Hello to all and welcome to the release of the Huff Paranormal/Ghosthunterapps.com amazing new spirit communication device, the SCD-1 APP for Windows! I feel this is a true game changing program for those who are into ITC , and the last four years of my near daily research has all led to THIS. I have never used anything like it. Nothing exists today (that I have seen or used) that gives results that the SCD-1 is giving me. PERIOD. If there is, I have not seen it.

DISCLAIMER: Of course as I have always said..using ANY experimental ITC device such as this we can not GUARANTEE that what we speak with are ghosts or spirits, but the messages are always telling us they are dead, they are ghosts, etc. So we say this because of the evidence we receive (and I am talking about the thousands who do this work every day). BUT we can not guarantee this as there is no way to prove we are speaking with the dead, all we know is that we are communicating directly with SOMETHING intelligent that answers us and says our names, etc. I feel 100% that it is spirits, but no way to guarantee. Use at you own risk and NEVER use any device like this if it scares you. Again, use this at your own risk as there may be times that not so nice messages come in, so if it would scare you, be cautious as we take no responsibility for scares and stress that can come about if you fear speaking with the dead. Also, my results come from years of experience, using the app correctly, the correct recording and review technique, etc. As with any iTC device, Your results may vary, and there are no guarantees as this is all experimental. Thank you.

THOUSANDS have been using the SCD-1 for the last 9-10 months and the evidence has been blowing so many away in this field. Almost EVERY serous team or individual in this field now owns the SCD-1 and has it as a part of their toolbox for talking to the dead.

The clarity, the responses using the live scanning box (right side of the “box”, orange) are borderline unreal but they are oh so 100% real and even skeptics who have tried to tear the SCD-1 apart have failed because as I said, this is not a toy app, a game or a gimmick. It is one of the very few REAL ITC apps for REAL spirit work.

Many of you have been waiting for it and it is NOW available by going right HERE to purchase


but please…you should read the following Q&A’s below and WATCH the video below before doing so! This is so you understand what it is, what it isn’t, how it works, and why it may or may not work for you.

Remember, with ANY spirit communication tool it is 90% the operator and 10% the device and NOTHING is ever guaranteed. The device should offer you a solid foundation for ITC communication work due to its abilities, features and clarity. Once you have this app, the sky is the limit as I feel ANYONE can learn how to get replies just as I do if you do not already.

I can state that my replies and evidence using the SCD-1 have been the best I have ever captured in my life, so I love and adore it and will use it always. It’s a special and amazing thing.

Some will have instant success, others who are not so into this will not..at first..but can with time. So read the Q&A’s below. There are two of them. One is A BEFORE PURCHASE Q&A and one is an AFTER PURCHASE Q&A in case any questions come up after you buy it.

But 1st, take a look at my detailed video on the SCD-1 below which will go over the controls, how to use them and how not to use them. It goes over everything including some of the Q&A below. Basically “everything you wanted to know about the SCD-1 and then some”. I know you want to get right to the App but believe me, reading and watching what is on this page will help you tremendously in your quest for experimental ITC work.


Q: What does SCD-1 stand for?

A: Spirit Communication Device #1

Q: Does that mean there will be a #2?

A: Possibly, in a year, two years or more if there are advancements in technology that allows even further improvement. It is possible but not guaranteed. Truth be told, this one works so well, and is as close as I have gotten to a real line of communication I am not sure what can be improved. (though I have some ideas to test out this year).

Q: Is this available worldwide to anyone?

A: Yes, anyone, anywhere can download it starting TODAY Jan 23rd 2015 at ghosthunterapps.com

Q: What is the cost?

A: $49.99

Q: Is this available for Apple iOs or Android?

A: At launch, and for now, it is a Windows-based program. No need to go on the attack or yell at me. I have stated this from the get go and it is what it is. If you own Android or Apple, I apologize but this is the best we could do..for now. I am a hardcore 100% Apple guy yet I own two windows tablets now just to run these amazing windows based apps. They are some of the best on the market and well worth a $180 investment in a tablet. I look at it as the tablet being part of the app/gear. It is mandatory.

A Dell Venue 8 Pro runs the app beautifully and can be found at Amazon for $180 or so. Click here to check it out. 


As for “Why Windows”, there are a few reasons for this, one being that Windows apparently offers the best platform for this to work its best. If you do not have a windows machine (I did not until a few months ago) you can buy a Windows tablet to run it on like I did. A Dell venue 8 Pro comes in at around $200. A tablet and the app still comes in at less than a new custom Ghost box.

But keep in mind: Joe’s Box = $2000 and this replicated what the Joe’s Box does, but in my testing, a bit better. Mini Box Plus: $1500+ and for me, this beats my beautiful Mini Box. Other boxes made today go from $150 for the horribly noisy and poppy and cheaply made SB11 to $500+ for a new 2015 custom box by one builder.

So when you think about it $49.99 for the app and $180 for a tablet to run it (if you do not have anything Windows Based) is the best deal going for a 100% legit device that can indeed communicate with SOMETHING.

Q: Can I use this on my Windows Phone or my Windows RT device?

