Connecting with a 10 year Old Child Spirit…and other communications.

Connecting with a 10 year Old Child Spirit…and other communications.

Hey everyone! The Weekend is almost over and TONIGHT is group night so for anyone who is participating be sure to watch the instructions on how to do so in the video HERE.

Besides that, a couple days ago I uploaded a new video to my YouTube channel (see it here) and it included part of a session I did last week. One segment seemed to have included communication with a spirit who told me she was 10, after I asked her age. The communication went on for 3-4 exchanges with this girls voice. Pretty incredible.

The box used here was the LAST Wonder Box Custom I have made, and will make. No more of this model will be made and only 15 exist in the world, all with their new owners (or soon to be). But the communication here is pretty impressive, as it all has been lately. Also in this video are a couple short clips I never uploaded to YouTube including a short but effective old school EVP session in a dark room.

Take a look:


The video speaks for itself..

Other updates with me? I have been CRAZY busy and staying off of social media for the most part as I just do not have the time to sit on Facebook these days. I have my business and career I have to concentrate on to pay the bills, and that is not my paranormal work, just yet 😉

The Wonder Box is getting some major attention (and many other things are happening behind the scenes) and it has been mentioned lately by some big hitters in the para field and some big YouTube non paranormal vloggers. A few TV shows are now wanting one for their next season of filming though I am sending one to only one of them. It’s getting crazy but crazy good. Just as I had envisioned it many years ago…and it is happening.

I am not speaking of MY personal success, as that is not what I am focused on..but the SUCCESS of raising awareness to the general public that yes, we CAN talk to the dead (or those who say they are) and we can converse with them. We have shown some proof that we may even be able to connect with loved ones in my group nights, though that is a tricky one to truly prove. We have also been getting closer and closer to answers, good and bad.

It’s incredible to anyone who has wondered about life after death. We can not explain these messages and recordings and they can not be debunked. So we ARE conversing with SOMETHING, and they call themselves THE DEAD.

With over 1000 Portals in the world and around 100 Official Wonder Box’s of various types made by me out in the world now, many are experiencing first hand what true spirit communication is like. It’s incredible, and I feel the future will bring us even closer, the immediate future as in 2-3 years. In fact, I will soon start on my next device to test, not one that will ever be for sale, but a one off that if goes as planned will be pretty remarkable for communication. It’s all in my head, now I have to make it 😉

Have a great week everyone, and get ready for tonight if you are joining in the group night! Good luck to all who are participating.