The Ghosts of the Gadsden Hotel Speak to us. Douglas, AZ 2016

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The Ghosts of the Gadsden Hotel Speak to us. Douglas, AZ 2016


Debby and I traveled a few hours to Douglas AZ this past weekend to stay a night at the historic Gadsden Hotel. Back a few years ago this hotel was a hot spot for paranormal investigators due to the hotel being featured on TV and in many videos online.


I always wanted to stay a night there so as a celebration for hitting 100,000 subscribers on YouTube for Huff Paranormal we headed out in hopes to connect audibly with the spirits who reside at the hotel. With the most cutting edge communication gear in hand for 2016, we headed to the Gadsden and checked into our room, which was COLD!

We soon discovered there was no heat in the building and space heaters were spread around for heat. It wasn’t THAT bad and it was kind of fun to roam the halls in the chill as it added to the adventure. Even in bed it was cold but the hotel did provide VERY thick warm toasty blankets for us so it was OK.


We were not there to get cozy and comfy after all, we were there to see if any spirits wanted to chat, and if so, about what? When I do things such as this my specialty is communication, pure and simple. To me, this is the most powerful next to SEEING THEM but in reality, things such as full body apparitions appearing on camera and walking around just DO NOT happen. Sure, we can get photos when using a source for them to manipulate such as water, smoke or mist but we do not need IR cameras for this, at all. In other words, never expect to go to a locale and see a spirit walking towards you while you film. It will never happen. Can yo upossibly see a spirit? Sure, but they will never pop up when you film, and even seeing them when you are not is a VERY VERY RARE occasion. This is why I concentrate my efforts today on COMMUNICATION and making it better and better.

Remember, I am in this for the research and I insist on always being 100% REAL. I can not stand anyone who fakes BS evidence as it pushes back true research which is not good.


I am hoping to turn a new page in this field, and 2016 may be the year it is done as I am commited to working with teams and individuals who believe being real, with full respect and love, is the key. One thing to know about me…when you see my work, good or bad, you can ease your mind as there should never be a question of “IS THIS REAL”? Because it is, 100%. Period, end of story. Curious about it? Try it yourself and see.

There is never a need to fake evidence as getting real evidence is easy, once you commit and dedicate yourself to doing this work. There is nothing spooky or scary about it either, as that is also a huge myth. I’ll soon be going on over 6 years doing this, remember, almost on a daily basis which is more like 20 years experience as not many do this every day for years and years.

After all of this time I am 100% happy and love my life. No downers, no blah, no sadness, no complaints in any aspect of my life and I feel that doing this work has done the OPPOSITE of what bible thumpers say it will do. That is to create a peaceful, harmonious life for myself without the negativity that infects so many in the world. With that said I have had spirit attacks over the years that were not fun, but it comes with the territory and usually it was down to me not being careful of heeding their warnings.


So after many years of doing this work almost on a daily basis, and seeing just how spirits react to us and listening to exactly WHAT they have to say I can be at peace knowing that what I am doing is from my heart and soul and the spirits react in kind to me with full respect and kindness (most of the time, there will always be nasties on the other side).

With that said, I hope you enjoy the video from the Gadsden and expect to see more of Debby as she has overcome her fear of this work and I think the spirits love her light and sweet nature.

Until next time!