The Miracle Box and App Spirit Communication Tools by Steve Huff


I have a new device I am working on, which will be my last tabletop device, my Swan Song so to speak. I am also hoping to have a (iOS and android) companion app for it as well by summer 2021. Stay tuned for details on this exciting progression within the world of ITC that takes all I have learned in over ten years about spirit connection and communication and puts it into practice.

A Quick Demo of a Prototype of my new Box and it Proves Life after Death and that Spirits CAN speak with us. Impossible to get a false positive. 

My goal has always been to progress the world of ITC, make it better and strive to capture evidence that is undeniable as possible. That goal has come to pass with full conversational level REAL spirit contact in 2021. My newest device, dubbed “The Miracle Box”  should take this even further and it will be foolproof, and unable to be debunked by anyone. This is the exciting part.

The First Session Test with the FULL SIZE Miracle Box

It will be my last box style device as I do not think it will be able to be improved further. The connection is most important and that is where the work needs to be focused on, all while giving the spirits the best device that can use to speak clearly through. When you hear direct answers, in a clear voice answering your specific question, and you can stay with the same spirit throughout, I would say the goal of conversational spirit communication has been achieved.

Whoa! As good as it gets in 2021 for ITC

Stay tuned, as 2021 is gearing up to be the best year in our history for ITC.

The new Miracle Box will not be for sale, and only one will be made but it will be incredible to see it in action. It is a dual box design and it will also bring back the human energy transfer antenna and this new antenna will be connected to me as I conduct the sessions helping energy transfer as much as possible between me and the spirits. It will feature new discoveries I have made just this year, and along with the connection I am working on each and every day it should take my sessions with spirit to full blown clear conversations. (it already is).

Amazing connections using the Miracle Box. See SEVEN smalls sessions where a specific spirit is reached. The first one may have you reaching for some tissue.

The app will be available for all for under $3 with no upsells and no gimmicks. I wanted to make it free but the programmer has to be paid, so the full $3 will go to him for each sale. The app will be simple, easy to understand and for more advanced ITC users so it is something many will have to work at but I will help you along the way with informational videos and tips on how to get the most from it. It will be based on all of my discoveries, techniques and findings over the last ten years and will come from me, the guy who discovered it all. I can’t wait.

A woman hears from her love in Heaven. Amazing…