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The Ghost Box Realm from My thoughts and Evidence. (I have included videos here of me using the GB-REALM throughout the post so you can see it in action) You can buy the GB-REALM here, instant download, at  A month or two ago Mr. Anthony Sanchez of created a new app that I had no idea he was making. He kept it under wraps and launched it out of the blue. As soon as I saw the interface I said to myself “WOW, this looks serious”… I downloaded the app and gave it a try. My 1st session was not very good as I had no idea how to use all of these new features (So it was never posted), and believe me, the REALM has loads of them. Over time I started to get results… My latest test of the REALM gave me some amazing direct […]

The Ghosts of the Gadsden Hotel Speak to us. Douglas, AZ 2016   Debby and I traveled a few hours to Douglas AZ this past weekend to stay a night at the historic Gadsden Hotel. Back a few years ago this hotel was a hot spot for paranormal investigators due to the hotel being featured on TV and in many videos online. I always wanted to stay a night there so as a celebration for hitting 100,000 subscribers on YouTube for Huff Paranormal we headed out in hopes to connect audibly with the spirits who reside at the hotel. With the most cutting edge communication gear in hand for 2016, we headed to the Gadsden and checked into our room, which was COLD! We soon discovered there was no heat in the building and space heaters were spread around for heat. It wasn’t THAT bad and it was kind of […]

MUST SEE: Check out My Wonder Box and what it can do HERE. Tech has moved forward a ton since these boxes, but even so, the classic Geobox is still a great spirit box but are now only available on the used market.  See me and George Brown, creator the of Geobox do a session at an amazing location with the LATEST GeoPort. This article below is now pretty old and the Geobox II and III are no longer made, see the main page HERE for newest info. George now makes the GEOPORT which is part Geobox and part my very own PORTAL.  I NOW have a Geobox II and the Geobox III is on the way. Many ask me “why would you spend all of that money on a box when you have your own app, the SCD-1 for spirit communication as well as other boxes”? The answer is simple. I love ALL devices that […]

The Power of the Huff Paranormal SCD-1 (Spirit Communication Device #1) To see a full detailed Q&A on the SCD-1, click HERE — To read real customer reviews, CLICK HERE — To buy the SCD-1, CLICK HERE for instant download — To buy the Software CD disc, buy the SCD-1 disc on Amazon (Prime Eligible)  I have to be honest. I feel extremely blessed with my life. For the past five years I have been blessed over and over and over again and I always knew deep down that this “Paranormal Journey” of mine would take me someplace…I just was not sure where. Today I know where it has taken me and where it will be taking me in the future. Just to be involved in creating the new SCD-1 app, I feel overwhelmed with joy, excitement and peace. It is an amazing feeling that I had a hand in creating such an incredible and powerful tool […]

The Best Spirit Audio Evidence EVER Captured. The Huff SCD-1. A BIG BOLD STATEMENT I know but using the SCD-1 for over 6 weeks now, plus the beta testing moments, I am 100% confident in making the statement. What I have compiled below is maybe 15% of what I have captured but I did not want the video to be 2 hours long, nor could I post the personal and private replies I have been getting. The Huff Paranormal SCD-1 is the most amazing tool I have ever used for communication with the spirit world. FORGET what you know. FORGET what you have been taught in life about these things. THIS is 100% REALITY and I have never experienced ANYTHING like this in my lifetime, even the past five years of intensive spirit communication work. What the SCD-1 brings is basically an advanced $49.99 Program/App that came about from my […]

Spirits take control of the SCD-1. Cemetery Session. Wow. Again. If you guys remember a video from 3-4 weeks ago, I went to the Cemetery with the SCD-1 and received some jaw dropping direct replies. Last night I went back. Not really sure what to expect something happened that blew us away. At one point (after we leave the car) the spirits seem to otake control of the SCD-1 and silence it – until they want to speak. AMAZING. I will not go on forever here but take a look at the video below and see for yourself. ALL SCD-1 INFO IS HEREBUY IT HERE – INSTANT DOWNLOADBUY THE PHYSICAL SOFTWARE CD AT AMAZON HERE

The SCD-1 is NOW available!  PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR THE SCD-1 DEDICATED PAGE for ALL INFORMATION THAT YOU EVER NEED TO KNOW ON THIS INCREDIBLE SCD-1! Instructions, Q&A, Details, What to Expect and much more! This is an app developed by myself and Anthony Sanchez of We have THREE Servers set up for purchase! Click below to go right to the buy page but PLEASE click HERE to see the full SCD-1 page and information!  Click below to BUY the SCD-1

  The Dead Speak: Joe’s Box #4 and Andre’s Box #4 New video time! Over the past few months I have been UBER CRAZY BUSY with my real job. I have to make a living and I am blessed enough to do one thing I love day in and out. I run a photo review blog and have for seven years. It is quite popular with 100k visits per day. Before the Holidays it gets crazy and now that Christmas and New Years have passed I have some free time to start doing sessions again. What you are seeing here is only the beginning as I have a ton planned for 2015 that will take ITC and Spirit communication to the next level. Top Secret stuff that should be revealed by February. 🙂 I will say one thing. Look out for the “SCD-1”. For this video I am using a […]

E.V.P.’s on the Queen Mary 11/01/2014 During my Halloween Event on the Queen Mary I was able to meet some of you who follow my work as well as go with you all on a 4-5 hour investigation of the ship, late at night. While exhausted during the wee small hours it was absolutely a thrill to investigate the ship. During Night #2 we had some crazy cool experiences and I have only reviewed a SMALL portion of the over 2 hours of footage I recorded during both nights. It may take me 2-3 weeks to get to all of the footage but for now I wanted to present a nice video with some EVP from night #2 on the ship, which was 11/01/2014. The video speaks for itself, so check it out and enjoy 🙂 –…and the photo that I shot that is explained in the video

The GB-1 App Validation Files. Proof that it’s legit! After I posted my full 1st test of the new GB-1 App from many were excited just as I was and some cried that it was fake or nonsense. Well, I knew this was not the case as I would NEVER EVER recommend anything that was a sham. This is the reason I have been telling so many for 3+ years that the OVILUS is not worth the $250! I buy a ton of “Ghost Hunting” gear that makes great claims and to date I have realized so many things that so many buy are really garbage. There are a few things that are needed for spirit communication. One is recorder for standard EVP. Another is a video camera. Then a ghost box. Then Echovox. Now we also have the GB-1 App, which is for WINDOWS PC’s and Tablets ONLY. It […]

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