Moving an object with our minds…can it be done? Yes… Meet the Egely Wheel

Moving an object with our minds…can it be done? Yes… Meet the Egely Wheel

Yes. This is real. 100000% real. It’s not a magic trick, it’s not a gimmick and it’s not for entertainment though it can indeed entertain.

My new video…Mind Power has SO MUCH to do with Spirit Connections and Communication. Spirits use OUR Energy so we must be able to HARNESS our energy. I believe this device will help me focus it even more. 

I heard of the Egely Wheel around 8 years ago and there are videos on YouTube going back around 10 years of some using it and demoing what this little thing can do. I never put much thought into it though, as I have always passed off any kind of “telekinesis” claim as 100% nonsense. Well, I should say that I used to, long before my mind was fully opened and aware…or some may say “awake”.

A NEW VIDEO using the wheel under glass and WITH SPIRIT!

Doing what I do has made me believe ANYTHING is possible. I even recently spoke of how to create your own reality in life, as we truly can. In fact, the things I have discovered over the last almost 10 years of doing spirit research and communication has been incredible for my personal growth as a person.

I’m no spring chicken but my life has improved more in the last 5 years than it has the previous 45 years before it. Today I live in peace, minimal stress, no worry and no fear. Love, positivity and respect, for me, are keys to a happy life. Not money, not “things” and not fame or fortune of which I have no interest in. Less is more is something I say often, because it is true.

LESS IS MORE and this is why I was so blown away by the Egely Wheel.

It’s simple. It’s basic. It also is fascinating to watch and mess around with. If you want to learn about what this device is, I suggest reading THIS PAGE which is from the inventor. He talks in detail about it and what it is for and what it does.

I purchased one of these from Amazon recently for $59 as I wanted to see for myself if it was legit and if so, see if I could manipulate it easier than most. Seeing that it is supposed to detect energy (which we all have within us, and can harness and focus on) I knew I had gobs of it from doing what I do with spirit. SPIRIT needs energy to speak. They use ME for some of it when they speak. So energy is very real, and our soul is energy as well. When we die our soul moves on and lives on, as energy. Spirits have confirmed this as well through audible messaging.

We are “balls of light” living in a human shell. When the shell wears down we do move on as light energy. Some of us anyway, but that is another story for another day.

So ENERGY is huge with me. I believe in it, I feel it and I can already somewhat focus it. So me testing the EGELY Wheel should be pretty cool. I figured it would be junk and I would return it. I have bought many so called supernatural items from Amazon. MOST of them were BS and sent back.

The Egely Wheel surprised me. Instead of sending it back, I went to the creators website and bought the $190 version, which I should have in a week or so. I would never spend $190 if the 1st wheel was nonsense, fake or junk. I bought the electronic version because I was so impressed by the original.

A video made for my YouTube and Patreon Members that take it even further (bonus videos are shared with members 2-3 times per week)

As you see in the video below I use the wheel as intended by the creator and instructions and also try more advanced techniques with it. To my surprise it worked. Every time. See, ANY of us can buy an Elegy wheel and get results. With practice anyone can do with it as I did in the video on this page.

I have sort of been practicing my entire life… which I attest to my success within ITC (results). Using Ouija Boards since I was nine and actually having success with an OOBE at 16-17. Took me 89 days but I did it, and it scared the heck out of me back then.

In my teens my mom bought me a board game called KRESKINS ESP and it was supposed to test your ESP ability. She got it from a Garage sale. It came with a pendulum which I grew fond of as I found I was able to move the pendulum with my thoughts in any direction, all while my hand was rock solid and witnessed by others as not moving, One could yell out “LEFT” or “RIGHT” or “STOP” and I could get the pendulum to do that in an instant, again, with no movement of my hand.

So I have always had the ability to harness my energy and thought. It has been with me forever (as it is with all of us) but feel I have been learning throughout life. (and I know this all sounds crazy insane to some.)

I share my tests of the Elegy Wheel in my new video at the tope of the page and yes it is 100% real. No magic tricks, no slight of hand, no magnets, not static, no straws, no air, no heat, nothing. It is exactly what it looks like it is as it is just that. Real.

The cool thing is anyone can do this, we all have the ability to use our energy for things such as this. Now, I can not make things float, I can not move other items… nope. But for some reason this wheel, lives up to the claims and does what it says it does. I tried to debunk it, in more ways that you even see in the video and I couldn’t. In fact, in over 25 years no one has bee able to successfully debunk the Egely Wheel. Many opinions and great opinions at that but none that pan out when you test the debunking theories.

Anyway, Amazon sold out of these little guys but you can read all about this product and order one direct at and see for yourself if you like. (I have no affiliation with them at all). Also there are many videos on YouTube of people testing the wheel so search them out if you are curious. Thank you all, love you all! Remember LOVE IS THE KEY!