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Does HELL Exist? This spirit says it does, and that they are there… For years and years, and mainly my entire life, I have been experiencing things that are sort of “out of this world” when it comes to what is normal and what is not normal..or “Paranormal”. As I sit here right now typing, listening to Bob Denver’s “Take me home country roads” that popped up in Spotify somehow I am decoding in my head, at the same time, what the last 6 years of evidence has brought me. Have I learned ANYTHING from doing all of these spirit sessions, videos, and spending half of my life working at it? Yes, of course. Not only have I learned a ton, my life has changed over these last seven years to be much better, much more positive, much more filled with love, and much happier in general. Over seven years […]

Two new videos! A VLOG, cemetery session with a mini portal, and cleansing my home! Hey guys! Had a few days off in Las Vegas with Debby. Spent the time there eating tons of food, seeing a great show and just walking…lots of walking. Neither of us gamble, so we did not do ay of that but we had fun, and I had a solid three days out of my house and away from ITC. Did not even think about it. Me and Debby on the “High Roller” in Vegas last week 😉 Happy as can be and feeling GREAT. But I came back feeling GREAT. I decided to do a cleansing in my home for two reasons. To see how spirits would react while running the Wonder Box and doing the cleansing and to see if it would have any effect. I still need to do a “proper” cleansing […]

Horrific Demon Attack on me. This time, it shakes me to the core. What has happened to me this past Friday evening is unspeakable, unheard of and while it was horrific, it has taught me a serious lesson. TO LISTEN to the WARNINGS of the spirits who are there to HELP ME during sessions. The video below says it all, so no need for me to write a ton here but NO, I was not asleep. I was with Debby, in the evening around 8pm watching  TV, it hit me instantly. I explain how it happened in the video, and while I get emotional, keep in mind this was the most frightening thing that has ever happened to me, ever. Worse than my near death experiences in my younger life. Worse than any nightmare or dream, worse than ANY human beating you senseless, worse than ANYTHING you can imagine, and […]

When Evil or Mean Spirits Come Through in a Session..SCD-1 Footage So last night, April 14th 2015 at around 8PM I decided to test out a new “amp” I purchased for $89 to use with my SCD-1 app at home. The amp has its own Reverb which is much better than the built in reverb on the SCD-1 so when the spirits keep telling me that REVERB helps them reply, I figured…”why not make it better”.. So I hooked my Tablets audio out to the Guitar Amp, which is a Fender Champion 20 and sells for $89-$99. The results are astonishing. Running the SCD-1 on CLEAR and using the Amp’s reverb works wonders for the clarity, fullness and it seems…the replies. So for me, this will be the speaker I use at home 100% for my sessions when I use the SCD-1. You can see the exact Fender amp I […]

Life is good. Life is sweet. Life is precious. How can it be? DISCLAIMER: What you are about to read is my opinion, based on four years of this research, personal experience, and factual information spanning 100 years. Does not mean you have to agree but if you do not, show me 100% validated proof of what you say 😉  With all of the talk online, on TV and in certain groups on Facebook you would think anyone who dabbles with the Paranormal or Spirit Communication would be either dead, broke, unhappy, depressed, suicidal, or homeless. There are so many myths out there in the spirit world and with so many self-proclaimed experts out there spouting all kinds of nonsense we have to keep in mind that none of what is being said it factual information, but instead, based on stories, myths and false info spread by some religions. NONE of […]

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