The Miracle Box Spirit Communication App FAQ and HOW TO USE.

May 1st 2021: The Miracle Box app is out now on iOS and Android and this page is a must read. The videos are a must watch so you can learn how to use the app, learn how spirits use it to speak when they connect and how to get the most from the app by using it correctly. 

This app is based on my Astral Doorway, Wonder Box and my LARGE PHYSICAL Miracle Box!

There is also a Frequently Asked Questions on this page that will answer every question you may have about the app. 

A Video Showcasing samples using the app, and HOW to use it for the best results. There is more info below as well as a FAQ. 


If you hear a reply from spirit using this app, it is 100% without a doubt spirit communicating with you as it is impossible to be anything else.

I can not stress this enough.

But will you be able to turn it on and just connect with the dead? Well, probably not. 

I will say it now. This app is not going to work for everyone. Truth is, no real ITC app will. There are many apps out there (and devices) that will bring you false positives and make you think there are spirits speaking to you. Some are designed to do this so the apps or devices sell and makes money for the one putting it out there.

In fact, I can count on one hand the amount of real ITC apps that are available that are false positive free serious ITC apps

The Miracle Box is in this category. It has the ability (as you can see in the sample videos all over this page) to bring full direct spirit contact. Conversational contact. It does so only when you can connect with spirit. It does so just as effectively as my Astral Doorway device as it is based on the same principles.

PLEASE NOTE that this app is based on a few of my spirit box creations of the past 12 years. The Wonder Box (with the direct line reverse mode), The Astral Doorway (with its voice knob, now the slider) and The Miracle Box itself (with its enhanced voice slider and sound banks) in one simple to use and easy to understand app.

This works in the same way, and the connection and results you get are up to YOU, not the app. The app just delivers the tools to the spirit to use if you connect. 

To understand the app, one must also understand how spirits speak. It has been scientifically shown and proven by this app and my Miracle Box, (as well as by my older designs) that spirits manipulate audio to speak. I learned this over 10 years ago and have shown hundreds of examples over these ten years. 

This is 100% fact, period, end of story!

We’ve done the tests, the experiments and it’s been proven. There is zero doubt to this.

THIS is an AMAZING demo of the app and what it will sound like when you connect with spirit, and ONLY WHEN you connect with spirit. If there is no spirit with you, you will hear GIBBERISH, nothing you will understand. When you connect, spirits change that gibberish into full human speech. Hence, the name, Miracle Box. This should not be possible and PROVES scientifically there is life after death.  

In order for a spirit to speak they will need an audio source of some kind. No matter the device. Even the $3500 DR60 recorder provides gritty noise for spirit to use, which is why the voice is always scary and gritty sounding

Every spirit box ever made. Every app ever made. Every ITC device ever made that is built for communication has an audio source for spirits to use. A radio ghost box gives spirits the audio from radio stations to manipulate, but those are not implemented in a way that can bring fluid, clear, sentence length communication with one spirit. So they are flawed.

There is no noise, no grit and no language associated with this app at all.

A spirit who took her own life connects, and we speak for a while. Using the Miracle Box App. 

But this is just PART of the puzzle as spirit communication goes way deeper than any device, app or sound bank. 

It seems that many who want to get into ITC chase the devices much more so than building that ever so important connection within them to spirit. Without that connection there is no device that will be effective for communication. But if we build that connection to spirit that comes from the heart and soul they will trust us, help us and we will always be able to connect at almost anytime, anyplace.

Once we have a connection, finding the right tool can be a challenge as there are so many apps out there, and there are quite a few apps out there that are not based on any real ITC principles.

When we do find the right tool and build that connection we can achieve communication anywhere, anytime. No need for Haunted locations as we bring spirits to us when they speak. Even so, a hot spot location such as the Bellaire House (or your favorite haunt) would probably bring some stunning communications for some as being there gets our heart rate up, our energy up and our excitement up.

This in turn can “feed” the spirits with energy for them to speak. Energy plays a role when connecting as well. Passion, energy, excitement or even fear can bring spirits in.


