Life is good. Life is sweet. Life is precious. How can it be?

Life is good. Life is sweet. Life is precious. How can it be?


DISCLAIMER: What you are about to read is my opinion, based on four years of this research, personal experience, and factual information spanning 100 years. Does not mean you have to agree but if you do not, show me 100% validated proof of what you say ūüėȬ†

With all of the talk online, on TV and in certain groups on Facebook you would think anyone who dabbles with the Paranormal or Spirit Communication would be either dead, broke, unhappy, depressed, suicidal, or homeless. There are so many myths out there in the spirit world and with so many self-proclaimed experts out there spouting all kinds of nonsense we have to keep in mind that none of what is being said it factual information, but instead, based on stories, myths and false info spread by some religions.

NONE of it has any evidence or proof or documentation to back it up. Yet I have proof and evidence that states the opposite. I am living proof. 

I know how all of  this started though, as I went through it myself. That is when I learned what was REALLY happening, not only to me, but to many who dabble in this field.

I remember when I started getting into this whole spirit communication thing. It frightened me. I read online about Demons and Evil Entities that would kill me, possess me, make me filled with hate and anger or even make me homeless by forcing me to drain my bank accounts on prostitutes or gambling. When I was new to this, all of this information frightened me, so much so that at one point I was convinced I had a Demon in my home! I could not sleep, and every time my son or I heard the male voice in my house whisper in our ear we would do a cleansing to try to rid the house of this so-called “Evil Spirit” .

I even stopped doing this for three months in the early days to try to rid myself of the evil spirits. 

Then one day I said to myself..”WAIT! What am I doing? NOTHING happened to me, AT ALL”. FACT: I was never possessed. I was never angry or depressed. I was never close to becoming broke or losing my house or the love of my life. I never had any harm come to me. What I did have was MENTAL harm as I drove myself batty from the FEAR of Demons (that I soon realized DO NOT exist in the way most of us think they do), not from Demons themselves. It was my fear that was making my brain go nuts and that fear came about from all of the nonsense spread online about this field of work and Demons or Evil.

I stood my ground, swore to myself  that I would NEVER fear any of this again, as I have power over myself, not the fear that was trying to take control. I reminded myself that yes, I could hear these spirits but in no way have any of them EVER hurt me or done any harm to me in any way at all. Those whispers I heard in my ear? No, not from a Demon at all but from a spirit that has hung around my house for two years now, and has become quite friendly and polite. Yes, he is still here and he feels at home and even when I urge him to leave or go to the light, he seems to prefer it here as he is always here and makes himself known via EVP when I record.

Ever since I dropped my fear I realized the fact that NEVER in the history of the world has there been one REAL documented case of a Demon manifesting, appearing or ¬†possessing anyone. Nope, never. Sure, there are “stories” that have been made to get attention, make money or make a video go viral (to eventually make money) but no proof of all of this evil talk has ever been provided. Never. Ever. Just dramatics, movies, and stories. Even movies that say “BASED on a True Story or Events”, well, 98% of the movies contents are fabricated and fake, this is fact and admitted. If they told the 100% truth the movie wold be boring and would not make money. Hollywood has to dramatize it, and they do so in a BIG way.

With that said, there is SOMETHING out there that can get to it Demons? Is it Evil entities? Is it Alien Beings? Is it the Devil himself? None of use really know but I have witnessed people becoming ill when evil spirits attack.

Even so, I have never seen or heard of anyone dying, being physically hurt or scarred or having their head spin or speak in languages they did not know. There is no recorded commented evidence of any of this anywhere.

So as I said, if Demons do exist, they are NOTHING like in the movies.

Fear sells. Fear makes money. Fear is what drives all of the Ghost TV shows out today. When I was approached by SIX production companies in 2013 and 2014 about doing a new TV show that was to be cutting edge and exciting I was soon disappointed in the fact that almost all of those¬†companies wanted me to fake and stage evidence and make a show where I fight demons or look for demons or expel demons. Basically, hire me as an “Actor”, for a reality show! They would take care of the evidence of course. My reply? NO THANKS.¬†

I did end up signing an agreement with one company who worked with me and said I could do my thing. But will it happen? Maybe, maybe not. EIther way it doesn’t matter to me as that was never my goal. If I could do a show that was real, educational and went out there and spoke the truth then I would be excited about it. But I am not excited to do more acting and over reacting that is already killing all of the paranormal shows today. I’d love to educate the world about the REALITIES of all of this, but I do not think that is exciting enough for TV.

NEVER EVER get into this field if it scares you in any way, shape, or form!

I have communicated with, seen, felt and dealt directly with these spirits for four years, on a pretty intense level. No permanent or real life threatening harm has ever come to me, and none ever will. The spirits who come to me know I do not fear them, and they are all kind to me. When  I get a rotten or mean one I just tell them they are not welcome near me if they have that attitude and that I do not deal with it, period. They either change their tune or leave. When a mean spirit knows you are not afraid of them, they leave you alone as that is no fun for them. From my research, They can not hurt you to the point where you will die or get physically scarred.

The only reason they are mean in the first place is because they are miserable, and stuck. Not because they are a demon, but again, we just do not know and we never will. NO ONE on earth knows the facts.

People love fear, and they love drama and they love excitement. This is the reason why the most popular ghost shows thrive..they provide thrills and chills and scares, at the expense of spreading lies and untruths.

Think about it. If a Ouija board could bring demons and hurt people do you think Parker Brothers would have sold millions of them to children over the years? Do you think there would have been at least one real documented case of a demon possession someone or someone dying, or even better in our “lawsuit happy” environment, a parent suing Parker Brothers for harming their children?

You would think so huh? Well, never happened. Ouija Boards have been around for well over 100 years. Never has anyone had any harm come to them from using one but there have been loads of urban legends, myths, stories and flat-out lies about the board. I’ve used them since I was 9. I am now almost 45. I am happy as a clam, but then again, I do not fear ANY of it. In fact, my life could not be better, seriously. So if ¬†this is the result of working with spirit, I will take it any day!

I was told almost four years ago by a “Psychic Medium” who warned me on facebook. She told me I would be dead within a year..or homeless..or sick or will have lost everything in my life from the Demons that have taken over my mind, body and soul. Well, I am still here, still communicating, still doing what I do, still running a successful business with no stress in my life at all MANY years later. I still get these individuals “warning” me on my facebook page, at least every week or two. The problem is they fear it, they believe the myths and stories but they do not go with factual information. I am living proof that as long as you do not fear this, you are 100% safe doing this, and that is a fact!

Are there Demons? Maybe..but if there are, they are not what they are made out to be by Hollywood, TV and Religion. They can not come out from a Ouija Board, or any device. They can not appear in your home and kill you. They can not possess you or do major harm you (unless you truly believe this and make yourself think this is happening). Demons may exist, but no one on earth has proof of their existence or dangers. I have experienced a bout of nasuea and vomiting during a session with an entity talking to us saying he was a demon and they were there to get me, but after 20 min I was fine.

The best way to avoid any negativity is to go about your life with love, compassion, and light. Think only positive thoughts and enjoy life to the fullest. Also, listen to your inner voice as it is rarely wrong.