself..or even worse, telling you to go back to hell where you came from. Being alone, confused, afraid and wondering where  you even are and dealing with things such as this day in and out could really make you lose faith in the living.

I always try to imagine and sympathize with those who I communicate with. When I get the “Help”messages that so many of us in this field get, I actually feel sadness for that brief moment as if I feel their pain and desperation. One thing I will never ever do is dis-respect a spirit. I will never make demands, never call them evil and never torment them. I take what I do very seriously and many times what hangs around me are indeed lost earthbound spirits who are just looking for answers themselves.

It reminds me of  great movie I saw last year called “The Frozen”. I highly recommend watching it as the ending was exactly how I imagine it could really be. It may be on Netflix streaming, not sure but while it was not a big movie in any way, I really enjoyed it.


I have found that a part of why I get such good results with communicating is due to the fact that I am always kind and loving with who I welcome in for communication. With me showing them respect at all times, and being friendly with them instead of fearing them and being rude, they show me the same in return. I often get messages of “We love you”, “Don’t Go”, “Thank you Steve”, and if I go a couple of weeks without doing a session I sometimes get “we missed you”. I do get the occasional crabby spirit every now and then that comes through but when I do not take the bait and continue to be nice, they either go away or end up chatting more, and become nicer.

One thing I have found over the last few years is that respecting these spirits is the right thing to do and for anyone just getting started in this, do not copy some of those Ghost TV shows with their whole “Everything is Demonic” attitude as I am telling you now, that is all for show and all for TV and ratings. If you want to excel in this field, always be kind to who is coming to you to communicate. They know when you are sincere as they feel it. When you share love you have an inner light that they will see. When you are sincere in your feelings, they will also feel and see this light. This will bring them to you.

I have realized that using the Ghost Box, ANY ghost box or Echovox that it can bring in all kinds of things from lost souls, to passed loved ones to other things that I have yet to figure out what they are but as long as you always stay grounded and share your concern, love and respect with them all that can come from it is positive energy and positive energy is ALWAYS good. It can do wonders for communication and your every day life as well. 😉