Myths of the Paranormal World


This page will cause a lot of reaction, I am sure. How do I know? Well, because over the past few years I have learned SO MUCH about this field and also have learned that much of what has been spread out there about certain topics is nothing but fear tactics, drama, storytelling as well as situations created by fear.

I have come in direct contact with spiritual beings. I have felt them, recorded them and on occasion, seen them and even played interactive “games” with them. It may sound silly to some, especially those who have a closed mind and do not believe in any of this but I speak from 100% real world experience, and I have proven my claims with evidence – unlike all of the myths out there that have ZERO evidence to back them up. Myths like “Demons will kill you or get you or destroy you if you mess with this”…or “The Ouija Board will bring demons and evil”. There are many more but I will deal with these first. As you can see, my home made Ouija board is above. My son Brandon and I made it, and I still own it. Always will. It is an amazing board and never has anything evil come from it. I have used them for over 35 years. Never an issue. Never any “Evil”.

Of course everything I am writing here is only my opinion, but again, it comes from experience and facts unlike those who preach that it is evil (they have no proof or facts or documented reality, just myths)

Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs but until I see evidence of some of these claims, I will stick with factual evidence.

So as I add posts and articles about the “Myths” I will link to them from this page so they are easily accessible and found.


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