A: No. Full windows is needed to run this app or any of the apps Anthony has created. As I said, my highest recommendation goes to the Dell Venue 8 Pro at $180. You can also run it on a Windows laptop, desktop, etc. If you have full Windows OS, you can run the app.

Q: What are your REAL thoughts on the SCD-1?

A: It is the best ITC tool  I have ever used, period. That is my 100% honest opinion. It is the only tool I have used that legitimately has freaked me out at times. No hype, no sales pitch, but reality. There is ZERO doubt that communication happens. None. Just see my video at the top of this page or some of my videos at the SCD-1 EVIDENCE page.  I have never used anything as good as this. My 2nd choice would be the rare Joe’s box which is almost as effective as this but has more “mojo” due to having a mystique about it (and will set you back $2000)

Q: Why don’t you just offer it for free?

A: Wouldn’t that be nice? Lol.

But…that is impossible and never once did anyone involved ever say it would be free. Literally impossible, really. First there are development costs, then there is server space cost, then there is the up front cost of using the streaming radio services and the hundreds of hours of developing, testing, retesting, tweaking and so much that goes into this for Anthony as well as myself and the testers. It took money and massive time to make this and quite frankly, it is an amazing legit tool that I want in the hands of those who are serious about spirit communication, not those who mock it and the spirits while using it (and let’s be honest, there are many of those types out there). Add to that  – this is a partnership between me and Anthony. If I said “It has to be free” – he would not have had the time to do it, not would I have the time or energy to spend the word about its capabilities.

To be 100% honest, as it is the price is underpriced and very fair. Less than a shoddy P-SB7 yet VASTLY superior in every way. It is not even close. Equal to or better than a Joe’s box, and that will cost you $2000 or 40X as much. I have partnered with Anthony from ghosthunterapps.com for this and he has logged in countless hours into the night building this to my specs. Nothing worth anything in life comes free (except true love of course) but I assure you we did our best to keep it priced low and fair. For the cost of a decent dinner out for two you can have an amazing tool for life that will also help you to build your communication skills. Think of it like that. When was the last time you blew $50 on something silly?

Q: Why do you say “you must record your sessions”?

A: Because you MUST! THIS IS MANDATORY WITH ANY SPIRIT BOX, PHYSICAL OR APP, no matter what you use!  If you want to hear 80% of the replies from any ITC device you will only hear them at playback as most will not be audible in real-time (same with ANY box). Careful listening back is mandatory just like with any device such as a Joe’s Box, etc. The benefit of the SCD-1 is the fact that your results are crystal clear so there is much less listening time involved. My evidence review has dropped down from many hours to minutes. But 85-90% of the replies I get are only heard at playback. I record all sessions to video, load that video into iMovie on my mac, throw on headphones and listen closely. Bottom line? If you buy this app and are new to this, turn it on and listen for 10 minutes… you will most likely hear no messages though you might. Record it though and listen back, and you most likely will. As I said, this goes for ANY Spirit Communication device and any ghost box. Your live replies will be 10%-15% of what you hear. The more you do the more your ears will be trained to hear the replies as well. Remember I have been doing this almost daily for four years, so I am good at it. But I believe anyone can do it once they open up to it.

Q: Is the Real Time Radio ghost box really live scanning and not pre-recorded sounds?

A: It is 100% real time internet radio channels from around the world using SHOUTCAST servers. These stations broadcast radio 24/7 and the SCD-1 scans just like a traditional ghost box without the noise (which is not needed). It is lag free and runs smooth as silk due to the real time audio being loaded in at start up and buffered. This allows for smooth glitch free scanning, which is why it is so effective.

The chances of getting a direct reply that is random? I’d guess that is about a million to one. So when replies come in one after the other, with answers, names and personal comments, we know it is working. In every test I have done, I have had numerous direct clear replies, many personal. This would be IMPOSSIBLE to be radio broadcasts. Check out THIS session where I was able to connect with someone who said they would come through using me when they passed away. They did.

Q: How would or could a spirit use a scanning radio to leave messages? I am confused!?!?

A: No one really knows but we DO KNOW that it works. After thousands of messages coming in to me I have realized a few things.

1st, I feel and believe that using a radio scanning through stations  is somehow creating a “perfect storm” of various things allowing the spirits to leave real valid EVP to our recording device (which is why 90% of it is not heard in real time but on the recording). Many think it is radio bits but I have proven that to be 100% IMPOSSIBLE in my SCD-1 clips, Andre’s Box clips, Joe’s Box clips, etc. Another method they CAN use but do not do nearly as often is actually use pieces of words from broadcasts and piece them all together to form words and phrases and even full sentences. However it is done, no one understands for sure why or how this phenomenon exists. We do know Thomas Edison himself was building a radio for spirit communication but he passed away before completing it. The 1st REAL Ghost box was built by Frank Sumption many years ago and he is THE person responsible for basically creating it. He deserves FULL credit for building his first box and introducing it to the paranormal world. Often mocked and made fun of, he knew what he was doing and the advancements made today would not be possible without Frank building that 1st box. Frank passed away in 2014 but his memory will always remain.

