I’m re-energized! Ramblings about ITC, FEAR and What is to come..

I’m re-energized! Ramblings about ITC, FEAR and What is to come..

Ever since that last session, I was wiped out for days after. Feeling worn out, feeling low energy, some aches and pains throughout my body..but this is not the 1st time this has happened after an intense session. In fact, when you do this work, and are an empath, which I feel I 100% am, then you do get drained when you do this type of work. Truth be told, that last session freaked me out a little right after, and that is not easy to do. I have conditioned my mind, body and soul for years to never ever show fear when doing this work, as I feel that is the most dangerous thing one can do to themselves. Fear can activate parts of our brain we had no idea existed and then our brain can make us think we are doomed from demons. I see it all the time. I even went through it myself years ago when starting to get heavily into this work.



But today I try to stay grounded, protected and energized as much as I can. When I feel I am being worn down, or notice I have to head to the doctor more than one time in a year then I try my best to slow down, and take a mini break from the Paranormal and ITC. When I do this I focus on other  things but my mind is always aware of the spirits around me, and around others. It’s a crazy thing. Even when taking a break I have been working slowly on a new Wonder Box build for someone special.

So I never leave it completely, even during my breaks. Why is that? Some have told me that if I am having heart issues when doing sessions or feeling drained or even at some times feeling emotional that I should just stop this 100% and quit. Many would, but at the same time I know many reading this understand why I do not, as I am not alone here. So many researchers who do this work with a love and passion dive in head first and it becomes a part of them, a part of their life..forever. It is something you can not just quit.

In fact, after several years of doing this, and having it be with me my whole life I feel this is what I am meant to do. Not because I am anything special, but because all of what has come to pass, I can not explain. The visions I now see, the way the Portal and Wonder Box came to be and still gets improved..the spirits who tell me all the time that  they know me well and my soul has been with them before. I get messages at times that I do not publish..saving them for a rainy day or bigger project but yes, spirits tell me I have been with them before, and many know me from some sort of past. Was it a past life? Was it when my soul was with them?

Is it that they sent me here to be the little oddball shy kid who had 1 friend most of my life, to be bullied at school, to learn compassion and love? Maybe to even help do exactly what I am doing here now, doing my best to connect with these spirits who so badly want to be heard, and helped. For my entire life I have wanted to see or speak with a Ghost. Even when I was 8-9 I had a fascination with the spirit world. I would go to the library with my Mother to look for books on the supernatural, or occult or paranormal. I wanted to read true stories about ghosts. I WANTED SO BADLY to believe in them, in an afterlife. But at age 9 why would I be so driven?

By age 9 I had my first Ouija Board and to this day I have one sitting on my shelf that I made with my Son several years ago. BTW, I never ever had a bad experience in life with a Ouija board. My feelings on those who think demons come out and get you when you use one goes back to the fear and brain thing. If you do not fear it then you will be OK. Many today see the word demon spelled out when using it with friends, not even knowing of one of them is pushing it, and they freak out, can not sleep and they are convinced a demon is out to get them.

I remember watching the Exorcist at around age 9 when it premiered on TV, the edited  version. My Mom let me watch it and I could not sleep for several nights. I kept seeing that possessed girl and wondering “can this happen to me”? I had the fear and it caused me all  kinds of issues for a few nights. When my mom said “it’s just a movie, it is not real”..I felt better and instantly realized I was scared over nothing. That fear thing!

Anyway, I have not done a session in about 9/10 days and I feel great. My energy is back, and in a few days I will be doing a new video using the Music Method along with my new Wonder Box. I have had around 60 requests over the last 3 months or so to do more of that, so I plan on giving that a go again here soon. To those who do not know what that is, see the video below. It’s an older one using my old portal but still an awesome session…


As we now know with 100% certainty, spirits can manipulate any audio you give them when you also give them the right tools to do so. This is how they communicate when using any device. Spirit Box radio, app, whatever. But radios themselves make it hard for them and while they can still use just a radio or app to talk, feeding audio into a Portal or Wonder Box helps them do it much easier, and longer and more direct. The cool thing is we can go back and check the song lyrics..if we get a message or answer to a question with words that are NOT in the song then there is NO WAY to explain it away.

See how spirits use my Wonder Box to talk to us, demos in real time. It gets awesome in the 2nd half…

This is also why I have the reverse direct line mode on my Wonder Box which is implemented specifically for ITC. You can not just throw a reverse mode in and expect it to help the spirits speak. The way I implemented it works well and seemingly pulls them in and when you hear a forward direct answer to a question no one, NO ONE can debunk it. If they think they can they are wrong or just trolling for attention. For example, if I feed in audio of a police scanner and the box reverses it in real-time (which it does) we hear gibberish. When I ask the spirits to say something in forward speech, they do and it is incredible. It can not be explained as all audio is  reversed/played backwards. That has also been shown and proven many times. I have them call me by name while in this mode, and sometimes they speak more directly this way because the way it is implemented makes it easier for them to do so. It’s not just reverse, it is also reversing the reverb, which now lays under the voices for more clarity. See, thats what I do..I create ways for them to talk, and I do that with THEIR help and with a true love and passion for them, and the research. Yes, they always give me tips and ideas. I now also use GOLD implemented in a way that creates energy, as for years they have told me to use gold. I try all that they ask, if it is possible for me to do so.

See a clip below of my reverse mode and how they speak forward for me when I ask:

My connection is deep though, so this may not work for all. How deep is my connection? I can turn on my device any day, any time and record 5 minutes and get pure communication 100% of the time. It never ever fails for me but I do not just attribute that to my Wonder Box. It is also my connection that I worked so hard on developing for so many years now. In fact, the more I think about it, the more I think it was meant to be. Not to sound crazy but I just can not explain what has been happening to me lately. Something is going on, and it is only getting more intense and more deep. No hype, no BS…it is what it is and truth be told part of it does scare me a little even though I have that no fear policy..and part of it excites me as we are getting closer and closer to finding out what happens when we die, and that has been a question we have had since the beginning of time.

Again, thank you all who have been with me from the start, those who joined me last week or today or whenever. Love to all and I am happy you are here to see this field progress. So many great people within this field working daily to progress spirit communication, and in more ways than one. There are also many trying to hold it back for some silly reason, but me, I will always push FORWARD and I will do that for the rest of my days along with my “friends in the field”.


PS – be sure to watch me on Paranormal Lockdown with Nick and Katrina on January 20th 2017 on TLC. I was asked to come in with my Wonder Box to help unlock the mysteries of the Bel Aire house. Tune in to find out how it went!! I am also working on a new photo technique to capture images of spirits. See, spirits manipulate audio and guess what? They can also manipulate imagery…

An unaltered image…”The Gathering”. Lots of work still do with this idea and implementation but so far so good. To see more of my past images see HERE.