Testing the new Ghost Box RIFT APP. Spirit Communication.


Testing the new Ghost Box RIFT APP. Amazing spirit communication tool.

A new Ghost Box app is coming on 10/30/2014 and I was able to give it a quick Beta Test yesterday and today to see if it can indeed be used for communication. I will keep the text short here and get to the bottom line:


The 1st session was fantastic but my day 2 session is what validated it for me on many levels. Yet another fantastic app from Anthony Sanchez at ghosthunterapps.com

At first glance this looks like his GB-1 Box APP and there are similarities but Anthony says this one is different and I agree. Different sounds, different way of scanning and a different vibe all the way around. It’s an amazing tool with clarity and little headache inducing noise. But instead of me chatting on about it, take a look at both of my test sessions below and if you like what you see, be sure to visit http://www.ghosthunterapps.com on 10/30 (Thursday) to get your own copy. This runs on Windows PC’s and Windows Tablets. I am using a Dell tablet that can be had for $180 and I have ALL of Anthony’s Apps loaded up.