One thing I know for sure is that white noise or ANY noise is NOT needed for a ghost box to work. In fact, NO noise is BEST. THIS IS 100% FACT.

The SCD-1 proves this point perfectly, and I have been saying it for a long time now. Reverb also helps dramatically, which is what I stumbled onto during beta testing using a guitar amp and reverb pedal. This is why it was implemented in the SCD-1.

Q: How can a spirit use an app? I thought they needed a radio?

A: It seems that they can use an app even more effectively than a radio. An App that scans real time radio without static works EXACTLY the same as a box that scans live AM or FM radio, but even better. The spirits are able to use the app easier as there is no noise to deal with and their voices can be heard much more clearly. No, we do not need SINE WAVES or anything special when using an analog radio, they are using the RAW AUDIO. The problem is, the RAW AUDIO from a radio scan is full of noise and fuzz. We were able to create the perfect ITC device in the SCD-1 that performs beyond expectations for experienced users and allows new people to this field to learn.

Q: Will I be able to get results in my language if English is NOT my native language?

A: Possibly but no guarantees. With my physical boxes here in the USA I have received messages in French, German, Spanish and a few others. But only at playback will you hear this. Also, if you have zero connection to the other side you will most likely get nothing until you do (which can take a week or months or maybe never depending on how open you are). We have had several SCD-1 users receive messages in their language despite the fact that the SCD-1 only scans English radio. This further proves my point as to how they use the radio to communicate. SEE THAT HERE. 

Q: How did you get the idea for this app?

A: Believe it or not I had this idea around 2 years ago. I asked around and knew a guy who could get something designed and built but at the time, I was asking about an app for iOS that scanned live internet radio. I was told then that I would need a hardware device to hook up to the apple device and it would cost me a ton up front. I declined. I approached a couple of guys about building physical boxes made with vacuum tubes but that did not pan out either. Too expensive and too much time involved for me (I have very little) and shipping and wait times would have been a nightmare.

Over the past three years I have been getting “hints” from the others side. I have been actively asking what I can do to help them communicate. I have had messages telling me to “get rid of the noise”, to use the “internet” and a few other specifics. I have kept notes on this and have been trying to figure it all out. I feel like I finally have and the result is the SCD-1.

(Update Feb 2015 – They are still leaving me hints for further improvements, and I am still taking notes -)

(UPDATE APRIL 2015 – My new notes has led me to the IMPOSSIBLE BOX. Coming Soon.)

When I came across Mr. Anthony Sanchez and his wonderful GB-1 and RIFT apps I asked him about my idea for an app and he was 100% instantly ready to help me out. We chatted a bit. I explained that I wanted a live internet radio scanning device that would work like a physical box but without the AM/FM noise. I also said I wanted a 2nd “bank” box for two modes (one with internet, one without) so we could use it without an internet connection.

I also asked him to add Reverb effects as I tested communication many months ago (posted to my FB 4 months ago or so) running through my guitar amp with reverb and it cleared up the replies and they took on new “life” and seemed to make responding easier.

So here we are, now with a finished app and its everything I wanted and more.

When in mode 1, “Real Time scanning ghost box” mode you are indeed getting 100% random, real-time scanning with no preloaded sounds or words or phrases or even the possibility of it. The random chances of getting a 100% relevant reply in this mode are probably a million to one. I have received around 50 in just a few short sessions. It works, it is real and it is one hell of an effective tool for communication.

When in mode 2, which would be used 100% separately and never together consists of a “bank” of sounds similar to the GB-1 and RIFT but not quite the same. You would use this if you did not have an internet connection available for the real time scan. It works the same way and yes, bank boxes DO work very well. I prefer the live scan but even so, spirits manipulate almost ANY sound so it works. Think of it as a GB-1 “Lite”. The heart of the program is the live scan and frankly is what I use 99% of the time. 

Q: What if I am out and there is no internet available?

A: 1st, the app will let you know there is no internet available if you are not hooked up to WiFi. At this time you will have two options. Me, I use my iPhone as a WiFi hotspot, but this will use your phone data plan so be careful if you have limited data! This allows you to use this device ANYWHERE you have a phone signal as long as you phone is capable of providing a hot spot.

Your other option is to use the 2nd ghost box built into this app which does not require an internet connection though I will tell you that the best communication comes from the live scan box.

Q: Where can I purchase and download this app?

A: http://GhostHunterApps.com will be doing all order fulfillment and customer service and serial # distribution. This is where it will be available to buy. When you buy the app you can use it and you will be sent a serial# shortly after purchase, within 24 hours. The app will work for 10 days without your serial # so be sure to enter it as soon as you get it. Sharing your serial# is not allowed as this is considered theft. If this happens (serial# being used on other machines) the system will deactivate your serial# as it is only for you, the purchaser and you will lose the app. Also, there is no “free trial” as the is the policy of GhostHunterApps.com. This is why I have written so much about it and shared so much evidence with it. You can decide if the app is worth it for you and your needs and can learn EVERYTHING about it before deciding by watching my footage and others such as Tim Woolworth who tested it. His video will be up at ITCVoices.org on release day.

Q: Will this app make me an instant spirit magnet?

