The Incredible SCD-1 Evidence Files


You can buy the SCD-1 HERE.  

DISCLAIMER: Of course as I have always said..using ANY experimental ITC device such as this we can not GUARANTEE that what we speak with are ghosts or spirits, but the messages are always telling us they are dead, they are ghosts, etc. So we say this because of the evidence we receive (and I am talking about the thousands who do this work every day). BUT we can not guarantee this as there is no way to prove we are speaking with the dead, all we know is that we are communicating directly with SOMETHING intelligent that answers us and says our names, etc. I feel 100% that it is spirits, but no way to guarantee. Use at you own risk and NEVER use any device like this if it scares you. Again, use this at your own risk as there may be times that not so nice messages come in, so if it would scare you, be cautious as we take no responsibility for scares and stress that can come about if you fear speaking with the dead. Also, my results come from years of experience, using the app correctly, the correct recording and review technique, etc. As with any iTC device, Your results may vary, and there are no guarantees as this is all experimental. Thank you.

The Huff Paranormal app in collaboration with is here and it is called the SCD-1 (spirit communication device #1) and let me tell you, this just may change EVERYTHING you know about spirit communication and ITC work. Really. Just take a look and watch the videos on this page to see the power of what it can do when used correctly.

When I approached Anthony Sanchez about building an app to my specifications, I never dreamed it would actually be as good as it is. It has exceeded all expectations in performance, design, functionality and the #1 thing, QUALITY OF RESPONSES.

The SCD-1 is a special piece of software that works JUST LIKE a physical spirit box. In fact it was my goal to re-create the Joe’s Box but in a much easier App form. This way it would be MUCH more affordable, would be available INSTANTLY to anyone in the world and would be something that would never break down with no wait times and big expenses. I was not sure it would work, but over the years the messages I have been getting have been dropping hints but the main one was to GET RID OF THE NOISE.

Typical boxes have static, noise and some of them are downright headache inducing (P-SB7 and P-SB11). This HINDERS results as white noise is a myth. It is NOT needed. IN fact, removing it works wonders for clearer communication. I noticed this when I used my old Joe’s Box. It was absent of noise, static and clicks and pops and gave me the most amazing results of my life. When my Joe’s Box broke down I knew I needed something to replace it, and Joe’s boxes are actually just about impossible to find. I had a better chance of winning the lottery it seemed.

To make a log story short, the SCD-1 came about after two years of research, studying and trying new things for clearer communication. All I have done has led to this and I am proud to say that the app Anthony Sanchez at has created for me is wonderful.

I gave him my specs, my plans, my ideas and the features and filters I wanted and he went to work and created an amazing ITC premium tool.

As always, these videos on this page are 100% real and authentic and PROVES we can converse with SOMETHING from another realm. It is quite incredible.

You can buy the SCD-1 app for under $30 at .

NOTE: The SCD-1 is for Windows OS – Vista, 7 or 8. It will not work with Android or Apple iOS. If you want it and do not have a windows device, I HIGHLY recommend this tablet. It is affordable and works fantastic with the SCD-1. I own this tablet myself. See it at Amazon HERE. If you can wait, we might be converting it to iOS and Android later in 2015. IF it can remain as functional.