Brothers: Contacting Jason for Lee. He told him he would come through, and did.


Brothers: Contacting Jason for Lee. He told him he would come through, and did.

A special session for two brothers…

So last night I recorded a session with some astounding validation. I was on my Huff Paranormal Facebook Page when I saw a message/post from a Lee Darbyshire. He told me that his brother passed away one week ago of cancer and that before he died his brother told him he would communicate with him, THROUGH ME, Steve Huff. When I read this I knew I immediately had to go do a session and ask for Jason because if he vowed to come through me for Lee, and DID, this would be a 100% validation not only for Lee, but for me and it would prove we can indeed connect with a loved one with audible proof. This is the 1st time I have been able to do this..someone who was living who was a fan and telling his own brother he would come through ME to leave a message for HIM.

All I knew were the names Lee, Jason and the fact that he passed of cancer. I knew nothing of his age, looks, hobbies, or any details. (I hate Cancer, my Father passed away from cancer in 2000 at the age of 60. It’s something I hope we can one day beat)

I did the session with the SCD-1 and at the end I knew it was a good one. While I only heard a few of the replies real-time, I knew I would hear MANY more on playback as this is how it happens. But my goal was to connect with Jason, and he did in fact come through with the aid of other spirits finding him for me. (or so it seems as they say “we are searching” when I ask about if he was there yet.)

I did the session, put the rough cut video up on my Facebook wall and Lee saw it..and then validated just about everything that came through. Amazing and oh so wonderful.

Of course I asked his permission on if I could post the video and the information/validation and he wanted me to as he said Jason would have wanted that.

So here we are and basically what has happened is that a man who told his brother (as he was losing his battle with Cancer) that he would come through me if he could to leave a message…well, we feel he did. The messages came, they were validated and we now know that THIS is indeed possible. I used to say “it is experimental” during the group sessions but will no longer say this as I feel that’s, it is 100% possible. BUT I may scale back the group session to 5-10 people only. I feel it will be much more effective this way.

In any case, what has seemingly happened here may be a first. Not a loved one coming through a medium or what have you as that happens often, but a loved one coming through a device that allows them to AUDIBLY and clearly leave a message and be heard, with 100% validation from a family member.

Below is the video and under it is Lee’s reaction after he saw it, what he wrote on my Facebook wall. When I read his reply I was in shock..everything that came through was relevant..things I had no idea of. During the session I felt calm, full of love and full of energy. I KNEW something was happening, something special. Even when I asked if Angels were present they said yes and sent a message of love. See for yourself…


“Oh my… Thanks Steve so so much. You didn’t have to do this for me but you did.. He was indeed my older brother, and in the first few seconds after he passed away I hugged him and asked him “you do know I love you bro” because when he was ill I tried to tell him lots of times but he told me not to talk like that coz it would ‘choke him up’….. The “car for j” and “can we play” are so relevant as well as we were playing on “the crew” on the playstation4 before he went into hospital.. He had no good cars to use and I said he could have one of mine!! Steve you don’t know me or my brother, but I would like to thank you so much for doing this out of pure kindness, with no money or other agenda.. For that I can’t thank you enough!!” “He was never in the army but he always loved to buy the clothes.“- Lee” – Lee Darbyshire

One day we will beat Cancer. If you would like to donate to the cause, use the links below:

Cancer Research UK – American Cancer Society

I wish Lee, his family and everyone associated with Jason nothing but the best. Do know he is in a good place, and from what it sounds like, happy as well. Our souls never die. –  Steve


PS – To the couple of people who said if I am legit I would take the “James Randi Challenge” – well, I would if they let me but they do not allow EVP, spirit communication or any of this in the challenge, hmmm, I wonder why?. How about James Randi taking my $25,00 challenge?