A: No. If you have had trouble with ITC style of communication in the past this will not instantly make you a magnet to spirits. What it will do is provide you with the tools and power to be able to record communication when the right techniques are used. In ,y experience, The more you use it, the more responses you will get. My theory is that over time, spirits start to realize you can hear them, and when they realize this they usually will ALWAYS want to chat. But if you use it as a joke or take it lightly you may not get ANY results. I have been getting the best results of my life using this app alone, so if you are someone who gets replies from other devices, this one has the power to give you amazing communication if used correctly.

Q: What will you say to the Skeptics or Haters who will try to say this app is not real?

A: The results captured so far speak volumes and prove that this is a 100% real and legit app for this kind of work. It would be a million to one chance to get ONE relevant reply let alone the now thousands I have received in my few small short tests (Now as of April 2015). When you ask for a name and the spirit says that name and tells you they are there, well, that is not random. When you drive through a cemetery and they say “get out and talk to us” that is not random. When they say “do a session, I’m excited” that is not random. When they say “We are with Steve” and “bald head” it is not random, especially when NONE OF THIS uses pre recorded sounds or banks!

When they start to have near full conversations with me using LONG sentence replies such as “I just want to find someone nice who will not be afraid of me”  – in several voices patched together to form the sentence, something is happening.

It is all real-time random radio scans! The haters will always hate but when they trash this app they are only proving that they are clueless about this field and how it works. I mean, the proof is there…so they just make themselves look foolish. HUNDREDS of positive reviews, videos and amazing words are coming in constantly from real users who bought this app. Real users do not lie. 

If you missed this incredible evidence video, take a look at all of my tests during the beta releases. 100% proof that this app is real, works well and for the right person can be a mind-blowing tool. 

and yet another test where I am trying out the “mute” button for a Q&A session with spirit. Jaw dropping amazing direct answers. No way this is random or chance, if so it would have been maybe a billion to one to get these answers. With an open mind and heart, anything is possible. 

Fast Fact: Spirit Communication has been going on for 70 years or more and it is not new. Over the past few years, and thanks to the Internet so many have proven that it is a real phenomenon and while no one can prove WHAT it is we speak with, no one can deny, not even a skeptic or hater, that we are not conversing with SOMETHING beyond our realm. To do so would make them look foolish and regularly does. Usually skeptics have closed minds, and those closed minds would NEVER allow them to experience the things many of us do on a daily basis that have open minds. It all has to start by opening your mind and welcoming it is, and skeptics do the opposite.

So haters or skeptics will not change anything with this app or its release or its effectiveness. They will just look silly and they will NEVER do any harm to me or what I do as I know the facts, the truth and that there are so many who support what I do, and to you guys, I love you all. The haters have been losing the battle for years – Over 112,000 positive and amazing fans on my Facebook page vs 12 or so haters and bitter individuals who hate out of jealousy, and well, just hatred for their own life. 🙂

Q: If I buy this app, are updates free?

A: If there are updates needed such as bug fixes or issues, yes, 100% free. Any update to this app will always be free.

Q: Will this be the only device you use for yourself from now on?

A: I can not lie, the results from the SCD-1 are so good, it would be tough to use anything else for me personally but of course I will. I love my boxes and a couple of other apps, so I will use them all. I am passionate about this field and will use anything I can if it helps with reaching out to the spirit world. I can see myself pairing down to 2 apps and 2 boxes. That would be all I would ever need. (and this has now happened – SCD-1, GB-1, Andre’s Box, White Box)

You can see what I use HERE for 2015.

We tried to model the SCD-1 after the amazing Joe’s Box for its uncanny ability to bring in super clear results. Not only do I feel we succeeded but I feel the SCD-1 sounds better than the Joe’s box, and it has proven it with even better and more responses as well. Does it have the Mojo and mystique of the Joe’s box? No, but it’s also $1,950 less expensive 🙂 


Q: What did the other beta testers feel about the SCD-1? We know YOU love it!

A: We have had Bill Murphy of TV’s “Fact or Faked” testing the app along others who LOVED it. I have had great feedback from all so far and Bill just stated this morning that he was receiving many relevant replies during his use and one session was giving him and his wife so many replies they shut it off as they were not recording and they felt no one would believe them!

I feel having these guys test it would further validate the app so it is not only me saying it works, but other experts in the field can use it and give it a go as well. I feel once the SCD-1 is in the hands of THOUSANDS we will start to see some incredible work on YouTube using it. Just the thought makes me all excited. There is so much potential here and I strongly believe that this app will be an app that EVERY serious investigator, hobbyist, and enthusiast will own.

Bill Murphy – Legendary ITC and Paranormal Researcher:

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 4.35.24 PM

“The SCD-1 is Amazing” – Bill Murphy


Q: Do you guarantee I can talk to spirits if I buy this app?

A: NO! As I said, 90% of it is the operator and if you do not have the ability to open up and accept them in for communication it will not happen no matter what you use. If you do not record sessions and listen closely at playback you will miss 90% of the responses. So no guarantee of anything other than a stable app that will give you the power and capability to really get into this. For some it will be a journey and may take weeks or months. For others it will happen instantly. For some it may never work. It is not a miracle product, just one hell of a tool for those who want to attempt ITC work. But nothing is ever guaranteed in the paranormal world. Ever. Why? Because it is all still a bug unknown and it is unpredictable.