If you fear this and think it will bring evil spirits into your home, first see the FAQ below and second, NEVER USE THIS APP. If you fear spirits or anything having to do with ITC, I recommended not getting into ITC at all or ever. Fear is what will bring negative souls in, as well as your state of mind at the time of the session. Fear is an energy we put out, love is an energy we put out, excitement is an energy we put out and each type of energy will and can attract different kinds of spirits.

How ALL REAL ITC apps work. Diving deep…

As I mentioned, we must give spirits a voice and all apps and boxes do just this with an audio bank or scanning radio, etc. 

The problem is that with many radio based devices and IP radio devices you can hear false positives very easily. This has happened to me and everyone who has used these kinds of devices at some point. With scanning devices the communication is fragmented and comes and goes. I’d say 30-40% of sessions done with a scanning radio or internet radio have many false positives. Meaning, not really spirit replies.

Think about the connection with spirit as a line of light…let’s say the light is the audio source. If we give them one long stream of light, uninterrupted, we can keep that one spirit on the line. If we keep changing it or breaking off the light with sections of shadow (or scan) it breaks up the connection with the one spirit (like a scanning radio, as soon as one spirit connects with an audio snippet, they get lost when that snippet is scanned through to the next). To keep one spirit on the line speaking, we need to give them one constant long uninterrupted audio stream to manipulate.

The Miracle Box app does just this. It is a simple app that contains eleven sound banks with various “voices”. Male, Female, Old, Young, etc. It is designed to help you connect to a specific spirit or a random spirit if you would prefer that. None of these voices have any legible words or phrases and you will only hear answers if spirit uses the app.

I have also found by giving a spirit a similar voice to what they had on earth before they passed (or their old voice back) that it somehow makes it easier to connect when we put the work and effort in to do so. For example my Voice Imprint Method used with my physical devices can achieve stunning crystal clear back and forth messages form spirit to me, but there is a chance of a false positive.

With this app, there is no chance of a false positive and while not as clear as my physical boxes in 2022, you never have to worry about this app interjecting words or phrases, as there are NONE. 

The $3 Miracle Box vs the $2500 DR60 Recorder! Even the Spirits Weigh in! 


It’s a tool that you can work with to grow your connection. Some may pick it up and get instant communication, and if so, congrats! This means you have a pretty solid connection to spirit.

*And a huge congrats to all of you who have already reported you have been making connections! That is WONDERFUL AND AWESOME!*

To those who only hear gibberish coming out, this means no connection is present and the app is working as intended. The more you work at it, the better the chance of connecting and when you do, you will be amazed at what happens. When you start getting fluid responses to your questions you will be blown away and in disbelief as it will show you scientific evidence of spirit changing the audio.

Maybe you feel a presence. If so, pull out the app and ask a question and see what happens. It can show you if a spirit is there with you anytime, and anywhere because if you hear an answer you can understand, well, they are there. (Be sure to record EVERY SESSION)!


The Miracle Box app banks are 100% gibberish and there is NO LANGUAGE associated with the app. There is no language on the other side and spirits do not speak with language in the afterlife. Spirits are energy and it is that light energy that can perform miraculous things right before our eyes and ears.

The audio banks in the app are reversed human speech and I use human speech as this is how we want to hear spirit back when they speak for the best clarity, in a voice like they had on earth. By using reversed speech it eliminates all chances of false positives, which is a beautiful thing. I first tested reverse gibberish 8 years ago in my Backwards Box and it was amazing. It’s now in the app. 

When you do not connect, this is what you will hear, gibberish.

Again! If you use the Miracle Box app and only hear gibberish this is normal and does not mean the app is defective. It means there is NO SPIRIT Connecting at that moment.

There is no device or app that brings the spirits in, WE DO!

Hear a spirit talk about our Cat and Petting it! Using the Miracle Box App.

