Ouija Board Myths. Fact vs Fiction vs Spirit Box


Ouija Board Myths. Fact vs Fiction vs Spirit Box

Welcome yet again to another post here on HuffParanormal.com. Seems to be a busy week here with new posts, many new members in the forum and all kinds of things happening so let us keep it going! Today I wanted to talk about the Ouija Board. Those who know me know how I feel about them, and that is that THEY ARE NOT dangerous in ANY way besides being mentally damaging if you fear it, then it is you who is doing the damage to yourself. This has been proven again and again. Now, I am going by MY personal experience of over 30 years as well as HISTORY, ever since the board was created in July of 1890. 

I went over it all in the video below as well as did a quick Joe’s Box session near the end so check it out for my take on Fact vs Fiction of the Ouija.

Bottom line is that I have used them for more than 30 years. Never an issue, never a problem. Never ANYTHING Evil in any way. Every story you hear about them that has to do with Evil is based in stories and myths, not fact. Truth be told, my life is full of love, peace, happiness, health, joy, zero stress, and all kinds of goodness. Quite the opposite of what the stories and legends will tell you of what will happen when you use a Ouija. I have even used it in my home on numerous occasions, as have millions of others.

Millions of Boards have been sold since the 1800’s. Millions. FACT: Never in the history of the world has there ever been any REAL documented case of evil or possession coming from the board. Never has there been ANY documentation or evidence of ANYTHING evil, malicious or not nice from the board. Never has there been any proof of any harm coming to anyone besides mental harm that was caused from the persons fear. Again, these are facts and you can accept it or continue to believe the stories that have been re-hashed and passed down over the years.

One thing in this field I hate seeing is the “Demonizing of the Ouija Board”. It is not evil, does not bring evil and never really has. In fact, a spirit box session will bring in MUCH more spirit activity to your home than a Ouija board will in a lifetime. They are the same thing except one is a modern-day version that allows the spirits to speak audibly and be heard. The spirits much prefer to use the spirit box to the Ouija. (I have recorded EVP’s that say so). So why is it that so many who demonize the board think it is OK to use a spirit box when a spirit box is a modern day Ouija that is even more powerful at attracting and bring in spirits? That is a mystery to me. I can only imagine if the spirit box was created in 1890..today it would be considered a devil’s box or tool. No question about it.

As for the board, Parker Brothers sold them by the truckload in toy stores for many years, and they are still sold today in toy stores in 2014. Never one lawsuit against them for  their children being harmed by a demon. Why? Because it is not possible for a Ouija Board to bring in a demon that will hurt you as they are in no way evil devices. They can be used effectively for spirit communication and if you fear it you should never ever use it as you will freak yourself out to the point where you will truly believe a Demon is going to get you.

The video below..watch it to see why I know the Ouija Board bringing Evil is a MYTH. I can prove it is not nor does it bring EVIL yet no one can prove that it does. 

Enjoy the video but remember the facts! Always look at history, truth, facts!

1. There has never been one shred of evidence that a Ouija board can summon evil spirits or demons. None. No one knows what comes from them but one thing we do know is that no one has ever been harmed by using one.

2. Millions have been sold around the world and kids have used them for ages. Since 1890.

3. I have used one for 30+ years with no bad experiences of effects. None. Ever.

4. Movies based on the Ouija are 100% false and made up. Not true in any way, shape or form. Exorcist, false. Witchboard, false. Etc.

5. TV shows that demonize the Ouija do so for thrills, chills, scares and ratings (ratings = $$). Again, show me the proof. There is none.

6. Remember, never in the history of the board, since the 1800’s has there ever been evidence of anything evil being associated with it.

7. Messages from the board that say “Demon” does not mean a Demon is there. 🙂


This is a topic that is touchy for me as I respect the board and feel it can do GOOD. Again, my 30 years has shown me this. It has never shown me evil or harm or anything bad. The board, when used correctly does work and will connect you will a spirit, a lost soul, or whoever. If a Demon does come through, all they can do is try to scare you. That is about it. But again, the fact is that none of us know the reality of what we speak with, all we know is that in the case of “Demons”, no documented real case ever.

The #1 thing to fear in this field is fear itself as fear can cause all kinds of things to go on in your brain, none of them good. I NEVER EVER fear any of what I do, even when I had something overing over me in bed..I studied it, welcomed it and tried to figure out what it was. I felt it and saw it but did not fear it. If I did fed it I would have sworn to myself I was being attacked as that is what my brain would have told my body..and my story would have been much different. Fear is the only danger in this field. When you drop that you drop all possibility of having a problem with it, all.

The Ouija Board is NOT dangerous. I have 30 years of use and proof of this. Even if I begged for a demon to come get me while using it, it would be impossible and would never ever happen because it just can not happen, period.