Q: Can I install this on multiple machines with one purchase?

A: This is the policy of ghosthunterapps.com who will be selling this app and doing the order fulfillment. When you buy an app from ghosthunterapps.com it is a license for one machine only. This allows prices to remain low and theft to be kept at a minimum. If this were not the policy then someone could download the app and give it to 10 of their friends for free. This is theft, and the only way to keep theft away is to keep this at one download, one machine. If we allowed multiple machines it would mean the cost of the app would be 2-3X the cost. Theft is INSANE these days with any software and it is not fair to those who purchased it if we allowed others to steal it or give it away. If you lose your machine or replace it, you can get a new serial# for the new machine. You will NEVER lose the app, ever.

Q: What tablet is best to use for the SCD-1 that is affordable?

A: The Dell Venue 8 Pro is $200 or less at Amazon and is my 100% recommendation for this app or any of Anthony’s other superb apps. If you do not have a full windows device running the full windows 8, then I recommend this tablet. It’s small, it works great and has never given me a problem.

I also use a Surface Pro 3 that I bought for traveling and demo of the app. It works great as well but the Dell works just as well. $200 for the Dell, $800-$1500 for a Surface Pro 3. The dell is a no brainer.

So if you do not own any windows devices,  for less than $250 you can have an amazing tool, probably the best at this time for real-time spirit communication with the ability to download other fantastic windows based ghost apps. It’s a win win for someone who is heavily involved in this work. I am now a believer in windows tech for this kind of program/app. Most custom spirit boxes  today come in at $300-$500 so $250 for one that is even clearer is fantastic. If this app will not convert well to Android or iOS I will not let it be released to those formats. It needs to remain 100% solid and effective as it is now. Sometimes conversions lose something.

Q: Why are you so dedicated to this field when it is all such a mystery?

A: Easy. because it is fascinating, it is real, it is unknown and it is exciting. It is also amazing when you know you helped someone on the other side or helped to relay a message for someone living who was wanting a message so desperately. I have been able to do this on numerous occasions and it makes me feel great. Helping others on this side and the other side is something I love doing and goes hand in hand with my life philosophy of always being positive, always spreading love instead of hate, always being genuine and honest with everyone and always helping those in need when I can. I stumbled into this because I feel I was meant to. I always follow my instincts (which are in reality your guides trying to help you) and so far they have never let me down.

Q: Will using this app bring in demons or danger?

A: Not in my experience. I have been doing this for years and my house is filled with spirit activity yet I have nothing but peace, love, warmth, joy, happiness and love life. Evil Spirits come about when you start worrying about them or think they are after you. Your brain is an amazing thing and if you think a demon is attacking you then your brain will make you believe this is so. NEVER EVER fear this and you will be A-OK. Think of the good, not the evil. Think of kind loving spirits, not mean ones. This is what I do and what comes to me 95% of the time. If I get a nasty message I tell them to go away and I do not tolerate them, and they always do go away. They can not hurt you but can do mental damage if you let them. So do not do this work or buy the SCD-1 if you fear it or think demons will get you as believing that will help make it so for you. Consider that my warning. 

At the start of every session I say something like this:

“This is Steve Huff and I am here to communicate. I come as a friend, I come in peace and I bring love and warmth. I mean no harm. I only allow nice spirits and never evil or negative entities. I am protected by the white light and nothing can harm me. If you would like to speak with me you may be gone from this earth but you still have a voice and I can hear you.”

Q: Why can’t you have a full sit down conversation with a spirit?

A: Not possible. 100% not possible. As it is, how I see it is that spirits have a hard time leaving a sentence as it the theory is that it takes MASS amount of energy. This app, a tablet, a camera and mic will help add it the energy as they love electronics. But even so, they will never be able to hold a steady conversation as if me and you sat down for coffee. They also have limited abilities and remember that a spirit is not a physical being but pure energy. They speak by manipulating sounds and are not always heard in the voice they once had in life. It is very tough for them so at best we will get a sentence reply or phrases but never a fully intelligent conversation.

Q: How do you know this is allowing us to speak with spirits or ghosts?

A: I don’t! All I know is that SOMETHING from another realm is speaking back to us and replying to certain questions and they always tell me “we are dead” and “help us” and “show us the light” so it APPEARS many of these messages come from lost souls, but not all. No one can prove it is ghosts or spirits though that is the #1 theory, so most go with and accept this. There is STRONG evidence that has been recorded by myself and hundreds of others that almost prove it is spirits but there will never ever be a way to 100% validate this. Something is speaking with us..what it is 100% for sure no one will ever REALLY know. If they are demons  then they are horrible demons that are very weak as my life is filled with love, peace, happiness, warmth, success and all things good. I have been doing this HEAVILY for years, never a negative effect. With that said, who knows what is coming through as we can not guarantee anything.

Q: I think you are full of it and spirits do not exist!