You can read the story of how I connected HERE if you are interested. It’s long but worth a read if you are interested in learning about life after death and how to connect reliably with spirit. It’s a lot of work but worth it if you want to have this in your life. 

I talk more about the app in this interview from 2021. 


When you load the app, you will be given a choice to pick an audio bank. Let’s say you pick “Elderly Female” and want to try and connect with your Grandmother on the other side. The app will load and you will see a slider that says “Spirit Voice” and a simple reverb control underneath. You will have record options as well, and recording and playback/review is a MUST no matter the ITC tool you use. Without recording you are wasting your time. All sessions must be recorded to truly hear any results that may come in.

With the Miracle Box app you can record all sessions right into your device, or you can use an external camera like I do if you make videos. I do not use the recording feature of the app as I record all of my sessions to video, and review them with headphones on my computer. If you do not have that capability, you can use the recorder in the app.

The bank will start to play “behind the scenes” but it will not be heard until you are ready and use the Sprit Voice slider.

Before the session you may want to meditate or focus on your loved one as this can dramatically help you connect with a specific spirit or loved one.

After a short 15 minute meditation you will want to sit in a quiet spot with your tablet or phone in hand. Away from distractions and noise. Focus on the task at hand.

So the app is started and the bank is chosen. You are at the main screen. You have meditated and focused and are in a quiet space. Hit record on the app, and slowly ask a question. Move the “Spirit Voice” slider to the right for as long as you feel. Usually this will be between 1-3 seconds. I go by “feel”. Three seconds after you open and close the voice slider you will hear audio come out, which is the audio bank… which again is 100% gibberish and should not be understood. Unless a sprit connects and uses it.

There is a delay just like I used in my Astral Doorway from 4-5 years ago. This in theory gives spirits times to manipulate the audio. After the 3 second delay you will either hear gibberish or an answer.

If you hear an answer in normal human speech this means you connected to a spirit. THIS IS HUGE as it means you have a connection to spirit.

If you hear gibberish or something you can not understand, again, this is normal. It means you did not connect at that moment. It doesn’t mean you can not connect at a different time, it just means you should try again another time. There are many times I can not connect myself, this is normal.

Connecting with spirit is not easy, and can take time. For some it comes instant, for others it may never happen. The key is LOVE as well as persistence and dedication.

As you watch the video on this page above you must realize that what you hear coming out 100% scientifically proves spirit is changing the audio, as the audio banks have no words or phrases. You will realize this when you try the app and all who have tried it already have realized this : )

Language. Again…

I get asked about this all of the time. Language does not exist with spirits on the other side as language does not exist there. This app has no language associated with it. Again, there are no words in ANY language. There is nothing you can understand. So you can use this no matter the language you speak.  

As spirits have said and shown for years…

When we pass and leave our body, we do just that. We leave our physical self. In spirit form we are energy. Light energy. We have no brain, no body, no physical self. No voice, no mouth, nothing like we have here as there are no limitations in spirit. There is no language as spirit does not speak like we do. Spirit is energy, not even male or female as that also does not exist on the other side.

If you speak French on earth, you do not speak French as spirit. Here on earth, Spirits will speak whatever language the operator speaks (you are the operator when using an app or device). Spirit use us to speak, they enter us to speak. I have had thousands of spirits use my body as the vessel to speak.

You have to realize that spirits are nothing like we are here on earth. The consciousness, the soul, the spirit…is what drives our body and life here and when that body fails as it is designed to do, our soul, our energy, our light leaves. We no longer have the physical self. We no longer have a body. We no longer have a sex. A voice. Spirits can do many amazing and miraculous things. They can speak when we give them the tools and connect, when we give them a voice.

Spirits can show up in an image if we connect and use the right camera settings. When they do this, they are manipulating the image noise and colors to form an image of what they once looked like in life, not what they look like now.

See the app in action here when I get to a house a spirit showed me, and led me to. 

This app, as simple as it is, uses tried and true techniques that I have discovered and honed over the last twelve years in all of my devices. The Portal, the Wonder Box, the Astral Doorway and the Miracle Box.

