Amazing Validations. Spirits say Jesus set them free and I coax a spirit out of my body…

Amazing Validations. Spirit Says Jesus set them free and I coax a spirit out of my body…

By Steve Huff

I recorded a video last night by my pool, as spirits always ask me for water. To date I have added things to my boxes that they asked for like magnetics, gold, and other things but could never figure out how to implement the water part. So I set my SoulSpeaker by the pool, near the water and recorded a session with the SCD-1 and SCD-2. It literally blew my mind. Direct answers, clear communication, beautiful messages and even a spirit who wanted to hang out in me for a bit. See how I coax him out.

The progress within spirit communication is getting better and better, and as I have said we need a connection, then a device or app. With a solid connection, and something like the soul speaker with these amazing apps that work so well with it, the communication is as good as it gets. I have never seen or heard anything like it that was real. This is real.

New Video. A Must See. June 2018.

Someone asked me just today what my end goal is with all of this. It seems that as it gets clearer and more direct some are now scared off from it. That reason is simple to understand. Before when we would get muffled sound, or noisy sound, hard to hear replies..many would shrug it off or think it was cool. With this kind of clarity, some are stating to really take notice and understand just how real this is, and it is not a game or anything to just take lightly and pass off as nothing. Yes, again…We ARE connecting to AND speaking with THE DEAD. At a level like we have never done before, in the history of man.

So my end goal is to do what I have been doing for the past few months. To use this technology for GOOD. For LOVE. To do what I have been shown to do with it. For helping the living and the dead. I have been doing just this and the evidence of this is in the emails I receive when I get validations for someone (from their loved one), or an email from someone who says my work helped them avoid suicide or deep depression. To me, that is the true gift that I have been given. Helping even one is just so miraculous to me, but helping many just warms my heart and soul and makes me realize just how important this work is. THAT is what this should be about. LOVE.

This is the new age of ITC. Solid connections to spirit, clear communication, receiving real answers, and showing the world that it is not all evil, and that GOD loves us all. LOVE IS THE KEY. Believe that my friends. With that, love, peace, harmony and light to all.