A: If you feel this way, why are you here? This is not for you. Thank you.  🙂

Q: Will I be able to contact my family members who passed?

A: Again, there can never ever be guarantees with any of this type of technology. I feel I have connected with loved ones as I have had personal messages that no one would know about from my Father, or what I believe to be my Father. But again, since we can not prove this (we do not see them, we hear them) I can not guarantee this in any way. Does this mean you will not be able to? NO. Does this mean you can? MAYBE, but only you will be able to test that one. Some feel that they have using the SCD-1 and other ITC devices, so for many they feel 100% that it is possible.





Q: I downloaded the SCD-1 but I am not hearing anything but scanning radio when I turn on the live scanning ghost box!

A: As I said, there are things you MUST do to get results like I do using spirit boxes.

1. You must record your sessions as you will hear 85% of replies at playback. To do it 100% right use headphones, work in a quiet room and shoot you sessions to video if at all possible. The best scenario is to have an evidence review station set up. To me, this is just as important as the device itself. So many skimp on this aspect when this is what will let you hear most of the replies! For example…

I shoot ALL of my sessions and tests to VIDEO. I use a Sony video camera and use a Zoom H6 Digital Recorder as my Microphone, plugged into the Mic input. This gives me a nice professional sound as well as super sensitivity for recording EVP. When I shoot the video I load the SD card into my iMac and into iMovie (which is free with any mac computer and works so well). I then play the video while I listen with a very nice set of headphones. I close my eyes and listen very carefully as many responses will come in so fast they will be hard to recognize. Almost as if they are being said at 10X speed. I will replay it, slow it down and keep pitch and that is how I find the responses. It takes work to put together compelling evidence.

I will tell you now as I did in the BEFORE PURCHASE Q&A that if you do not record your sessions and listen back carefully you will miss most if not all replies. If you sit down and turn on the app, the chances of you getting a loud audible direct reply in real-time is 10-15%. Some do come in this way but most come in super fast or quiet or with strange accents or vocal ranges so listening back is a must.

2. You must have some sort of connection to the other side. If you do not, you may get nothing for a while, or ever. When I started all of this years ago it only took me 2 weeks until I was getting insane replies from  my devices. The 1st two weeks were light and “iffy” but with time, dedication, passion and kindness and love, it did not take long. I believe if you are someone who is not getting results you need to do a few things:

. Meditate 2-3 times per week. Just lay in silence, eyes closed imagining the spirit world and all of them around you. Imagine yourself floating around and speaking with them. Kind, loving, warmth…

. Practice makes perfect. The more you do the more you will get.

. Always be respectful to the spirit world. NEVER yell, NEVER threaten, NEVER treat them with less respect than you would your own child or mother. They will know how you feel about them regardless and if they sense you are truly a “friend” they will speak.

. Never fear this at all. If you fear it then you should not be doing it as fear is the one thing that will drive you insane. There is no danger of demons or evil but there is a danger if you fear it as you will create scenarios and make yourself believe you are in danger. Never do these sessions if you are afraid.

Q: The App crashed when I tried to turn on the Bank Box with the Live Box. 

A: The app is not designed nor should it ever be run with both boxes. The Audio will be a mess and it will make it harder for replies to come in. Use one of the other. The left side is all Bank Box and the right side is Live Scanning. Controls on the right do not control the box on the left and vice versa. The volume for the left box is NOT the dial on the right, it is the three buttons for volume. If you crash the app, and I have a few times,  just restart it and it will be fine. Remember, NONE of the controls on the right side of the app (orange) control the left side of the box (blue) and vice versa.

Q: Why don’t my spirit replies sound like the ones in your video?

A: My videos sound very good because I use a high quality recorder for my audio and I use iMovie to slow down the fast replies while I keep the pitch of the voice stable. I spend HOURS evaluation the session recording and in the final video show you the relevant replies that came in so its easy and fun to watch without being boring and drug out.  I have used this setup for years and it allows me to really pull out all responses. I do not post 45 minute videos of just the app running as that is silly in my opinion. Who wants to watch a bunch of nothing? What you see in my videos are all 100% real, valid, and legit direct replies and messages.

This is why a listening station is just as important as the app itself. This goes for ANY spirit ITC device or box. They all work under the same principal and most responses come in at playback so listening back is just as important as your actual session as THIS is when you will notice the replies. For some reason, for me, shooting video with an external mic/recorder plugged into it has always given me better results with EVP or Box Sessions so this is how I have always done it. Many will buy an app or box and skimp on the required listening back/evidence station. They go hand in hand and the reason my videos sound so good is due to the recording technique and well as my trained ear to listen for the replies. (I have years of practice).

Q: The app will not run on my Windows phone!

A: This app requires a full windows machine running the full version of Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8. It will not work on Windows RT. It will not work on Android or Apple devices at this time . My tablet recommendation was in the BEFORE PURCHASE FAQ above. Thank you for the understanding. Just know any device running full Windows Vista, 7 or 8 will run the app.

Q: I used this app and now I have a demon attacking me! 