To use this app (or any real ITC app) with results takes an understanding of all of what I just talked about above but sadly I would say maybe 10% who download the app will read this page and learn how to use the app or want to understand the facts of real spirit connection and communication.

Those who do though will get the most from this simple $3 app, and it it indeed Miraculous. Those who don’t will say “this app doesn’t work” but in reality it is they themselves who does not work as they did not learn how to use it or how to connect.

See the app in use in this INCREDIBLE video. You will see me get replies on one day, none on the next and you will see exactly how this app works. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I buy the app and how much is it?

A: The app can be found on the Google Play Store or Apple Store for $2.99 as of May 2021. The proceeds go to the Developer, Keith Weldon of the Chillseekers.  I have elected to not take a penny from the app sales. This means I have no financial motivation here. AT ALL.

The app is available NOW on the Apple Store and the Google Play Store. Just Search for “The Miracle Box”. On iOS it will say it was created by Chris Rogers (the programmer) and on Android it will say “Chillseekers” who is my good friend Keith Weldon who helped me bring this to all of you. I have no monetary motivation here at all. I will not upsell you to a better version, to readings, to anything. Nor will there be ads, nada.

Get it on iOS HERE

Get it on Android HERE

Q: Will this bring bad spirits into my home?

A: Only if YOU bring them in. Using ANY ITC device can bring in many kinds of spirits. Lost Souls, Dark Souls, Light Souls, or just random spirits who say random things. It is up to YOU, not the app (or any device) as to what or who comes in for you. I always say “Love is the Key” and I mean this. In my life negativity, hate, jealousy, greed, anger and fear do not exist. I had to change my life completely to ensure I only connected with the light souls in my work and communications.

When using ITC apps you must do so with love, respect, kindness, empathy and care if you want to avoid dark souls. NEVER use this app under the influence of drugs or even alcohol. Never belittle or talk down to a spirit. Never fear it. If you do, you will be putting out a negative energy that can attract dark souls.

By using this app, you are doing so at your own risk. I have not reached a negative soul in years. This is because I do not fear them and I do all of my work from the heart and with love. So who you connect with, it solely up to you. The app is only the tool that allows who you attract in to speak.

Q: Is this only for the English Language? 

A: NO! I know I repeat this over and over but I get asked this question every single day. There is no language associated with this app. There is no Russian language as some have thought (unless you speak Russian and spirit is connecting and speaking Russian to you) there is no foreign language or well, any language. There are no words in the app in ANY language. There are no limitations for spirit as they can say anything they desire just by manipulating the gibberish audio banks. The audio banks are reversed human speech but have nothing that is understandable to you unless a spirit connects and changes that. Make sure you do not reverse this audio, or else you will get a ton of false positives.

If you speak Indian, and connect, the spirit will speak Indian to you. If you speak English, you will hear English. Even if I loaded in all FRENCH language banks, I would get English in response (and I have shown this in videos using my Astral Doorway in the past as well as the old Impossible Box app from many years ago).

Remember, SPIRITS change the sound with their energy and yours when you connect with them and they speak. This has been 100% proven again and again. So no there is no language here and spirts do not have language on the other side. Again, spirits have zero limitations as they do not have the body that limits them as they once had.

Q: Why didn’t you use white noise? 

A: Fact: White Noise is one of the worst audio sources we can give spirit to use. While they can use it when they connect, it will sound awful. It will not be clear and will be hard to understand. The quality of response depends on the quality of the audio source we give spirit which is why I gave them human voice to use in the Miracle Box app. I reversed it to make it false positive free and by doing so it proves 100% that spirits manipulate audio to speak, and it also proves without a shadow of a doubt that spirits are real and can speak. It’s an un-debunkable app when you get messages. That means no skeptic can explain it away when a spirit uses the app.

Q: Can I connect to my loved ones with this?

