Spirit Photo Evidence

Imagine being able to snap a photo, using specific techniques, that will bring out a spirit that is near you or attached to you. It may sound absolutely insane or crazy but yes, it is possible. It may also be possible to photograph a loved one who has passed, if the energy and emotion is there and you have a connection to the other side. (which anyone can have with patience, love, an open mind and a commitment to it).

What you will see on this page is my small but growing personal photo collection that includes evidence of spirits showing themselves in photos I take after I ask them to appear for me. You will not see small, fuzzy, low quality images of dust or things that are not even visible..but you will see high quality and unmistakable spirit imagery.

Now, all of this may sound crazy and nuts but it is a 100% fact that this can be done, and has been done by MANY people who do this on a daily basis. It is not just me who does this, there are some out there who get amazing results on a regular basis.

I only do these types of photos a few times per year and only do them when I feel that I am pushed to do them by the spirit themselves. I use various methods with water, smoke and sometimes dry ice or super high ISO imaging with cameras that literally see in the dark without using a flash (200,000-500,000 ISO).  I have captured live EVP’s validating (while taking the photos) that what was being shown to me in the photo was whoever was hanging around my home. None of the photos below have been faked. It is exactly what has shown up in the photo when I snapped it. Sometimes I will up the contrast or levels to bring it out more but nothing is ever added or faked, at all.

To learn more about this google “ITC Spirit Photography”.  I will post new photos here from time to time as I get them,


So during my July 2018 group session where I try to reach loved ones for those at my Patreon every month I caught this image during a Water ITC session. I clearly see an elderly man, and it even appears that he is walking through the woods, taking a stroll. I upped the contrast here and converted it to black and white to make it easier to see, and I also outlined it. Amazing image. Spirits SPEAK by manipulating audio. They show themselves, how they looked in life by manipulating things such as water, fire, smoke, etc. As long as you have a connection to the other side, this can be done by anyone. As in, anyone can build a connection to the other side.

1st image is enhanced with extra contrast, 2nd one is without the outline and contrast…


The Spirit in Tombstone

Tombstone AZ 2016

This is amazing. While at a group event, in front of a dozen others at Sister Paranormal in Tombstone AZ (My #1 fave hot spot in Tombstone) we were using  the portal and SCD-1 and getting incredible real time replies that we all heard. Resident spirits were there and talking and new spirits were there as well. At one point, Nora (one of the sisters) was at the bar, and she said she felt a female presence  next to her. Using a new technique for spirit photography I have been experimenting with (USING HIGH ISO up to 200,000 ISO) I snapped a shot of the space next to Nora and BAM, instantly upon review we ALL saw a female figure reaching for the liqour bottles.

Click the image below to see what appears to be a woman in a black cloak, reaching for the alcohol (we were asking them if they wanted a drink). Notice her face..and the smeared laser grid where she is. Amazing. I have never seen a real spirit photo, ever..as impressive as this. The good thing is all who were there saw this on my camera in real time, right after I snapped it, so there were a dozen witnesses to this image capture.


The Ghostly Apparition at the Lost Leaf

I was out with Debby and we stopped in a very cool little place called “The Lost Leaf” in Phoenix, AZ. It is basically a cool bar set in an old historic house that has live music 365 days per year. In all of my years of taking photos, I have never caught anything quite like this. I was basically taking a test shot to check and see if I could even shoot in such low light without flash. No one was in the frame beside the people you see. The man in the middle was in full view and I snapped. No one was in front or moved in front of me.

I had the camera in B&W mode as I was going to shoot pics with a gritty old school feel. What I see in the image is the scene I was taking a test snap of and then what appears to be a glowing mass of something right in front of the frame, center. The more I looked at it, the more it appears to be some sort of form/shape. I can not explain it, and again, no one was there in the frame besides the people you see in the background. This is a 100% real authentic shot out of my digital camera. All I am saying is that it is unexplainable to me and there is no way I can debunk it. I shot it, I was there, I know my cameras and lenses and this is something I can not explain. No flash was used, I never use flash and this camera does not have a flash. Not sure how whatever it is in my frame seems to be illuminated and glowing white.. You can read more about this image HERE.



