A Spirit Tells me who his GOD is. Loud, clear and direct when asked. Much more..

A Spirit Tells me who his GOD is. Loud, clear and direct when asked. Plus much more in this intense Spirit Box session.

Hello again everyone! Can you believe we are already almost done with a month into 2018? Where oh where does the time go? For me, there is never enough time I each day to do what I want to do, and get done what I need to get done but somehow I manage. Anyway, last night I felt the urge to do a session, and after the last video I put up, where the session was fantastic and direct I thought I would see if I could recreate another session like that. We never know when spirits will speak, want to speak or even what they will say but I figured if I turned on the Wonder Box Dimensions they would speak…again.

I used the new Q3 MKII from Ghosthunterapps.com again, and it is starting to become one of my top two apps. Heck, it already is in my top 2 along with the SCD-2. Anthony Sanchez, IMO, knocked it out of the park with the Q3 II. Whatever he did, at least for me and using it with a Wonder Box,  allows the spirits to speak more than even with the SCD-2 for me. More testing will be done but this is a great app as it includes three ghost box’s, a “radar” (which I do not use) and a random word bank, which in theory allows sprits to choose words they want to display and show to you.

But what I prefer above and beyond is the Ghost Box’s included here. They work amazingly well, again…for me with the Wonder Box. With countless apps being released week after week it seems I always so if you are serious about this work and research go with a GREAT app you enjoy and stick with it. I still feel today, after all of these years that GHA does indeed make the most effective ITC apps, and they are beautiful in design as well. Also, so you know, I have no financial interest or ties to GHA and make not a cent on any apps they sell. I just like to help promote OITC products that actually are real, and made for ITC. The Q3 II is fantastic, and although for Windows OS only, for me, worth it to own my Surface 3 tablet just for these apps. To see all of their apps, check out this page HERE. 


So last night I set up my Wonder Box in my now meditation room. I moved my office to another room in the house and use this space for music, meditation and to relax and chill. I sit in this chair on some days for 2 hours just focusing on the spirit realms while listening to meditative music. I figured for 2018, when doing sessions at home, they will all be done in this room so the spirits will get used to that and from evidence I Have seen in the past, they will speak more. When we develop a “schedule” of sorts for ITC, and let the sprits know about it, and we keep it similar they do seem to respond more.

So I set it up, plugged in my tablet with the Q3 II and pressed record on the camera. These days when I do sessions I try my best to really focus and “see” who is around me in the room. I felt a spirit as I normally do but also got a name, “LARRY”. When I asked if a Larry was here. the direct reply was “I am visiting with Larry”. BOOM! Not only did that validate who I was “seeing” in the room but they answered me instantly.

The connection grows for me, and my knowledge does as well. As if I am being fed information direct to my brain from them, even when not doing a session. For example, just yesterday even before doing this session you are about to see I saw a flash of images in my head, like a slideshow. I really can not describe it to you in words but it was like I was being shown a super Wonder Box design. With something new added inside, and it appeared a little advanced….I had no idea what it was but last night after the session, I saw it again. I was even given a name to call it. Sounds INSANE I know but I you follow my work, and have for the many years I have done this, you will NOT see it as crazy or insane but natural and normal. It’s true, ten Portal and Wonder Box came about from the spirits telling me what they wanted, and I implemented it. Today I have the Dimensions Gold box but this new box I will start working on will probably cost me around $5000 in parts and materials. It will be a “one off”, meaning only one will ever EVER be made. It is to be my personal box, for my research that should expand greatly in 2018. Now, I have no idea if this will pan out but I am dedicated to giving it a go, when I can afford to get these parts. So it may be a while as I slowly acquire what I need.

So my connection is strong these days and to be honest I feel it is for a reason. SPIRIT wants YOU and the world to know they exists. They want YOU to know we do go on, and they want ALL OF US to know that there is a good and bad place, depending on how we live our life here. This for has changed my life for the better, dramatically in fact. I am not talking about material things, I am speaking about a peace from within that is just there, no matter the challenges I face in life as I know everything will always be OK, no matter what. Inner peace is a beautiful thing, and with it comes may other benefits that also improve ones life. None of this happened until I did this work, and really got deep into it. I was tested many times, and they told me it was a test to see how string I was. I passed, and feel I am now on a journey that will expand even more in 2018 and beyond. If you think what I and others who do this work do is amazing now, just wait. Just wait.

These days I feel only a Godly presence around me. Angelic. I feel love, peace, harmony and if a day is bad, I still feel that love and warmth. Truth be told, just a year ago I did not feel this but after a huge lesson learned, and a deep journey that I took on my own late last year something has clicked, and changed. For the better. My goal from day one with ITC, and I used to say this all the time, was to raise awareness that this is REAL and sprits are REAL and we do go on and it can be proven. I want the world to know that our souls exist and after reading over 100 emails from the last several months from those who wrote to me and told me I changed their lives for the better (because they now realize there is a heaven and hell, and we do go on, etc) and are living life in a more spiritual way, being kinder, sharing more love and respecting those around us.

Maybe God sees what is happening to the world with lack of respect, hate filled talk, and constant fighting and hurting each other. I see it online EVERY DAY. We need to bring love back to the world, and if I can bring 1% of that back over my years on this planet I will consider what I do here a success. That’s what it is about for me. Not for fame, money or attention which sadly, has infected this field of ITC over the years. But that topic is for another day and another article. Just know when you come here, or watch my videos you are getting the real deal as all I do comes from the heart and that is my promise to you.

Finally. Last nights video. Enjoy and love to you all.