How do spirits use the radio to speak to us? Not how you think.

How do spirits use the radio to speak to us? Not how you think.


So how do spirits use a scanning radio to leave messages from beyond the grave? It is not how you think. After years of study and research and thousands of pieces of evidence captured I have realized a few things. SPIRITS ARE NOT USING radio broadcasts to leave their message 90% of the time. 10% of the time they will if they can.

What we are doing with the electronics, the noise, the scan, the vocal snippets from the scan is creating a “perfect storm” environment for spirits to leave real time EVP. They LOVE electricity. They LOVE WiFi and Bluetooth. These things give them more energy to leave their messages, and it has worked for years and today we are staring to learn how to perfect this method. The SCD-1 is the most advanced scan method available today IMO.

For example, in the video below you will see me drove through a cemetery with my SCD-1 on, using a wireless bluetooth speaker and the spirit were coming through like MAD. All I heard while driving was radio! I heard one or two real time replies and the rest sounded like radio so I assumed I would have nothing when I arrived home to check my video evidence. When I listened I was shocked as spirits were using the SCD-1 and the environment it creates to form EVP’s on my recordings. They do this by manipulating sounds to form messages onto your recording device.


Someone was complaining about the app as they said “I heard it say Steve Huff” so they assumed it was some sort of scam and we had pre-loaded a radio channel that said my name (or so it appeared they thought this). That is 100% NONSENSE. If someone hears my name it is for one of two reasons:

1. This is a real time EVP and the spirits are acknowledging ME as this app has MY name on it and was designed partly by me. You may get my name just as hundreds have gotten my name on their P-SB7 footage, Echovox footage, Andy’s Box, etc.


2. My name WAS said on some radio broadcast. This scans 80 internet radio channels. I am well known in this field and if it hits on a paranormal radio show, someone could indeed mention my name, especially on the SCD-1 release night. A spirit could have taken this snippet to VALIDATE the app for YOU.

The SCD-1 scans Many channels, live. Nothing is pre-loaded in the live scan mode. It scans shoutcast internet radio, period. I have written so much about how to use this app, how to get best results and what NOT to do. I suggest sitting down in quiet, doing a short meditation, having a quick talk with the spirits, then turn on the device, record the session and record for no more than 10-15 minutes. Longer sessions will not bring more results. Quick is always better.

See the video below, even if you have already seen it. Remember, most of these replies were NOT heard in real time and this shows the importance of recording each session.

Thank you!

 90% of these replies were NOT heard real time. All I heard in real time was radio scanning. This is why you MUST record with ANY communication device. Period. Most of what comes in will be on your recording device and heard at playback. Just how it is with all ITC.