The Little Boy, Billy

One night just before I was going to meditate to do a group session in my home office I was in the kitchen getting some water. As I stood at the counter drinking I felt a huge surge of electricity through my body, from head to toe. Like something was pushing through me or in me trying to get my attention.

As this was happening I kept seeing my camera firing off (in my head), which I saw as a sign to go take some spirit photos! So away I went to get a bowl filled with water and something made me grab my black light flashlight for some reason even though I have never used it for this in the past.

I turned out the lights, asked for whoever was here to appear when I snapped the photo and aimed the blacklight into the water (while holding the light in my mouth) while using one hand to agitate the water and the other to take the photo. I did NOT use flash of any kind as I prefer not to. The water was illuminated in an odd way with the blacklight so it was enough for the camera to focus and fire off three shots.

For some reason, I always take about three shots.

When I loaded the memory card into my computer and looked at the 1st image, I saw nothing. The 2nd image was another story. In that one I saw the full face of a little boy. Eyes, nose, mouth, hair, round face, cheeks..everything. It was unmistakable. Below his head looked like what appeared to POSSIBLY be wings. I am not sure but take a look for yourself. You can click the image for a larger size.

May 24th 2014

When I saw this image and stared at it for a few minutes I felt very emotional. I felt sadness and I teared up as I was feeling HIS emotion as well. He was a sad little guy and I was not sure why. I feel that even today, almost a week later he is still hanging around here in my house.

Below is the full frame from the camera RAW file. Click it to see the details as you get to see the whole pot:


I later found out through sessions that this boy is named “Billy” and he is somehow stuck. At least that is what the messages say when they come through. No way to confirm that it is true of course but that is what is being said..that this is Billy and he needs help.

Gasping Man

I decided one night to experiment with Dry Ice and light to see if I could photograph another string spirit presence that was in my house. I have an all black pull down style shade in my office that goes over my doors and I use this when doing sessions to make the space more private. I decided to pull this down and place the dry ice pot in front of it. As the smoke lifted from the pot I asked “will you please show yourself for me..I know you are here, I feel you”. I snapped a photo and this is what appeared:


It speaks for itself. I clearly see the side profile of a man. White hair, forehead wrinkles, eye, nose and an open gasping mouth. If you look closer, you will see even more. This is the image as it came from the camera but I did convert it to black and white as it was much more evident in B&W.

The man with the Monocle

One day I felt a VERY strong almost overwhelming presence so I did a water session in a metal pot with an overhead light just above it (I used my sink area in the kitchen). The pot was 85% filled and I used my hand to agitate the water while I snapped some images. I said “whoever is here, and I feel you, show yourself please. You still have a voice and I want to see who it is I have been speaking with”

The image? See it below. I see a man with a Monocle eyeglass, his other eye and forehead and some of his face. It is incredible. To me, it looks like a piece of art I want to print and frame (and i just might).


Again, this is all 100% real. Skeptics who feel I fake this, all I can tell you is I have not and if you do not believe it then that is your right and choice but I do not lie, I do not fake and when I saw this image above I was absolutely blown away. This was the day when I realized what a strong connection I had to the other side.

The Mustache Man

One of my earlier experiments this one was using a pot of water and some light above. I did my usual and asked whoever was here to appear. This is the image:


I see a man, a thin man with a pencil thin mustache. Almost like an old school 1940’s guy. Nose, mouth, eyebrows and eyes are all there and NO it is NOT my reflection. For starters I always leave my head back away from the water and hold my arm out with camera to shoot the water. If anything, you would see a reflection of my arm and camera but you do not. Second, it looks NOTHING like me. 🙂 This is a real phenomenon and many others do this, some on a daily basis. Google it for more.


I love this one so much I wrote a dedicated article on it HERE.