I ask the spirits who say they are in me to show themselves..did they?

I ask the spirits who say they are in me to show themselves..did they?

This whole spirit communication thing is starting to take on a whole new level for me lately, and I think I know why.

Three years ago I had a theory, and I told it to Debby and a few others. They thought it was plausible, but I always figured there would be no way to prove it. My theory was this:

For years now I have been able to capture amazing, solid spirit voices that started out good but have lately gotten pretty crazy, even for me. I used to think there was always a spirit or guide attached to me which explained why my communication was so solid. Think about it…

If I go somewhere and record EVP’s or do a spirit box session and have a spirit attached to me that other spirits can see and hear..maybe that attachment was telling them “It is ok to speak to him”. Now why this would happen in beyond me but I mean, it was a theory, nothing more or less. I just could never explain why my communication was so direct and at times downright scary.

Another thing that led to that theory is the fact that during sessions over the past 3 years or so, they have said on many occasions that they are IN ME, even using the words “possess you” 2 or 3 times. One statement that jostled me was “Slowly our sleeping will possess you”. Creepy, even for me. But I try to not dwell on that sort of thing, and honestly…I kept going and going, even with those words and warnings.

After my last attack a few weeks back (read about it here) I have been taking things slower, being more careful, adding more protection and digging around and researching some. It has taken a few weeks but as of today, I feel 99% back to normal. NO more chest pains, no more head pain, no more lethargy…all of which the doctors could find no reason for after a $16,000 hospital bill.

One thing I have added to my home are a couple of well made Orgone Pyramids. Orgone was introduced to me 4 years ago during a Photo Workshop I put on by one of our guides in Washington who took us to photo sites. He learned that I was working on Spirit communication and he started telling me to keep some orgone around as it has shown to absorb negative energies. He showed me that it had energy in two ways..by pointing his orgone device at my hand where I felt a rush of cold air and tingles..pure energy. It was unmistakeable and pretty intense. He then placed a small orgone device in the freezer above an ice tray (well, my friend did whose house we were in). The next day, the ice tray froze with the water being drawn up towards the orgone.

Wanna see proof of this? Others test orgone in this way, see it here. 

Long story short, I dismissed it for some reason back then but a few weeks back I stumbled upon an orgone device and since I look at everything as a possible sign, I knew then and there that years ago, that was my guides telling me something..and that was to use orgone in my research.

One of my Orgone pyramids with properties said to help with white light, healing, and connecting with other realms. I am now a believer.You can FEEL the energy from these devices.

I have been putting Orgone generators on my last 10 or so Wonder Box builds, and even in my last video they VALIDATE TWO THINGS with the Orgone. If you watch it HERE, you will see the Orgone device on top of the Wonder Box (left) and I was using a copper/orgone device in front of it, placed to the left. I asked “do you feel the energy over here” as I waved my hand by the orgone..they said “TO THE LEFT”, which is exactly where it was.

They also said “VIBRATE” and Orgone is said to vibrate at certain frequencies. The spirits FELT it just as I did. Amazing.

After that I purchased an Orgone pyramid for my bedroom and last night I sat it over my heart and meditated while envisioning my heart being protected and healed. It was in my room, it was dark, and at night. IN fact, Debby was asleep next to me.

I will show you three pictures below, full size from my phone. In image one you see me laying there with the pyramid. It’s dark and hard to see but you can still see..

Image 1…starting the meditation. See the pyramid glow..

You can see parts of the pyramid glowing. But here I was starting out and did not close my eyes yet.

In image 2, taken 20 seconds later I asked if there were spirits inside me to show themselves using the energy of the Orgone Pyramid. I expected NOTHING…but take a look at the image I snapped RIGHT AFTER that request. I can NOT explain it..

Image 2, click it to see it larger and look at my eyes..what the heck? This was right after I asked them to show themselves if they were in me..glow went away from the pyramid..now in my eyes

SO that to me is crazy and unexplainable. Sure, maybe it is not paranormal but what are the odds that right after I ask them to show themselves if they are in me, I get this. Also, the pyramid glow has almost vanished..

Now for image 3..

Eyes back to normal, one glow in the pyramid. 

After this I layed there for 15 minutes focusing on love, light, and healing myself.

I can not explain these photos, and as I said..maybe it is nothing but it sure did make me think that my theory all along has been correct. BTW, THESE images have not been touched or altered in ANY WAY. They are straight from my phones front facing camera. Taken last night in bed while meditating.

One thing is for sure, if there is a spirit in me and has been for all of these years, they are making me kinder, gentler, more loving, more caring, more understanding, more generous and giving me these crazy ideas for enhancing spirit communication. Maybe it’s my life path…who knows. It’s still a mystery to me.

Thank you all for your continued love and support. Love to you all.