Testing the Mini Box #151 and Frank’s Box #158


Testing the Mini Box #151 and Frank’s Box #158

So today I took delivery of two new (to me) spirit boxes. First, a box I have been trying to find for about three years, a Paranormal Systems Mini Box. This is the standard Mini Box, not the Plus (if anyone has a PLUS for sale, let’s talk as I am looking for one) and after a rough start with some major distortion and finding some pieces on the inside that were disconnected and messed up I did a quick repair job and cleaned things up a bit. After I did this the box was clean as a whistle, very smooth. It works different from other boxes, which I like as it is not plagued with the constant static and noise of many Ghost Boxes. It is a hefty unit with a heavy solid brick of a battery inside. It came in a hard shell case with charger and antenna. Just add a speaker and you are good to go.

I did my 1st video with it today and you can see the results that came in just from a quick little session. It’s promising and I think that the more I work with it the better it will get. The inside is very well done and I like the way it was built. A guy I know, Casey Coverdale also owned this Mini Box and he put up a video with it on his YouTube page HERE. Check it out if you want to see more of this box.

Next up, I test Frank’s Box #158. I had a frank’s box 3-4 years ago and was not a fan of it but I have to give props and credit to Frank Sumption. If it were not for him the boxes we see today would not even exist. Frank is THE Pioneer in this field, hands down and all who came after him are indeed copycats. But there is nothing wrong with copycats as many of the boxes hand-made today are superior to Frank’s design. Still, as an enthusiast and Paranormal ITC guy I HAVE To at least own one Frank’s Box, right?

This one is ok, a bit noisy and scratchy but it is what it is. It will still get some communication of course. You can see what came in by watching the video.

Finally, as  Bonus I added more experiments with the Dowsing Rods at the end of the video. These are semi controversial, and even I always discounted them until I used them on the Queen Mary thanks to Matt from Paraxplorer Project (and the Queen Mary itself). When I did use them for spirit communication I was BLOWN AWAY, so much so that I thought for sure it was me moving them. Upon closer study and video review, I knew this was not the case. I will be doing a dedicated video SOON where I will run my Andy’s Echo Spirit Box while I do the Dowsing Rods to get VOCAL verification from the spirits themselves. If they are indeed moving them maybe I can get them to tell me that they are.  I did this with the Ouija and they verified that on three occasions, even saying words via EVP (no box) before the words were spelled out on the board.

Today’s experiment with the Dowsing Rods was once again amazing. As you can see, when I use my heavy-duty rods they are not that easy to move. They are not sensitive at all. I show you what it takes for me to move them side to side, etc. I then use super sensitive rods to show you the difference.

Many have asked me where I bought these Dowsing Rods. My deluxe set is HERE and my super sensitive set is HERE, both at Amazon. Both are great but the heavy-duty deluxe ones are not easily swiveled.

So without further ado, the video is below! Enjoy it! If you like it then click over to YouTube to thumbs it up! That really helps me out! Also, be sure to check out the forums here! You can share evidence, see others evidence and discuss all things paranormal! Check them out HERE.