MUST SEE! Return to the Bellaire House with the Chillseekers. Validations galore.

MUST SEE! Return to the Bellaire House with the Chillseekers. Validations galore.

(Full hour long Video Below)

Happy Sunday! Phew, it’s been a busy last couple of weeks for me. Seems like I am traveling non stop at times and I have more travel left in this month of May, and into June.

But what an adventure this was,  returning to the Bellaire house in Bellaire Ohio. This house at 1699 Belmont St is one of the most “inhabited” houses I have been to.

In fact, I would say this is one of the most Haunted locations I have been to in regards to spirits that want to speak and be heard. My full name was called, Ed came through, and at our final séance of the night the spirits showed up and spoke directly and clearly through the Wonder Box. It’s crazy and shows 100% that we were speaking with something of intelligence. Spirits, possibly even demons here at the house.

Many researchers come to this house and yell at the spirits, some try to provoke (which I am always 100% against) and others make demands of the spirits. Some assume it is all evil here yet I sensed good (VERY GOOD) and bad (VERY BAD) at the house. So IMO, there is a mix.

I treat all spirits, even the bad ones, with respect as it one of the reasons the spirits speak so freely with me. Respect goes a long way with ITC work instead so instead of trying to play the dominant alpha male game with them, I approach all with love and respect, and it is true and real from my heart. They know this, and is one reason they like me and speak with me so often no matter where I go. How do I know this is the reason? They have told me several times that they trust me, and love me and like the respect I have for them. So there ya go.

I was first at this house in 2016 with Nick, Katrina, Rob and George Brown for Paranormal Lockdown (Season 2). We captured some amazing communication between all four of us and I knew that one day, I would be back at the house to spend more time. In fact I needed to get back to spend more time. It wad calling my name and something was pulling me back to the house.

I called my good friends Keith Weldon and Carissa Simpson from the Chillseekers and asked if they would like to investigate with me. I also asked George Brown (Geobox) but he could not make it due to other obligations.

The SCD-2 from

It was a challenge for me to get to the house as I originally had to change the dates, then I was going to drive and I hit a major freak snowstorm and had to turn around. I then ended up getting a flight out which cost me $900 just for the airline ticket alone. Ouch.

Never buy last minute flights, lol.

Wen I arrived Keith and Carissa picked me up in their rental car and away we went. Over the next two nights we would each investigate on our own and in a couple of groups sessions. So we all have original material to share with viewers. Awesome.

The Chillseekers will be releasing their video from the house this summer at their YouTube channel HERE including Carissa’s session in the back bedroom (just before she slept in the room) where the owner Kristin Lee was attacked by an Incubus. In fact, my sessions here back up her experience as you can see in the video below.

My video is already released as I worked all day editing it, 13 hours or so in one sitting! As I started the edit I planned to space out the work over three days, but as I dug in and heard all of the messages I had to keep going and going and going. SO the video is done, and I have to say it may be my best video ever in regards to evidence, validations and even camerawork and editing. No more needs to be said here as it’s all in the video below.

The full video! Almost an hour-long but filled with non stop sessions and some fun begins the scenes stuff. Check it out below!


If you are an investigator or team, and are looking for an ACTIVE spot with some crazy history, the Bellaire house is one to put on your “must do” lists. You can read more about the house, or schedule a stay HERE.

As many are already asking for details, in this video I used my Wonder Box along with two apps that IMO have now changed the ITC field. We had amazing success and clear communication with these two apps. The Huff Paranormal SCD-2 and Keith Weldon’s Spiritus.

You can download/purchase Spiritus for your iOS HERE and Android Devices HERE

You can download/purchase the SCD-2 at HERE

Also, before using any app or box be sure you know how spirits use them to speak. I have written up an article on that HERE. 

As of May 2017 these two apps will be all I use exclusively for my communication sessions until the next great app comes along. I will always use my Wonder Box as well!