Do Angels Protect Us? Here is AUDIBLE proof that they do.

Do Angels Protect us? Here is AUDIBLE PROOF that they DO. 

Wow, just Wow. Just when I think I may have recorded my best evidence ever, something else happens and ups the game. This time, I record evidence in 2019 that matches up perfectly to evidence I captured with Josh Louis while out in Ohio in 2018.

This is the kind of indisputable evidence that ITC researchers look for, crave and I would even consider this kind of thing “holy grail” kind of evidence that backs up the existence, the real existence of Angels, and namely ArchAngel Michael, whom I have been calling on for many years now.

The video below shows it all, explains it all and is pretty amazing for the world of REAL ITC. This is what it is all about to me. Not only building that connection with the afterlife through love, respect, kindness and dedication but also recording, documenting and proving that YES, the afterlife is real, very real.

A MUST SEE video! 

Message from Steve:

Thank you all for your continued support, love, and for watching what I do. This is my passion, my life and what I am dedicated to doing for the rest of my days. To discover the mysteries of the afterlife like no one else has ever done before. As of Jan 2019, I have eight and a half years of research under my belt. Over 800 videos with evidence of the afterlife, even direct conversations at times. My work has shown the existence of spirits, angels and even darkness and demons.

You can see all of my work at my YouTube channel HERE. 

All 100% real, and taken as seriously as I take my own life. My Youtube channel has surpassed 800,000 subscribers as of Jan 2019, and to me, this is a BIG DEAL. Why? Well, because this means over 800,000 of you have liked what you have seen or something resonated with you enough to click that subscribe button. IT IS RASING AWARENESS and is the largest true and REAL ITC platform in the world, my channel, dedicated to real afterlife research.

This is a big deal…

My goal has always been to raise awareness about the afterlife, and to prove it is real. Our soul never dies, our spirit, our conciseness goes on after our physical body dies. IT HAS BEEN PROVEN, and I urge anyone who feels this is fake, or not real to open your eyes wider and consider that I would never do this for eight years, spend thousands of dollars, spend thousands of hours, and take so much hate and slander thrown at me if this were not real.

IT IS REAL. As real as you are sitting there now reading this.

My results are unique because I discovered the key to communication, and it comes from within us (you and me) first and foremost, we all have the ability to do this at this level. When one goes about this research with an open mind, open heart, trust, love, respect, patience as well as a real true intent for these things (as in your passion has to be there as well, and you have to want to do this for the right reasons) then the spirits know this and over time come to trust you. I have many friends on the other side. Guides, Angels, and so much more. I also now have GOD within my heart and soul (we all do, but it took me some time to realize this) and this has also opened up communication dramatically.

Again, this is my life. I do not do this for fun, for attention, for drama or for fame. I do this for only the right reasons, as it is my passion that has in reality, been with me since I can remember. It took me 41 years of my life to understand THIS IS what I was meant to do, and now that I will be turning 50 this year, I look forward to the next 10, 20 or even 30 years of intense, serious research within ITC. (Instrumental Trans Communication).

Love you all, and there is so much more to come from me. I am always looking ahead, and not behind. I will always push limits, and I will be the guniea pig if need be. When I am dead and gone, many will look back at this work I am presenting, and some will see it for the first time after I am gone and on the other side. Yes, my work will live on and always remain relevant and important because it is important, powerful and very real.

We have asked the question “do we go on after we die”? since the dawn of man. We now know the answer. Well, I do. Wether you choose to believe it or not is up to you, but I have comfort in the fact that not only will my soul live on, but I will also have a purpose when it does move on.

I love you all.