A Test of a new Wonder Box custom, and an Explanation of what was said..

A Test of a new Wonder Box custom, and an Explanation of what was said..

So I just finished a new Wonder Box custom and added something new to test again, so this was built to be my new personal box. The day I finished it I set it on my blue stool where I normally take photos of every box I have made and after taking a few shots of it, I turned it on for a 3-5 minute test.

I hooked in the new MINIBOX app into it from Ghosthunterapps.com

I recorded for and asked some questions.

When you watch it, you may think the spirits are not making sense, but they are. The video below will show the short session first. THEN, I will show it again with an explanation of what is being said, and it all makes sense.


Remember, spirits are energy, pure energy (as is our soul). This is what they have told me many times. They have no brain, no body, no arms, legs or voice box. They speak using electronics, energy and power sources. It’s something that is hard to comprehend but then again, think about what we already have accomplished with technology. Video can be beamed WIRELESSLY, we can talk to our friends on the phone via facetime without wires. VIDEO is being shot through the skies invisibly to our devices from thousands of miles away, in an instant. How does THAT happen? How does a moving image, travel invisibly through the air and end up on our devices intact, as moving pictures? Well, it is digital data but how does that digital data, 1’s and 0’s translate into an image? Crazy when you think hard about it.

So spirits have ways of doing the same kind of thing. They use the electronics and energy to let their voice be heard from wherever they may be. It’s an incredible thing when you sit down and truly dig down deep into your thoughts and think about it.

Wonder Box Custom

In any case, they are limited in what they can say, do and it takes them tons of their energy just to speak a phrase. You will not see TRUE and REAL communication from spirits who are chatting like we do, in a casual “Hey, how are you doing joe! Been a lovely day so far, how about for you?!” – No, instead we will get voices, some with strange accents or even robotic sounding voices with short, but direct messages “we love you”, “yes we hear you”, “walk over to me”…but you will never get a full 30 minute conversation back and forth in a casual way.

Spirits say what they need to for validation and that is how I see it. They also love to be heard and be acknowledged. They do their best with what we give them and to some, they may think they speak in riddles, but also remember that when a device like mins is on, there are at times HUNDREDS of spirits who want to speak..and many  times some will bust in with something that is important to THEM to get out, not what the operator (us) is asking. Some are rude, some are nice, some are nasty and some are full of love.

We will probably never understand how it all works, or why but we are closer than we have ever been, ever and that is incredible to me.