Messages from¬†Beyond: The Andy’s Box Files

SEE my review of the NEW Andy’s PRD-1000 HERE!¬†The article below is old and talks about the old, now discontinued Andy’s Box.

Currently my favorite Ghost Box EVER. if you want to buy an Andy’s Box, you can at I make NO money if you buy one and Andy does NOT pay me a dime. I recommend his box because it is THAT GOOD. Take a look at the video below which is a compilation of clips over various sessions using this box. I use it in my group sessions all of the time to receive messages from loved ones of those participating in the group session (which is always free). The Andy’s box has an uncanny ability to bring in full sentences and personal messages with an eery clarity and spooky presentation. What you are about to see is 100% real, recorded live during sessions I did in my home and in various locations.