A: Well, did I not say you should not use or buy this it if you fear or believe a demon will get you? There is no demon after you. It is your fear creating this phenomenon. I have experienced this myself 1st hand 4-5 years ago and it was NOT fun, but I soon realized it was my own fear causing this. If demons were real, I would have been eaten up by now, trust me. With my years of dedication to this work I have never encountered a “Demon” or anything that could do any harm, etc. This app, just like any spirit box can and just might ramp up activity in your home if you use it at home (does for me, all of my devices do) so if you do not want spirits hanging around the house (they would be waiting for you to talk again) do not use it at home 🙂 My house is full of them but all they want is to talk to me.

Q: Are the other apps at ghosthunterapps.com good? 

A: I have done videos with my faves, the GB-1 and RIFT and am currently testing Ghost Cam Pro. I love the GB-1 and RIFT as they offer different flavors of communication. It is always wise to have a few tools in your arsenal and I use 3 apps these days (GB-1, RIFT, and SCD-1) as well as many physical boxes (Mini, Andy’s, Andre, etc) I only recommend the stuff that works, and here is the list if you missed my post on this.  I like apps and boxes that do not require hours of listening back..I like it easy and effort free. The SCD-1, GB-RIFT, and Andy’s Box, Andre’s Box make it easy.

Q: I just received a few direct replies! This is amazing! But what if I hear a ‘help me” message?

A: Congratulations! As for the “help me” messages..You may hear Help Me as this happens all of the time during communication for many of us. 95% of spirits that come through, I believe, are lost souls (a theory of course). They missed their way to the other side (Heaven as many will call it) and want help to get there. When they realize YOU can hear them and correspond they desperately want you to help. I have done experiments with crossing over and after many attempts feel I have been able to do this on a few occasions as they validated that I did and thanked me many times. When this happens they thank you and you will usually never hear from them again. I did this with Billy, Pat, Nancy and it seemed to work well. I have read books on this and al material I could find and just tried it for myself. So if you hear help messages, ask for Arc Angel Michael to come down and rescue these lost souls with the white light and instruct them to GO INTO the white light as many fear it for some reason. It nay take a week of convincing but sometimes it works. I know this may all sound absolutely INSANE but it is real. I have experienced it as have many others.

Q: The sound is hard  to hear when I run the app. How can I fix this?

A: Use a high quality speaker. If you are using your tablets built-in speakers it will sound awful. For best evidence review and recordings use a speaker. I use a bluetooth speaker so I can roam around a room with my speaker while my tablet rests on a table. There are many BT speakers on Amazon ranging from $30 and up. Any will be better than your built-in speakers on a tablet. Remember, you are investing in a valid tool that has the capability of real-time communication. The Speaker is VERY important.

Q: I hate this app as it scares me. I want a refund. 

A: There are no refunds of the app as it has been tested, proven to work and we have explained everything about it in detail here before purchase. We do not allow download, use and then for you to say “I do not like it” and get a refund just as you can not go to the store, buy software and return it. Software is software and once it is bought it is yours. So keep this in mind before you buy. Just as you can not return a custom spirit box for a refund, the same applies here for this tool. If you have a special situation you can email Anthony and he can take a look at your issues. ghosthunterapps@gmail.com 

Q: If I want to become a “spirit magnet” how do I get to that point?

A: I never wanted to be a magnet, it just happened and I can not say for sure why as it could be any number of reasons. I can not guarantee that ANYONE can become one but I can tell you what I have done to get to where I am today.

1. Be positive in life 100% about everything. Avoid negativity at all costs, no matter who is putting it out. I started this shortly before I started having these amazing connections. 

2. Be kind to everyone that you can. Help others in need if you can. Look at life as a learning experience for the next life.

3. Project love, light and warm thoughts whenever you can.

4. Meditate 2-3 times per week at home in silence.

5. Do 2-3 sessions per week, recording all of them.

6. Tell the spirit world at the start of each session you come as a friend and in peace and mean no harm.

7. Be honest in life, Karma is real, VERY real. What we give out comes back X5. Seems to work for me 🙂 

8. If you are passionate about this work and really want it to work out, you must open your mind as much as you can. If you do not believe in it, it most likely will not work for you. You must know they are there, watching you and ready to speak. Somehow they know you and your thoughts and your true feelings so if you are faking it they will know. When I have been lackluster during sessions they have told me and did not want to speak. It’s a crazy thing.

No one knows why spirits reach out to some and not others but I feel all of us have the ability if we want it. It’s a special and magical thing and I am just happy I have been documenting my progress over the years as it has been getting better and better every year. So many of you have watched my progression and I appreciate all of you.

Q: Why is there no built-in recorder in the app?

A: Because I feel they stink and it is a lazy way of doing it AND will not get you the best results. I have tested built-in vs external and external yields way better results at playback. You can use ANYTHING to record your sessions if you do not have anything for this specifically. Try your cel phone..but I recommend shooting video with it to record, not just audio. Try any digital camera with video capabilities. Chances are you have something around that records video or audio. But I did not want a built-in recorder on the SCD-1. I consider it a professional paranormal tool and only want the users to experience the best results with it. This may mean having to eventually invest in a nice recorder/video camera to record your sessions.

