Testing My Energy Transfer Accessory for Spirit Communication. The Results? Hear for yourself…but first…


Testing My Energy Transfer Accessory for Spirit Communication. The Results? Hear for yourself…but first…

(Video is at the bottom after my long-winded story of how this all came to be)

Well, it has been weeks since I was going to start on my new device for spirit communication but for now, that has taken a back seat as it will take some dedication and lots of time. Time I will not have until starting Feb/March of 2017. So instead on gathering parts and building an all new device from scratch I decided to take action on something that was shown to me one day while driving with Debby from Sedona AZ.


We were driving, well..I was at the wheel and all of a sudden I saw a flash in my head and it was an image, a moving image of myself, and three others sitting at a table (I know who the three others were) with a Wonder Box in the middle of the table. The box looked different though, and had an extension that puzzled me but I think I figured out what it is.

In addition to this, we were all wearing some sort of contraption on our head and fingers and this contraption was made of three items one of them being pure copper. The other two I am not divulging just yet…

But it was so clear to me and I looked at Debby while I was driving and said “I think I was just shown how to further communication again“. While I had no idea if it would work, I wondered how or why this popped in my head. Debby knows how I work these days and she was not surprised. She just said “Well then you have to try to make them”.

So after my last episode in the ER a couple of weeks back, I decided to rest up as much as I could, and do my follow-up appts at the doctor. But as usual, after a week I was back to doing a paranormal video. Something inside is driving me, as usual. Not sure if that is a good thing, or bad but each time this happens (seeing visions or getting audible hints at what to do next)  the communication gets better. If these things did not happen to me there would have never been a portal or SCD-1 or reverb being used nor would I be using things such as Orgone generators, magnets, copper, gold and crystals that each time I add them, communication improves.

Spirits have told me long ago to get rid of noise (static), get rid of fast scanning, and focus on giving the longer snippets of random audio to manipulate. If you think all of this sounds like hocus pocus bullshit then so be it, but it’s the 100% honest truth. But hey, believe what you choose. No problem with that at all.

All of this came to be from sessions with spirit and visions in my head. While I never call myself a medium, I do get flashes of things that inspire me to try new things, and when this happens it almost always helps. I also look for signs and have learned how to read them well.

In all honesty, I have to let go of my tough guy “never fear” attitude for a moment though because the more real and intense this gets, the more it seems to affect my health. I have been having all kinds of issues from chest pains to massive headaches (I NEVER EVER get Headaches) to random pains, to a small bump in my chest that even the doctors have no idea what it is. They say I am healthy, yet these issues have sent me to the ER twice now with super high blood pressure and in a confusional state with heart attack scares (and cost me a fortune as my health insurance sucks).

Since I see the spirits when I get attacked or taken over, I know what it is…but of course I can’t share this with my doctor as they would think I am nuts.

I am not sure what is scarier though, having these issues or the doc telling me I am healthy. Whatever is happening, modern medical science can not find it. That to me is frightening. So when I get a chest pain now, I relax and focus on it going away. Sometimes it does, sometimes it lingers. I do have Nitro on hand for emergencies.

Strangely enough,  even though all of this is happening,  I still can not pull away from this work. When they said a few months back over two sessions “Huff’s been chosen” (yes, that too was 100% real as is all of my work) I think I know what they feel I have been chosen for (and no, its not for crossing them over)  and it is something I just can not stop. Sounds like a horror movie in the making though, lol.

One thing I know is that my connection is 10X stronger than it was when I started, at least. I feel anyone  can gain this connection with time, dedication and true love for this research. That is important, to have the true passion.

I have also dealt with and strongly overcame any and all opposition that was thrown my way by those who hate that I am doing this, for whatever reason. They like to throw lies and trash and fake news about me out there, and to anyone who believes the trash, I feel bad for you. In this day and age when all we need is love and caring for each other there are always those out there to trash talk and knock others down due to their own problems in life. They lack love, attention and feelings so all they do is lash out against those who do better than they do in any given profession of field of work. I ignore the hate and negative  souls, as they are dead to me. Instead I focus on love, light, positivity, health, family and all things good. I am kind to all I meet and I help those I need whenever I can. There is NO negativity anywhere in my life, ever. Which keeps me at peace and happy, even when I face issues with this research.

That’s just my nature though and I have no regrets in life because regrets…well, they are a true son of a bitch.

OK OK…enough rambling 😉

Enjoy this new video where I tested my new device into my Wonder Box. Now, keep in mind this was meant for 1-4 users. The more users at a session wearing these contraptions, the more energy is given to the spirits to help speak and communicate. With just ME using it, I am already seeing a more direct, more conversational way of communication. Much more testing is to be done though.

Video is below, enjoy as I feel it is pretty damn incredible. And yes, it is 100% real as all of my videos and work is and have been for years. If you watch the 400 + videos on my YouTube you can see my progression over the years. There is a reason my channel is the largest most watched independent spirit communication research channel on YouTube. Because it is real and from the heart and my dedication shows in what I do. That my friends is something I am not ashamed to say. I am proud of it.

Thank you all for your love, kindness and support!