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To my Haters: I Love You. Be happy, be calm. It will all be OK. Well well. What do we have here! I knew it was coming but being the top independent YouTube guy in the para field has its ups and its downs. With popularity comes hate and jealousy. Gobs of it. It’s a fact of life. Especially when those who hate have been doing so for years, and seeing me succeed has them flipping their lids as they thought for sure that their lie and smear campaigns over the last 3 years would have stopped me from pursuing my research, my dreams and my goals. But this is not a post to trash those who hate me, it is a serious post and one to say even if you hate me, I do not hate you. But hey, I told them from day one of the hate…hate all you […]

I’m re-energized! Ramblings about ITC, FEAR and What is to come.. Ever since that last session, I was wiped out for days after. Feeling worn out, feeling low energy, some aches and pains throughout my body..but this is not the 1st time this has happened after an intense session. In fact, when you do this work, and are an empath, which I feel I 100% am, then you do get drained when you do this type of work. Truth be told, that last session freaked me out a little right after, and that is not easy to do. I have conditioned my mind, body and soul for years to never ever show fear when doing this work, as I feel that is the most dangerous thing one can do to themselves. Fear can activate parts of our brain we had no idea existed and then our brain can make us […]

The Most Important Spirit Box Session Ever Recorded. MUST SEE. This is incredible. Yes, this title sounds like a lot of hype, but it is not click bait. I just completed recording and reviewing the most amazing spirit session I have ever done, and what I also feel is the best one ever recorded in the HISTORY of ITC. A bold statement yes, but watch this video in its entirety and then tell me I am wrong. What just happened to me tonight is what I feel to be the next step in my spiritual growth. I felt evil, I felt love, I felt protected and I had a long ongoing conversation with spirit. I used my new HUMAN ANTENNA for the 1st time in a full, concentrated and focused session and I have never received more answers nor have I been shown as much detail about who these lost souls […]

Testing My Energy Transfer Accessory for Spirit Communication. The Results? Hear for yourself…but first… (Video is at the bottom after my long-winded story of how this all came to be) Well, it has been weeks since I was going to start on my new device for spirit communication but for now, that has taken a back seat as it will take some dedication and lots of time. Time I will not have until starting Feb/March of 2017. So instead on gathering parts and building an all new device from scratch I decided to take action on something that was shown to me one day while driving with Debby from Sedona AZ. 100% TRUE STORY We were driving, well..I was at the wheel and all of a sudden I saw a flash in my head and it was an image, a moving image of myself, and three others sitting at a […]

GHOST TALK: These two guys tell us what they think of ME and my Wonder Box These two guys make a TON of sense, and their show is awesome. Here they talk about their thoughts on me, my Wonder Box, My Haters and possibly why they hate, and the field in general. They truly GET IT. Thank you Aaron and Nick for your support! Video below:

Nick Groff using the Wonder Box on Paranormal Lockdown! Hey to all! Last night was Halloween and I hope everyone had a great one this year. Halloween for me last night was great as I saw Nick Groff use my Wonder Box on his 2 hour Halloween Special at the Black Monk house, right in the opening part of the show! Was great to see this tech now being used at this level, and I have a feeling there will be much more to come of that box on his show. 😉 But it was long ago that I sent Nick the very 1st Wonder Box I made, before anyone even knew about it, and it was not long before I sent him a 2nd box. In fact, I have never published this clip from back then but here I was testing one of his Wonder Box Portals with a […]

Incredible Spirit Image during a LIVE Group session..MUST SEE A few weeks ago Debby and I were in Tombstone to join up with a dozen or so other paranormal peeps to do an all nighter lockdown at Sister Paranormal in Tombstone. This is my #1 fave hot spot in Tombstone. Truly. For me, this old Undertakers building is the most active place in town. It never ever leaves me empty handed when it comes to astonishing evidence. While there with a dozen or so others into the night, we were using a Wonder Box Portal and the SCD-1 (still my all time #1 REAL fave spirit communication software) and man were the spirits not only talking, they were truly interacting with us, answering group questions, playing poker, and keeping a back and forth dialog at times. The spirits here remember me as I have been here a few times, but I […]

Introducing the Portal App. It’s FREE! Hey guys, happy THURSDAY to all! Almost to the end of the week and I am happy the weekend is almost here (even though we are supposed to reach 120 degrees in Phx this weekend with record setting heat) and wanted to share some cool news with all of you! Many of you know I have had a few ITC devices and apps I have created over the years. The SCD-1, The Impossible Box, Ethereal, The Portal, The Wonder Box…all tools to help push the limits of spirit communication, and oh have they ever done just that. Today there are thousands using the apps with my name on them, and to date, the only apps I have had a hand in creating have been premium, pro level software tools like the SCD-1, which is still my top fave and my GOTO when replies and info […]

100% UN-DEBUNKABLE SESSION. A TRUE Telephone to the Dead. Incredible. Hello to all! I am back today with a new session, and a new method for connecting with spirits that is absolutely 100% UN-DEBUNKABLE. That is fact. No one can explain what is happening here, or deny it. Well, many can deny it as most skeptics go to this as a backup when they can not explain it away. I prefer reality 😉 What is happening here was led to me by the spirits themselves. When I added the telephone handset to the Wonder Box, they kept saying things like “use the phone”, “the telephone”…etc. These can all be seen in videos I have posted recently. A few days ago, they said “TELEPHONE” again. I then said “I have tried speaking into it, but it does not seem to help with anything”..the reply was “using wrong”. Then after a few […]

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