Testing Prototype 2 of The Astral Doorway ITC Device

Testing Prototype 2 of The Astral Doorway ITC Device

This may or may not be my new device depending on more testing and my 1st real builds performance…but this is a device I have envisioned now for many many months. The Astral Doorway. When coming up with a name for this I was stumped. Then I remembered an experience I had when I was 17 years old. While I am now 47, and getting up there in my age back then I was fascinated with Astral Travel.

I have always been fascinated with the spirit world, ghosts and the afterlife. Back then I bought a book on how to successfully have an out of body astral travel experience in 90 days. I followed that book to the letter. Did everything it said and I focused, I did my exercises and even all of the writing that was involved with keeping track of my Lucid Dreams.

Around day 89 or so I had a full on out of body experience when I was 17-18 (not sure exactly of how old I was but it was around that age). I remember the experience all too well, and it frightened me to the point that the next day I threw away my notes, book and never tried it again. I came out of my body, looked back at my sleeping body as I had blue electric matter surrounding my astral body. I look around the room and as soon as I saw I was laying down while my astral body was sitting up..it freaked me out. I played back down hoping I could get back in and then lifted up with a scream.

IT WAS NOT A DREAM. I know dreams, this was different. It was real. It was physical. Even though it scared me out of my wits at age 17-18, today I would give it another go without the fear.

But Astral Travel has always been a fascination with me. I see the Astral plane as to where many of these spirits who talk to me reside. So I called this new thing “The Astral Doorway” as it could be a doorway to connect audibly with those in the Astral realm.

This has been on my mind for months now, and my 1st prototype was incredible. Even though it was housed in a cardboard box the results from my 1st test were mind blowing. In fact, after watching it again today I think it is in my top 3 videos ever. The inflection of the voices, the direct replies, the way they interacted with me through this simple device that cost me $500 or so to whip up in a shipping box.

If you missed that 1ST PROTOTYPE TEST video, see it here….

After that test I became so so busy I could not work on the new idea. So I let it slide. I even took apart the cardboard box one day and stripped out everything I had in it. That was back in October. Now as always, the session above was extraordinary. I did run it twice more and it was not nearly as effective as that night. So I knew I had to figure out what it was that allowed some days and nights to be amazing and others not so much. Maybe that is out of my control and if so, so be it. But I am motivated to get to work on this but now adding something different that popped in my head one day….

What I am adding (it is in very rough form now so not showing it off) will make the sound more like a phone call. More personal, direct and a but lo-fi. So it may not be as clear as my Wonder Box Custom, but it may be more effective. That is the goal.

While the sound could be more muffled, it will sound more direct and personal, with more inflection to the voice and without the large reverb wash of sound of the Wonder Box. Yes, reverb is used here but in a different way. ; )

The newest version I have just started working on (again in very rough form, not even close to being done) here is what I am getting…

Take a look and listen…I think it is incredible and can only get better. So I am working on this, not as a replacement to my Wonder Box (Which I feel can be clearer in sound) but as an alternative and different tool. Each will have its own vibe and character and response.


I am a realist. I say this as I never spew out things as if they are fact. I do not buy into 90% of the paranormal myths that have been spread over the years. The fact is, no one on earth knows what we are dealing with. There are no experts in the paranormal field. Period. TV guys? Nope. Those with 30 years experience? Nope. Me? Nope. No one is an expert as we can not be experts on the unexplained and the spiritual world as no real hard facts exist. All we can go by is the recorded and proven evidence we receive.

So I do say we can speak with the dead, as I speak with beings who tell me they have died, they are spirits and ghosts. Some even go as far as to tell me their first and last name, and many graves have been validated this way. Many tell me when and how they died. So going by all of this, I say we can talk with the dead. There is no other explanation offered by anyone that can dispute this. Are they truly dead? Ghosts? Spirits? Well, we can not say with 100% fact, just by what they tell us. We can believe them or not. I choose to believe them as they have no reason to ever lie.

They tell me when a demon is around. They warn me. They tell me when they are in pain. They tell me when they are around me, or latched on to me or even IN me. They tell me when Angels come down and when the negatives flee the room. So we are dealing with something that may be outside of our own comprehension. We may never find the real answers but something inside of me always pushes me to go further, so I do.

In fact I spend a small fortune to pursue this research. I sometimes sell my Wonder Box models to help offset this but I will never regain all I have spent to pursue this research and to find ways to help spirit have a voice. I know if I was out there wanting to speak to the living, I would appreciate those who are working on this side to help.

Much more to come!