Nick Groff using the Wonder Box on Paranormal Lockdown!


Nick Groff using the Wonder Box on Paranormal Lockdown!

Hey to all! Last night was Halloween and I hope everyone had a great one this year. Halloween for me last night was great as I saw Nick Groff use my Wonder Box on his 2 hour Halloween Special at the Black Monk house, right in the opening part of the show! Was great to see this tech now being used at this level, and I have a feeling there will be much more to come of that box on his show. šŸ˜‰

But it was long ago that I sent Nick the very 1st Wonder Box I made, before anyone even knew about it, and it was not long before I sent him a 2nd box. In fact, I have never published this clip from back then but here I was testing one of his Wonder Box Portals with a PSB7…

So I built it with him in mind, and when I ran the 1st test I asked if they knew him, and they clearly repeated his name back to me, which was an amazing validation.

Nick explained to me quite some time ago about the haunting in his home, and shared images with me to back it up long ago, so was thrilled to see him using this device as a way to try to find out what is happening, and it did indeedĀ give him some answers. Amazing.

But it is so nice to see devices from some great people in this field being used and exposed to the masses on a national TV show such as Paranormal Lockdown. Nick is also using advanced devices from my good friends George Brown (Geobox) & Keith Weldon (Video Box & Spiritus) to try to find answers at the locations they investigate. So so cool as these are great guys with a true passion for the field and ITC Research. So I look forward to seeing what Season 2 brings for Nick & Katrina and just how much these new tools will help them along the way.

Last night I put up a new video as well. I mean, I had to do a Halloween session and I used my new Astral Doorway prototype for it and it again, did not dissapoint. Going into the device was Matt Paynes MATRIX app, which I highly recommend. Mixed with the Astral Doorway or Wonder Box it is giving some absolutely amazing replies.

Thank you to all who come here, to my Facebook or my youtube to watch what I do. My goal for years has been to bring clear spirit communication to the forefront, and that started with the SCD-1, then the Portal, then the Wonder Box and now I am working on a more direct conversational style of communication, and that is what I am attempting with my new project.

So keep checking back to see my latest developments! My latest is always at YouTube, so subscribe for the latest videos! Thank you all!