Q: Who do I email for support of the app if it is not working or having a tech issue?

A: http://ghosthunterapps.com/support.html

Q: STEVE! Can I e-mail you with questions about how to communicate with spirits?

A: You can but you will most likely not get a reply back. One reason I put up this detailed page here was to answer ALL questions you may have about using the SCD-1. I receive HUNDREDS of emails a day about the Paranormal field from people sending me 3000 word e-mails to sending me 2 hour long videos to 100 images they want me to review. There is NO WAY I can answer everyone because I also have a normal job/career that pays the bills that I work 40-60 hours per week at. I receive HUNDREDS of e-mails for that and I MUST answer all of those as it is my job.

If you email me something like “Is this app good” or “how do I get it to work for me” or “how much is the SCD-1″…you will not get a reply as all of the answers are here on this page 🙂 I am one man, and a VERY busy one at that. My free 1-2 hours per day is spent with Debby and family.


Q: Why do I hear Anthony Sanchez’s voice when the radio scans on the SCD-1?

A: Because there is a radio show playing with Anthony Sanchez talking and being interviewed! There are several radio stations loaded into the SCD-1 when it is powered on. They scan real time streaming internet radio using SHOUTCAST servers. If Anthony is on a station, it is because he is on a station being interviewed and I believe he threw in one station that is sort of a “Best of Anthony” station, lol. He is always on the radio. That does not matter one BIT. What matters is that the app works. Just watch my videos to see 100% proof of this. When I ask “what is your name” while the SCD-1 is muted and get INSTANTLY on UN MUTING “Harold” or “Billy” or Any name, then that is a million to one chance using random scans. When I say “how old are you” during mute, then unmute and instantly get “44” that is quite amazing. When I ask “how many are here in my room” and I get an instant answer “80” and then I mute again and say “did you say 80”?? and the answer instantly comes out “yes he did”, well, that is amazing and a billion to one odds of being random. The app works yet all the haters can come up with is stupid questions like the one above. The stations DO NOT MATTER. It could be 80 stations loaded all playing the same song and it would work. It is not about the radio station content, it is about who is using it and unfortunately haters and skeptics have no clue how to communicate with the afterlife. It is not on their DNA to even make it possible. The good news is that the millions who can show it every day and many SCD-1 users are doing just that for themselves. READ THIS for how they use a scannin radio to speak to us..it is not how you think. 


My setup for spirit communication and evidence review:

1. The app – You can download it here

2. I use a Dell Venue 8 pro ($180 at Amazon) and a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 ($799 and up) both work the same and run the app well.

3. For recording I use a Sony PJ-790V camcorder (the BEST camcorder for paranormal work ever IMO) and a Zoom H6 digital audio recorder that I plug into my Sony ‘s mic input to use as a microphone. This gives me pro sound and sensitivity to pick up EVP’s as well as great quality audio for my app sessions.

4. My headphone setup is expensive. It is way more than anyone needs so I will not get into it but I have a dedicated headphone station with amp, high-end headphones that have amazing sensitivity. This alone shows how serious I am about all of this as I have spent $3500 just on this alone. I never put a price on this work as it is amazing, special, fulfilling and I enjoy it.

5. For review I use a 27 Apple iMac loaded with 32GB RAM (at times I am using 30GB and down to 2 GB left), I have 13 terabytes of storage, and it’s an amazing machine. For the video I load it into iMovie which is free with every mac and it allows me to quickly load video, watch and listen back and when I hear what could be a response I listen over and over and even slow it down while keeping pitch. Many spirit replies come in lightning fast as they struggle to get through and projected. When slowed down they sound normal and iMovie easily allows this. So all of my sessions are recorded to video, loaded to iMovie and this takes me anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to go over 10-15 minutes of footage.

I just need to stress that if you think you will buy the app, turn it on and start hearing amazing replies to all of your questions in real time you might be disappointed. You may hear 2-3 replies but nothing compared to what you will get if you record and play back and listen closely. I just want you to be happy and not have unrealistic expectations. It works this way with ANY box or APP that is legit. Many use them incorrectly and give up. So give it a whirl, and before you know it you may just be blown away by what you capture using the SCD-1. I can not wait to see what everyone does with it!


DISCLAIMER: Of course as I have always said..using ANY experimental ITC device such as this we can not GUARANTEE that what we speak with are ghosts or spirits, but the messages are always telling us they are dead, they are ghosts, etc. So we say this because of the evidence we receive (and I am talking about the thousands who do this work every day). BUT we can not guarantee this as there is no way to prove we are speaking with the dead, all we know is that we are communicating directly with SOMETHING intelligent that answers us and says our names, etc. I feel 100% that it is spirits, but no way to guarantee. Use at you own risk and NEVER use any device like this if it scares you. Again, use this at your own risk as there may be times that not so nice messages come in, so if it would scare you, be cautious as we take no responsibility for scares and stress that can come about if you fear speaking with the dead. Also, my results come from years of experience, using the app correctly, the correct recording and review technique, etc. As with any iTC device, Your results may vary, and there are no guarantees as this is all experimental. Thank you.