Does HELL Exist? This spirit says it does, and that they are there…

Does HELL Exist? This spirit says it does, and that they are there…

For years and years, and mainly my entire life, I have been experiencing things that are sort of “out of this world” when it comes to what is normal and what is not normal..or “Paranormal”.

As I sit here right now typing, listening to Bob Denver’s “Take me home country roads” that popped up in Spotify somehow I am decoding in my head, at the same time, what the last 6 years of evidence has brought me. Have I learned ANYTHING from doing all of these spirit sessions, videos, and spending half of my life working at it? Yes, of course. Not only have I learned a ton, my life has changed over these last seven years to be much better, much more positive, much more filled with love, and much happier in general. Over seven years I have learned for me, whether anyone else believes me or not, for me…I now know that yes, we go on after death. I know our soul is energy and we leave our physical shell when it can no longer house this energy. I know we go somewhere, a place that is either good, or bad.

I used to doubt heaven and hell. When I was growing up I maybe had a 10% belief in a Heaven or Hell. I have always believed in a creator because there is just no way that we came from nothing, or a Big Bang, or some strange theory. We were created, and that is my belief. By who or what? I am still not sure of that one but I feel 100% we have a creator that created not only us, but the universe, which is incredible as it is when you sit and think deep about life in general.

But I have discovered that these voices that talk to me through my devices, these intelligent replies and direct conversations at times are 100% IMPOSSIBLE to debunk. Lately my sessions have gotten better and better. More direct, more conversational, and with more details given to me.

Over the last six years I have taken many notes. What has been said over and over, what they have warned me about, I have taken notes about the attacks, my hospital visits, what I felt and when they happened. I have also seen a pattern over many years and for me it is pretty strong evidence over hundreds of hours of sessions that leads to something…and that something is dark.

Ever since my 1st sessions using a PSB7 and Franks Box many years ago, I have had messages asking me for help, messages with warnings about hell, about demons and also messages of love, angels and even Jesus and God being mentioned many times.

This has been going on for seven years now, these messages. It seems no matter when I turn on my Wonder Box, and no matter what I have going into it, the messages are the same. HELP US, HELP ME, BRING THE LIGHT, CALL THE LIGHT, SHOW ME HEAVEN, WE ARE IN HELL, DEMONS ARE WITH US, GET GOD, CALL GOD, etc etc.

These messages have been constant and while I have had MANY messages of love, light and peace with angels being mentioned, and many saying I had God with me and am being protected…these dark messages come through often.

If I piece them all together over the last seven years, it all leads to one thing. Without question. It leads me to believe 100% that 90% of who comes through during a random session (the ones where they ask for help, etc) are actually stuck in a place they believe to be HELL. Is it really HELL as we know it? Maybe, maybe not but they sure think it is, and tell me it is. They want out, and beg me to help them. But who am I to help them? I am just a normal guy with a passion to push forward this research farther than anyone ever has, and I feel I have done that, and quite well. No ego, just being proud of my accomplishments. I am confident we are just scratching the surface here as well.

I did a session this morning with my Wonder Box and had a pretty direct session. They answered me directly, and at the end gave me a chilling message. I heard a “Bless You” so I said “Thank you, Bless you too”..then a man says “They are in Hell” and then “Listening To You”.

It all makes sense to me, 100%. Years of these pleas for help, begging me to bring light to heaven, etc. Also, what they showed me a while back when I saw this dark void area filled with MILLIONS of these Lost Souls as they were telling me about it. It shook me to buy core, that vision. It was so so real, so relevant and while these are a rare thing, these “visions” for me, when they do happen they are 100% real and threes no denying them, for me. I know what I see and feel and experience. If I denied it then it would be like me denying I am alive.

See the session from this morning below:


So for me, since I am a realist and go by real evidence about things I am unsure of, my belief is 100% that there is indeed a HELL and a HEAVEN. They may not be like what we were taught. Meaning, they may not be like what we have always heard about these places but they sure sound close. It boggles my mind as I never believed in such things but I can not deny personal evidence as well as the audible evidence collected over seven years now.

Many leave comments on YouTube saying “There is no hell, etc etc”…and to them I say YOU KNOW NOTHING and NEITHER DO I. NO ONE DOES WHO IS ALIVE. THAT IS A FACT but at least I have audible evidence that has SPIRITS saying these things, so it is not MY opinion, but their reality.

No one on earth can say whether or not there is or is not a hell with authority. They can have an opinion, a theory, but not fact. Me, I say I know there is FOR ME and MY PERSONAL belief due to my intense experiences with all of this. I do not ask anyone to believe my belief, that is for you to decide. Me, from what I have seen, heard and felt over seven years I will say that for me, it’s the real deal.

I feel comfort though in the messages I have received over the years telling me of my angels who protect and guide me. The messages of love and the messages telling me to be careful. I have some guides who look out for me always. I feel this has truly opened my eyes to what may lie outside our physical realm. I will continue living my life in a good, positive and respectful way. I help others in need when I can, I treat all with respect and I know that when I go I will head right for any light that may be there for me as I know I would not want to ever be one of those spirits pleading someone for help through a spirit box or spending an eternity in the place I have been shown.

This is deep my friends. Again, not just this video here but over hundreds of videos over the last several years, all pointing to the same thing. As far as I am concerned we do go on after we die, there is a creator, and there may indeed be a Hell and Heaven. There is good, bad and things outside of our world that our even beyond our comprehension. For a reason.

Again, all from years of REAL evidence not just my opinion. So take it as it is, for what it is. To me, it makes all kinds of sense and actually fills in some of the confusion I have had over the last few years with some of the things that have been happening. It all makes sense.


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