Helping the Dead. Is it possible?


Helping the Dead. Is it possible?

New video! The MiniBox Plus spirit box brings in some amazing replies

I finally managed to get my hands on a real “MiniBox Plus” spirit box device which is like a standard MiniBox on steroids. It is bigger, has more features and works quite a bit differently than the standard box. The MiniBox plus that I have here is only the AM version (really want an AM/FM) but it manages to pull in some amazing replies. It was sent to me to test out by Tim Woolworth (from and after using it I made him an offer on it to buy it. He did not want to sell but he has two so he decided to take my offer. So now, this box will belong to me.

It is not the best box I have ever used or tested but it is up there with the best of them. The Joe’s box, for me, is unbeatable and can not be beaten by any other box that has been made to this point in time. Sadly my Joe’s Box is broken but has been with a repair guy for a luck yet but hopefully soon. The MiniBox plus is a unique box because it allows you to choose from 15 different modes. I have found this to be overkill of course as it only needs 3-4 of these modes to be an amazing device capable of clear communication. I love using the 1st four modes the most, one of them emulating a Frank’s Box and one sounds similar to a Joe’s Box so it is like having a few boxes all in one.

In any case I finally had some time to sit down, do a short mediation and do a session with the MiniBox plus. Up until this point it was just turning it on and testing. The video below is from two nights, two sessions. First was seeing what would come through and what did come through was amazing for me. My Father’s name came through directly followed by my Mom’s name. Other interesting things came in as well, one was a message about death and how someone was “spared” – was that me? Who knows, but it was interesting. Many other things came through, some in crystal clarity and some were more faint. Also mentioned was the name “Billy” who is the spirit boy from my water ITC session (see that here). Billy has come up in the past few sessions for me and in this one when I asked if anyone needed help to cross, the reply was that Billy did. He even showed up in one of the recent group sessions. After hearing this I waited until the next night and asked any angels or archangels to come help and take Billy.

The Question is..can we really help the dead? I have done this before and every time I never hear the name come through again. I will see if the name Billy comes through again, and if not I will assume he has moved on.

For best results, turn out the lights and throw on some headphones. 🙂