Demons come in during a spirit box session. This is how I handle them.

Demons come in during a spirit box session. This is how I handle them.

Hello again to all who read these pages! I am back updating the website and today I want to talk a bit about my latest video. The thumbnail and title says it all but there is so much more to ITC (Spirit Communication) than what we see on TV. In fact I know of no TV show that does what I do. TV has not had the guts to delve into real ITC research, rather they take the easy way out with writers, storylines and not so real reality. It bugs me that after almost 10 years people still believe what they see on TV yet doubt those who dedicate their life to ITC to find answers, raise awareness and HELP both the living and the dead. This is not entertainment folks, it’s real reality. Yes, Heaven is real. Yes, Hell is real. Neither are what they are portrayed to be but both are real as are the residents of each realm.

I am here to tell you that with nearly 10 years of experience with serious direct spirit contact, communication, connections and experimentation that yes EVIL spirits that call themselves DEMONS do exist. I notice some who are into ITC or claim to be researchers ignore the facts of the spirits who speak directly to some of us. I get it, some do not want to believe demons are real, as maybe that brings up fear within them, I am not sure.

I go by my own evidence and never hold back, even if it is going to be controversial. In my world there is no controversy, but reality. Death is a reality. Evil is a reality. Love is a reality. Dark and Light are a reality. In fact you can not have one without the other and for anyone to think that everything is roses when we pass, well, that is NOT the case for all of us. There is a dark place and a light place. I have dealt with them both for the last 9 1/2 years of my life. I have proven and documented it as well, along the way for all to see. My videos have been viewed nearly 80 million times. I have nearly 1 million subscribers on YouTube.

Finally, some of the world is opening up to the reality of the afterlife and getting away from the nonsense that so called reality TV portray. 

I have always said that demons are not at all what TV and Movies make them out to be and this is 100% true. Always remember with a yin comes a yang. To those who think Demons are not real, you are wrong. We could not have love and light without evil and darkness. It’s the stark reality and a huge part of this research. One can not choose just to explore the light as when you walk through the light you will attract darkness who wants to stamp out the light within you.

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I have not only recorded evidence of these evil beings, I have SEEN them…I have FELT Them…and I have been attacked by them as they spoke into my ear.

These are the experiences that have changed my life forever and it is not part of a fake “made for entertainment” reality TV show or movie, it is real reality and I have documented my work, progress, techniques and all I have learned over nearly 800 videos (some private) and many many years. I take what I do as serious as my life. I do not do this for attention, money, or show. In fact I have lost tens of thousands of dollars by pursuing ITC over other things in life that could have made me much more money. I do this for the reasons I speak of constantly. ¬†Love, empathy, care, trust and PROGRESS of this field as well as the world waking up to what we need more than ever…LOVE. In fact with love brings light and light is one of our powerful tools against the dark. I am dedicated, my life is all in here and while most practice ITC as a hobby, for fun or for the social aspect I chose to go deep and establish a solid connection with the other side, which has taken YEARS and it shows in my work.

It has been documented and is true, yes my work has been and always will be 100% real. Entities that call themselves demons have come through my devices many times over the years. As I stated in the past, when they come in, they announce it (as you can see in the video on this page). They are not shy about it. Again do not go by TV shows as these. reality shows are not real in what they tell you or capture. They are heightened created versions of what they think will scare you or amaze you.

Evil spirits or demons can be dealt with, and even after serious attacks that left me in the hospital for days I am still here, alive, well, happy and still pursuing this deep spirit connection as I know I am safe, cradled in light and love from the energy I tap into that lives within us all. This is because I have learned how to deal with the Evil and have trained myself, with the help of my higher power to always be protected.

It’s taken me years to learn how to deal with Demons but it’s always about love, light and having ZERO fear of them. When you trust in the light energy that we all have within us, and learn how to harness it and then drop all fear from life there is nothing any evil spirit can do with that immense energy and power. I will say that until my dying day and am living proof it is as well. I teach ALL that I have learned over at my Patreon page in a series of videos that tell you face to face and heart to heart (no script, no written words, no planned words…just from my heart to you in each video class) all I have learned and how to not only establish a deep connection but how to avoid issues with evil when researching ITC.

Evil thrives on negative energy and hateful energy but can not stand love energy. When evil comes in I do not fear. I speak with them and let them know calmly that they have zero power over me or anyone I love. I envision love, light and a calm surrounds me. This is possible when you learn how to tap into the light energy within you. It usually doesn’t take long for them to leave, and these days I may get 1 or 2 evil interruptions in a year. It used to be much more.

In any case, enjoy the latest video and do try to understand that what I say here is from direct experience. Keep in mind it’s as serious as life itself and always try to live life in a positive kind way. When you do you will be uplifted rather than brought down.

Love you all!


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