The Dybbuk Box. What really happens when you open one?

The Dybbuk Box. What really happens when you open one?

So I have a new video and before I recorded it I told Josh over at HOPE Paranormal it was going to be a popular one. He agreed, because we both realize that for some reason, any video on our channels that has do do with dark, evil, or controversy always gets many more views that when we show some of our best ITC Evidence that has to do with love, God and positivity.

It seems most people are drawn to fear, scares and sadly even negativity. Even so, I did not want to create one of those silly fake nonsense Dybbuk box videos like we normally see. Instead I wanted to showcase the reality of this man made creation.

Man made? Yep, the term “Dybbuk Box” was created by a guy in the early 2000’s when he was trying to sell a wooden box he claimed had evil attached to it. Before this the “Dybbuk Box” was a complete unknown and and while the term “Dybbuk” has been around for a long time, this was the first time in history that anyone ever heard of a “Dybbuk Box”. In fact the guy was a writer, and write he did. He wrote an elaborate story about this so called Haunted Box. It sold on ebay for a couple hundred dollars or so (a little less) and the new owner made some wild story as well. He doubled his money on it ; )

It was gaining steam and attention and the final owner gifted it to Zak Bagans where it now sits in his museum in Las Vegas from what I have heard. First off, I do not believe in these at all as it was all created and based on a story to sell the box, to make money on a box that in realty was worth $10. Adding a spooky story was a creative way to make some cash, and it worked.

None of these stories were ever validated or documented. Hmmmm.

There was even a Hollywood movie called “The Possession” that was “based” on the ebay listing story ; ) After that, we started seeing these boxes appear on ebay, all of the sudden people were “finding” these old boxes that held demons. Lol. Never before this have we ever seen or heard of them, but now that they were out in a movie, bam! Now anyone could go on ebay and buy one of these for $20, $30 or $50. Hmmm, a Demon in a Box for $50! Sounds like the old pet rocks from the 1970’s. A pet Demon! But why on earth would anyone WANT one of these?

Now, before I go on, remember that I have been doing what I do for nine years. Deep spiritual connections, real communication and I have dealt with beings that call themselves spirits, angels, demons and even the Devil himself. I have felt evil and felt love from these entities. They have left me messages of love and light and threats as well. But I am an ITC researcher, not a drama king. I go by reality as I am a realist. I am not a “Mythist”..wait, that’s not even a word! 

I feel anyone who spreads lies within this field is mocking spirits and even God. To profit from a made up man made creation, while exploiting it for financial gain is silly (and I am not speaking of the Ebay auctions alone) as they are simply boxes being made by people who make them at home with a basic box and some candle wax to sell for a profit. For starters, you can not trap a demon in a box. Can you trap an Angel in a box? Lol, no, and you can not do that with a Demon.

If so, show me hardcore evidence of this happening ; ) Please. I would love to see it.

People love to be scared. People love drama and they love to believe in myths. I would understand if these boxes had historical significance, but they do not. It would be like me making videos for a month saying a Demon attached to my sock, then selling that sock on ebay for $200.

In order to show the reality of this novelty box I bought three of them that had an elaborate and scary story attached to them. The seller made wild claims and so I bought three and made the video I have on this page knowing full well that the story was nonsense, as common sense tells us this. The details are in the video below.

I am writing this now three days later. The boxes are sitting in my home and all is well. Peaceful. Positive. (Update, in part two, a new video..I open one and burn one to show further that these are man made creations..and now days after that, I am alive, well and as always, full of love).

In fact I have been motivated to create an “Angel Box” which will hold personal items..a rosary, photos of Debby and my Son, and personal things that represent LOVE. I will close it and seal it with white candle wax and Debby will make one as well. We will keep them at our bedside and it will represent love, light and positivity. Now that’s a box that can do GOOD. I show off this box in part 2 which can be seen HERE.

See my video below. I hope it educates a bit on the facts of these man made novelty boxes. 

See, all of this is about INTENT. If you believe a box is evil, and it scares you, then you will think that is the case and so it will be. If you see this on TV and think it is real, these things will give you the willies as the intent is there, you THINK they are evil and so it will be! This makes you brain fear it, and thus could cause issues of panic, anxiety, etc. We can create our own reality, this is why many who think negative all the time are always in a negative space in life. This is why many who just attack and hate others get stuck in that trap. Think positive and do not fall into a negativity trap and your life can open up rather than close up.

I 100% believe that that these are a novelty item. Period. They have no historic significance but due to TV and film, some actually think a demon is trapped inside of this box, this is a fact and I always go by fact not story. Heck, I LOVED the movie. But that was entertainment, not reality (as all horror movies are, even when based on real events).

I will be opening one soon to see whats inside. It will then go in the trash. The others will be on a shelf in my home, as they are again, a novelty. A decoration. They look cool.

I have seen so many things dramatized and faked with these boxes for financial gain, views, subscribers on youtube, etc. It’s silly and it’s not reality, but hey, it’s entertaining right? Problems is that some believe in the nonsense. But you guys will see once again, that I will be here, alive, well and pushing love as always long after I break this demon box open ; ) LOVE is the KEY.

Go make an Angel box and focus on love instead of fear. That’s my recommendation. Fear is our worst enemy in life, in all aspects. It holds us back from so much and without fear holding us back,  life is BEAUTIFUL. When you lose all fear you also lose fear of death, and this comes when you truly understand how the afterlife works. We NEVER die, our soul is eternal and when we live ife with love and respect, we will be in the light when our time comes.

I hope you enjoy the video and also understand that there is an amazing session within it with some of the clearest most direct communication I have achieved. The spirits tell me what they think of these boxes in a very clear answer and no, it’s not evil tricking me (some of you have been telling me this for nine years, lol). I have been working with my spirit friends for nine years, and for nine years people have predicted my doom from demons. Instead it brought the opposite for me. It has brought God, Love, Light, Respect, Calm, Peace, and Joy. ; )

Love you all, remember, drop fear my friends, be happy and always LOVE!


PS – Oh yea. Now I could have made a video about this ad gotten a million views if I “played the game”. If I made a dramatic scary video acting as if something happened to me when I received these, or spit up some blood, acted possessed or claimed they were real it would have made me some money with video views. But I would never do this UNLESS it was real. I do not lie, even though many still think I fake my videos. Ive never faked one video, and never will. I am in this for the research, not to act or be entertaining. Yes, I take my video quality serious as I want my research to also be enjoyable to watch but I would never kill my credibility by making a scary, spooky and made up video on these. People deserve the truth, and facts and that is one promise I will always keep to all though some seem to hate the truth when it gets against their agenda or belief. But hey I am not doing what I do to please anyone, I do it to fond real answers and reality. It’s fun to believe in something scary but it can also be dangerous as again, our fear can do major harm to our physical self. The Dybbuk Box is, IMO, after researching them, owning them and having them around me is nothing more than a novelty made to be scary by Hollywood. Now, where did I put my old Pet Rock?