Intense Session. The Devil? Things are getting interesting. Deep thoughts.

Intense Session. The Devil? Things are getting interesting. Deep thoughts.

By Steve Huff

Hello to all. It’s 5:30 AM and I am up having my morning coffee thinking about life in general. This spirit communication I have been conducting recently is getting intense, and a little scary at times. With the new clarity and directness I am getting from the Wonder Box Gold, these voices of the spirits, entities and whatever else comes through this device is getting more real than ever in the way they sound. THIS makes it more intense when doing the sessions and the last session I did was no exception.

My last session a few days ago…

The whole vibe was strange and the “devil” comment was extra eerie. What I have not mentioned to you yet also is that days before I had a small attack again, in my living room (again) while watching TV with Debby (same as last time). It was not as large as the last two but it was intense and had me thinking I was having a serious heart attack. It was coming in waves as if something was trying to gain control of my body. Every 3-4 minutes a huge wave would hit me, causing pressure in my chest and pain as well. Shortness of breath and extreme tingling and energy going in and out. I felt about a foot outside of my body and it was really messing with me. Even with that…

…this time I stayed as calm as I could, and focused on Angels, Jesus and the universe and asked mentally for this to be taken away. As I did, moments later it went away. But it jolted me yet again and made me question why I do this work if I am putting my health at risk. So I took a few days off, and then did this session above that you either saw a few days ago or watched just now. Needless to say, when I played back the recording and heard the man say who he was (The Devil) it shook me and sent shivers down my spine (that was not heard in real time). Not because I think it really is the devil but this is the same voice of the “Gold Man”, the strongest connection I have ever had in seven years. His voice is strong, with inflection and clearer than any of the voices that come through.

He seemed to like the Gold I added to the box (after they asked me to add it) in a recent session and now he was back, claiming he was the devil himself. I will not lie. You guys know me as being the fearless spirit communicator and always with love, light and positivity and NO FEAR. Well, this voice did succeed in scaring me, and it was only due to the attack I had prior and the fact that this voice was and has been coming in so clear and direct. It was personal and he was THERE. I felt him. I felt this negative energy and it started to suck my energy. Now remember that what I do is always 100% real, it is not for entertainment, not for show and not for scares. This is real research so when you watch it, know this with 100% certainty. It will send shivers down your spine when it sinks in that yes, this is really happening.

So here I am three days later and I have been, for the 1st time EVER, going through a little depression and sadness, feeling emotions I have not felt in a long time. I have had moments where I feel like I am in a very real dream state, while awake in the middle of the day or even eating. When I was attacked I felt like I was about a foot outside of my body, with my physical body feeling like it was going to fall over and pass out while my “soul” outside of my body moved on. It is surreal, it is confusing and it is like nothing else I have ever experienced. So yes, it is scary. Very. Until this happens to you, it is not something you can even comprehend.

So I decided I was going to quit this work, only to realize 3 days later that quitting will not change anything. I am a beacon, my house is a hub, and I created this over the last several years, so I have to finish my work, and take the good with the bad. As I have said for years, this research is a part of who I am and wether you love me, or hate me, non of that matters. All that matters is that I am compelled and pushed to continue and look how far I have come over these last several years. It is not something I can just give up, especially when I have hundreds of emails from those who write me letters speaking about how my work has changed their lives for the better. IT IS DOING GOOD, and that is amazing.

I can go on forever with deep thoughts about what I feel is really happening in the spiritual realms, and even throw some very convincing “conspiracy” theories your way but that should be for another time and post. For now let’s just say there is a war going in in the spiritual realm between good and evil. Evil wants to use me to push their agenda and the good want me to push through the evil and get to the task at hand. That task? Helping lost souls who are trapped with the dark. All sounds insane, crazy and out of this world, and maybe it is but all I know is that it is VERY real, VERY intense and when they said I was “CHOSEN” a year ago, they meant it. Chosen for what? Not sure if it is the good or bad who chose me, but something is happening.

This session was also interesting as they spoke of God and Heaven. They called me by name again at the start, to verify it was me. I mean, yea. Crazy.

Some have been getting messages that we are in the end of times and the spiritual war has something to do with it. If we look at the world today, that theory is not too far fetched. With so much negativity in the world, so much dumbing down of people by the powers that be and so much hate and lies being spread the world today is not what it used to be, and it is only getting worse and will get MUCH worse. Mark those words. I feel many on this earth are being influenced by demonic entities. I see it EVERYWHERE. Even in the ITC field itself.

Think about it. Clear your mind and take a look around at what has happened to this world over the last 10 years or so. Social media dumbing us down, reality TV dumbing us down and everyone with an opinion who thinks they are right or better than anyone else and willing to trash talk or attack others who share the same common goals and interest. For what? Yea.

The reality is, we are all humans, we are all connected and we should ALL love each other instead of letting our governments tear us apart. What is clear to me and some others is NOT clear to many, some just do not see it as they do not want to clear their head to see facts of what is happening today, all over the world. We have been misled, misguided and by design have been manipulated to turn on each other. If you were the creator of the universe, would you be happy with Earth right now? I wouldn’t.

With Evil starting to overtake the world as we know it, I would assume the Devil would be very happy. Which would give these evil entities more power as fear, hate and negativity FUEL them.

As for me, I meditated on this and realized that my fear from these last two sessions and recent attack has made it worse for me. They do feed off of our fears. So last night I prayed and I accepted Jesus and God into my life. I am a man who has NEVER been religious and still am not. In my videos you may sometimes see things that symbolize Jesus or religion but those pieces have always been for the spirits who do believe in Jesus, God and like those symbols. To them it means something. While I have accepted Jesus and God into my life like never before I am still not affiliated with any religion but I do have the power of love, good and GOD on my side. I woke up this morning at 5AM with an energy and vigor I have not had in weeks. While I am still taking more time off of sessions, I will be back. Stay tuned.

Love to all, Light to all and remember, smile, be positive and focus on GOOD rather than BAD. When we focus on the bad (as I have for the last few days) it makes life worse, it makes us unhappy and it is not good for our soul. Spirit teaches me lessons almost daily and while some of those lessons are tough, they do make us better human beings.