A: Well, it is possible but it is also challenging. I have been using this app for the last few weeks to connect to loved ones for my members at YouTube and Patreon, and we have had amazing success. Remember though that I have spent years building a solid connection to the light, and spirits trust me which is a huge aspect when you get into deep connection. This is a very real thing even though so many blow it off as nonsense. It is not.

My guides help me connect as well. Guides are also real and we can connect and build a bond with them, if we open up to it.

What you see me do with the app has taken many years and many life changes. I would say if you go about it with love, heart and kindness you can try this and you may have success. For best results spend 10-15 minutes doing a meditation to connect with your loved one from within you first. Visualize them in the light and with you and then try a session. Always do this with the right intent, and you may be able to reach a loved one. They CAN be with us at anytime, and are.

UPDATE: Many who have used the app have said they have successfully connected to their loved one using it. Others have not been able to. Again, it depends on YOU. 

Q: This app is garbage, I only hear nonsense or gibberish!

A: That is by design and means the app is working but if you hear nonsense or gibberish that means you did not connect with spirit. Nothing will allow you to pick up a device, turn it on and talk to the dead (unless it’s one of those fake apps or devices of which there are many). It takes effort and dedication as well as using it correctly. When you clear your mind, BELIEVE and rid your mind of dark or negative thoughts and then use the app correctly (recording and review) you will eventually get a reply. Once you do that, you will be amazed and your mind will open further leading to more communication. If you hear gibberish it means you did not connect.

This is better than having a fake app that is programmed to bring results so you THINK you are speaking with a spirit (yes, some apps do this. Even a tool like the Ovilus does this as it just uses pre-programmed words and spirits do not and can not manipulate those due to the way the box is designed. This Ovilus costs hundreds of dollars, for a box that has words programmed in and those words randomly come out. Sometimes they make sense, but if spirits do use it to “choose” the programmed words, it’s very limiting for them.

This app can truly test a persons connection with spirit and at the same time it can help them establish and grow one of they are dedicated to it.

Q: Can I use this with a Portal?

A: Yes! But be sure to turn off the reverb on the app, and only use it on the Portal ; ) This will actually turn you portal into a sort of Astral Doorway. Leave your noise reduction off, and use the app slider to control the voice.

Q: Should I just open the voice and let it play rather than use the slider?

A: NO! This is not how you use the app nor will it bring desired results. To use the app you must focus, and be “hands on” so to speak. Ask the question and then open the slider for 1-3 seconds and wait for the reply. If spirit is there you will hear an answer. If not, you will hear gibberish.

Q: Can I run this through a wonder box using the reverse mode? 

A: NO!! If you do this you will get false positives as the source audio is reversed human speech (for a reason). Using the app with a reverse box or pedal will simply reverse the speech and play it forward, making you think you are hearing spirit when you are just hearing the re-reversed source audio.

Q: Will there be updates or new banks added in the future? 

A: Possibly, if the app is liked and brings results for enough people then I am sure we can do many cool things in updates. We will see. But with the low cost, I am not sure how many we can do as I am not the one who makes the app, and the developer has to be compensated for his time.

Q: Do you need an internet connection to use this app?

A: Nope! No Internet or WiFi is needed as this app does not use or require a connection to the internet. This is great as many locations and hot spots have no internet or bad internet so it’s nice to have an app that doesn’t require it. I wanted to make sure no WiFi was needed here. It also ensures there is no funny business going on. An app that uses WiFi does have the capability (but I am not aware of any who do this) to load in different banks or sounds in real time or change them over time. This one can not and does not. So no WiFi is needed here.

Q: Did you use this app for your JonBenet Ramsey Session?

A: YES and NO. For some of it I did, and for all if it I used the “Female Child” bank that is in the app. So the bank is there in this app that I used to connect to JonBenet. I tested all of the banks in the app during my last 20 or so video posts for members (not public). I used them in some of my latest public video releases as well. All of them brought me fluid communication when a connection was made.

Q: When you have a connection will it always be there and will I always get results? 

