Own a Wonder Box or Portal? How to get the best results using them.

Own a Wonder Box or Portal? How to get the best results using them.

Hey everyone! It’s a lovely Tuesday here in Phx AZ. Sunny, and in the 90’s already. I am hearing about snowstorms in the east today, so if that is you STAY WARM!

Today I wanted to write a brief “guide” to offer those who use a Portal or Wonder Box get the most from them. In fact, you can use these tips for any ITC device to help with your responses and communication.

As I explain on my page where I occasionally offer up boxes for sale (here) there is no device that exists on earth that will be able to just be turned on and bring instant ghosts and spirits to speak to you. It’s a process, no matter what you use. I have always said, it is mostly the OPERATOR (you) over the device but a device can greatly help and enhance communication when you have a connection and the wonder box helps with several types of energy (electrical power, organ energy, magnetic energy, human energy and the perfect reverb for ITC). This is why I only recommend my Wonder Box for those who are experienced with ITC.

A Portal, A Wonder Box, A GeoBox, a PSB7, an App or whatever tool you use, will require some work to get a deep connection to where spirits will speak to you, and form a relationship. Below I will write what I did to get where I am with the other side, and the relationship I seemingly now have with them.

  1. OPEN YOUR MIND 100% – This is a must. If someone takes an app, a box or device and does not believe in spirits or the after life then chances are you will never get communication. I have found that spirits react most to those who truly open their mind and believe in them.
  2. BE RESPECTFUL, BE HONEST, BE REAL – Spirits sense your intentions. I have noticed this. Lucky for me, my intent has always been pure with them. I always come with respect, with love and a genuine inner love for these lost souls, good or bad. I have shed tears during sessions, I have laughed aloud with them and I have received mind blowing personal validations from them. It has taken me seven years of constant communication to get where I am today. If you are new to this, it can come instantly, it can take 2-3 weeks or it can take months. It may never come but if you truly have the desire to speak to the spirits, the dead…then it will come, they will come.
  3. DEDICATION AND PERSISTENCE – I am dedicated to this research and I meditate twice per week for 15-20 minutes. I communicate with them mentally during these meditations and thank them for always coming through, and I thank my guides for leading me down the right paths and for protecting me and warning me when danger arrives. This helps to keep me connected, well, at least I like to think so.
  4. USE A GOOD APP OR SCANNING RADIO – Every spirit box ever made uses an audio source, a raw audio source. That audio can be a scanning radio, a scanning bank or audio using Hunan speech or reversed human speech. It can be sounds, animal sound or whatever. The best apps to use are those with high quality human speech with variable scan rates. No matter what spirit box you see, it is using an app or a radio. A GeoBox uses a hacked radio outside of the box in the back you must activate, a Wonder Box uses a radio or app or whatever you want to try out. Best apps I have found? Spiritus (iOS or Android), Matrix, Portal Plus and Vortex LIVE IP SCANS (Android) or MINIBOX, SCD-1 or Ethereal (for Windows). When you start getting consistent results using any of these, or a good radio (Jensen Hack is the best one around for the WB) then you can try for other audio sources. Police Scanner, Cat Meows, etc. Spirits manipulate audio to speak, this is how they speak and it has been proven over and over by myself and others. So give them a clear audio source to manipulate and that is all they need.
  5. CORRECT TECHNIQUE – You MUST use correct technique when doing a spirit session. It’s not a game or to be taken lightly as some portray on youtube. WE ARE TALKING WITH THE DEAD HERE, or those who say they are. When I start a session, I relax, do a short 10 min meditation before I start, I dim the lights, sit down and focus the best that I can on what I want to get out of this session. I address any spirits who are with me or around me before I even press record on my video camera. When I am ready to go, I record all sessions to VIDEO and record for 10-15 minutes max, usually. I keep sessions short and never do these 1-2 hour deals as we have to review this recording to hear what came through, and that can take hours!
  6. EVIDENCE REVIEW – This is a MUST! I record all sessions to video. You can use an audio recorder or whatever is easier for you. I prefer video, as I like visual and I publish many of my sessions to YouTube. Record the sessions, ask a question every 30-60 seconds, and you may not hear a thing in real time. You may just hear gibberish or radio. Do not get discouraged. I have shot many sessions where I ended and said “I did not get anything”, then at playback I hear a ton of replies…different than what I heard in real time (spirits manipulate audio, and they sometimes do this in real time and other times do this onto your recording device). So you must record, then you must play back and listen closely, headphones recommended. Many times the replies come in fast, and must be repeated or even slowed down to hear them. But for me, they are ALWAYS there, 100% of the time. Today I can record anytime, anyplace and always get spirit messages no matter what I use. THAT is due to my dedication and connection I have established. I sometimes spend 8-12 hours going over group night audio. The spirits know my dedication to this is one reason they speak to me so freely.
  7. NEVER FEAR THIS – This work will sometimes challenge you, and often times things can happen to really scare you. Spirits can attach to us, and they do. They have attached to me many times. Some have said they even possess me at times. Now, this is nothing like what is portrayed in ANY movie, even those that claim they are based ‘on true events” (even those are only 5% reality)  – when a spirit attaches to you I feel they do so to experience life again, or maybe this is what they call “the light” – to live again. It can drain you, make you look fatigued or even age you a bit. These are all things I have seen. They have never made me depressed, never made me think bad thoughts and have never harmed me by being attached. But if you fear this work, you should never ever get into it. Consider this my warning, it CAN be dangerous for a few reasons. But if you stay in control and never fear it, you should be OK. I have been doing this for seven years and have had issues on occasion but am alive, well and still researching. I do no fear it, even when I should.

For best results you must truly have a passion for this work, you must want to communicate, truly. I feel that spirits sense our desire and passion to connect and connect with those they feel they can trust, and they also seem to connect with those who truly feel for them. For those who really want to help them in any way possible. I feel if you have a good heart and are a good person, spirit will be drawn to you. Just be careful and enjoy the ride. 

My Wonder Box Custom is a powerful device that sometimes shocks the hell out of me. It is not a toy, not meant for fun and games and is a serious tool for true spirit communication. I only recommend it to those who have experience with this work and know what can come along with it. If you have a connection, and have experience with communication, it is, IMO the best spirit communication tool on the planet as of March 2017.