The MiniBox Files. Clarity Extreme.

For over three years I have wanted a MiniBox plus and I looked around and asked around but it seems that every time I find someone who owns one, well, they never want to sell it. This has only added more and more to the mystique around this device for me and I am still on the hunt for one (a PLUS model). To this day, July 19th 2014, I have not been able to find a MiniBox Plus for sale anywhere!

The next best thing to a mini box plus though is a standard Minibox, and this I did find by accident. When asking about a Frank’sBox on E-Bay the seller told me he had a Mini Box he was thinking of selling. I asked him for a video sample of the device working and he sent it over. Within a week that MiniBox was in my hands ready for a test.

I am always looking for new devices that excel in the area of spirit communication. There may be newer devices out there but for me, none are better than the big three: The Andy’s Box, the Joe’s Box and now, the MiniBox.

The only problem here is that the Joe’s Box is no loner made and only a handful were ever made, so they are next to impossible to get and it may take someone years to acquire one. If you do find one, expect to shell out big cash. Same goes for the MiniBox plus and the standard MiniBox. They are no longer made and very hard to come across. I am still in the market, and always will be until I find one, for a MiniBox Plus and I will pay TOP dollar for one in perfect working condition if anyone out there has one they are thinking of selling. When I finally find one I will use it and use it correctly and take amazing care of it. If you have one and want an offer from me, send me a message using the contact link tab above but be prepared to send images of the box.

The Andy’s Box is still made today and Andy usually has a tough time keeping up with the demand.

The MiniBox does not come cheap. If you find one used, be prepared to pay a nice sum of cash for one. The Joe’s Box is even worse in the $$ dept. due to the rarity. Last Joe’s box sold on e-bay for just about $2000, which is insane. The Andy’s Box, brand new with warranty is $250 and built for you after the order is placed.

To me, these are the best three boxes available for spirit communication that are around today. After these you have the new P-SB11, which does indeed pull in spirits like a magnet but it is so damn noisy and crackly it starts to grind on my brain after a while. If the P-Sb11 could be smooth like the others I mentioned, then it would be a box worthy of the #1 title but as it stands, while very effective at picking up voices and replies from the other side, the noise gets to me..mainly the crackling and pops, not so much the white noise.

The MiniBox and Joe’s Box proves that you do not need white noise for spirit voices to come through. They are the quietest and clearest spirit communication devices ever created.


More about my MiniBox

My MiniBox is #151 is the standard MiniBox. It has a nice quality build (better than the Joe’s Box) and also includes a hefty rechargeable battery inside that lasts for 30-40 hours once fully charged. Genius. The knobs are solid and smooth and the inside shows just how much work went into making it. Very clean design and the inventor, Ron Ricketts (who has sadly passed away) knew what he was doing when he designed his boxes. This is the best made box I have ever seen.

The MiniBox needs an external speaker to work. The device is amped so a passive speaker is usually best to avoid distortion. There is an internal antenna and an external though I found I get the best sound without the external plugged in. The volume goes loud for me, there is no real noise and the sweep is smooth. The sensitivity knob is best kept at the 10-12 o’clock mark in my findings, but can work well at 9 o’clock or maxed out as well.

This box is new  to me and I have only done 3 small 5-10 minute sessions with it as a test. I have yet to take it on location to an overnight stay but hope to do so very soon as the results are amazingly clear.

The Videos

Below are a few videos showing some amazing replies from this box.

First: In my home and at a cemetery (could only stay there for 5 minutes as a car pulled in behind me at 11pm at night and just sat there, so I left) and you can see how clear the voices are. When a response comes through it is as if they just PUSH their way through the radio scan, which can still be heard in the background. I have never seen a box behave quite like this one. Take a look for yourself at the video below. The 1st part where I am talking about it, I had to be quiet as it was late and everyone was asleep in the house..and I was so tired. After that the evidence is there so take a look and listen. Headphones are NOT needed for this one 🙂

As always, everything I do is 100% real, 100% legit and nothing is EVER faked. I did not even add ANY filtering to the replies here but for a  few I did slow them down while retaining pitch to make it more clear and easy to understand as sometimes they speak fast.

Enjoy! You can watch it below in this page or you can click here to go to YouTube to watch it directly. If you go there, be sure to thumbs up the video if you like it and want to see more. Also subscribe to my YouTube if you want to always keep up with the latest videos I put up.

 Click play on the video below to watch! 

and another showing the ability of this box to bring in the voices clearly without static
and using the Mini Box to ask mental questions…