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Connecting with a 10 year Old Child Spirit…and other communications. Hey everyone! The Weekend is almost over and TONIGHT is group night so for anyone who is participating be sure to watch the instructions on how to do so in the video HERE. Besides that, a couple days ago I uploaded a new video to my YouTube channel (see it here) and it included part of a session I did last week. One segment seemed to have included communication with a spirit who told me she was 10, after I asked her age. The communication went on for 3-4 exchanges with this girls voice. Pretty incredible. The box used here was the LAST Wonder Box Custom I have made, and will make. No more of this model will be made and only 15 exist in the world, all with their new owners (or soon to be). But the communication here […]

A Test of a new Wonder Box custom, and an Explanation of what was said.. So I just finished a new Wonder Box custom and added something new to test again, so this was built to be my new personal box. The day I finished it I set it on my blue stool where I normally take photos of every box I have made and after taking a few shots of it, I turned it on for a 3-5 minute test. I hooked in the new MINIBOX app into it from I recorded for and asked some questions. When you watch it, you may think the spirits are not making sense, but they are. The video below will show the short session first. THEN, I will show it again with an explanation of what is being said, and it all makes sense.   Remember, spirits are energy, pure energy […]

I ask the spirits who say they are in me to show themselves..did they? This whole spirit communication thing is starting to take on a whole new level for me lately, and I think I know why. Three years ago I had a theory, and I told it to Debby and a few others. They thought it was plausible, but I always figured there would be no way to prove it. My theory was this: For years now I have been able to capture amazing, solid spirit voices that started out good but have lately gotten pretty crazy, even for me. I used to think there was always a spirit or guide attached to me which explained why my communication was so solid. Think about it… If I go somewhere and record EVP’s or do a spirit box session and have a spirit attached to me that other spirits can […]

My 1st near death experience in 1978 My 1st near death¬†experience as a kid, and why this may be what connected me so closely with the spirits today. Many times people ask me how I live in my house with so many spirits around. I am also asked about the history of my house and why there are so many spirits here. Truth be told, my house was built 8 years ago and has no history. The main reason so many spirits are around and in my house constantly is because of what I do in this field. I have a passion for this work, a true passion as if something is just drawing me unseen force possibly. Somehow, someway I have become a legitimate “Spirit Magnet” and 90% of the time, there is a spirit either on me, with me or yes, even attached to me. There have […]

Spirits deserve respect too! I see so many paranormal teams out there in the real world and on TV who are so rude and obnoxious when it comes to their investigations. I also feel that going out to explore these same old haunted locations is getting old, and most likely, tormenting the spirits and lost souls who hang there. In fact, I would not be surprised if many of these teams who go out being mean, forceful, demanding and threatening are what is turning some of these spirits against the living! Imaging if you were a spirit who was roaming the earth, or for example were stuck in a hospital you died in and perhaps you do not even know you are dead. You do not know why no one can see you or hear you and then all of a sudden you get people coming in almost daily that […]

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