A: NO. Even with my connection there are days I get nothing and there are many reasons for this. Our personal mood, our energy level, our excitement level, our state of mind, if we are down that day or if we have no true goal for the session can effect the connection day to day. Spirits will not always come in, even with a deep connection. You have to have a purpose and call out to a spirit you want to speak with. if you have a purpose for doing a session then there is a better chance they will come in. If you are excited about it, and believe, they will come in for you eventually.

Q: I did get replies but mine are not as clear as yours. Why is this?

A: While some of you are getting clear replies like me, others may get replies that’s sound as if the spirit is trying to form a message. You can hear part of it but not all. This simply means the connection is there but it is not as strong as it needs to be for spirit to come in clearly. The stronger and deeper the connection you make is, the clearer the replies will be. Same goes for almost any device, even the DR60 recorder. Just breathe, open up, lose fear and negativity and envision the spirit you are trying to connect to. Then try again. Also, be sure your mind is clear and free from fog. If you had alcohol or marijuana wait 24 hours before trying again. These things do indeed hinder the connection when using tools such as this.

Q: When I try to record with the app it is silent at playback! Help!

A: When you start the app for the first time it will ask you to allow microphone access. You must allow this or else the app can not record your session. If you did not allow this, you will most likely have to delete the app and re-install and then approve the microphone use. The record feature was tested and works well on both Android and iPhone devices but unless you approve of the mic use, it will not work. Also, if you have a really old device that could possibly cause an issue as well. Some users have solved this issue by deleting the app and re-downloading and installing it again.

Q: I am a Psychic Medium but can not get results with the app. Why?

A: Because a spirit is not with you when using the app. Remember that this app takes focus and correct technique. It’s completely different from “seeing” spirit. Spirits must find you via your light. The more light you have the more chance of success with spirits using a device such as this app. This app works amazing but only when a spirit is with you when you use it. You must also record and review.

Q: Do you prefer the Miracle Box app to the $2500 RRDR60 Recorder? 

A: Even the spirits prefer the Miracle Box app. It’s clearer, quicker, and spirits can use it just the same but again, it’s better in every way. In fact, spirits use the miracle box app in the same way they use the DR60 except the audio given to them in the app is much better and easier for them to use over the grainy noise inside of the recorder.

The $3 Miracle Box app beats the $3500 DR60 easily but many will not want to believe that, especially those who paid thousands for a DR60. In fact I sold my DR60 as it was not offering me anything over the app. 

Remember, the DR60 will bring you “noise” 90% of the time you use it. Many think anytime they hear noise it is spirit but that is not the case.

It’s actually the defective poorly designed recorder that creates this noise. But when you connect with spirit, they can use this noise to speak and sometimes they do it clearly. Most of the time it is very hard to understand what is said but every now and again it can be absolutely amazing. Many who do not have a connection think the DR60 is just broken recorder. Well, they are right but again, with that connection, it is a powerful tool for real spirit EVP. The Miracle Box app works the same way. Use it and hear gibberish and you did not connect but when you do, it will be 100X clearer than the DR60 recorder. For $3 it’s a no brainer tool for your ITC toolbox.

AN INCREDIBLE Session using just the App. No Box!

The last thing I will leave you with is that this app works, and works well for those who can connect with spirit. If you do not get messages, it’s not the app but rather your connection that needs work. I do not mean to sound harsh but it is fact and needs to be understood that the connection is what powers any ITC tool.

This is not a bad thing as we all start somewhere, and again, just because it doesn’t work the first time you try it does not mean it will not work at a later date, a later time or in a new location.

The connection…I have been talking about this connection for 7 or 8  years now, and it is the most important aspect of communication.

The Miracle Box app proves itself when a spirit connects, and it is an app that no one can debunk or call fake because when a spirit uses it there is no other explanation other than a spirit is using it. That in itself is groundbreaking.

It PROVES life after death. It’s the first of its kind. Copies of this and all of my other devices will come and go as always but this is the original, based on all of my findings over the last 12 years. 

I truly Love you all, and thank you all for your love, support and kindness.