A Ghostly Apparition? An Image from The Lost Leaf in Phx, AZ

A Ghostly Apparition? Image from The Lost Leaf in Phx, AZ

So last night I was out with Debby and we stopped in a very cool little place called “The Lost Leaf” in Phoenix, AZ. It is basically a cool bar set in an old historic house that has live music 365 days per year. Even though I have been in Phoenix for 20 years I have never once been to this location and we really enjoyed it. As I always do, I bring my camera with me everywhere I go as that is my profession. I run one of the largest Camera/Photo blogs on the internet and have been for 6 years now. I know all about cameras, photos and what can cause an anomaly in digital images. Before the band came on we were sitting at a table and I told Debby that I thought it was probably too dark inside to shoot without flash so I took a test shot, aimed at the doorway to where the band would be playing.

As I took the shot I focused on a man in the doorway. No one was in front of him, at all. I snapped the shot. When I arrived home and checked out the image I saw something else in the photo.

Yes, I do call myself a “spirit magnet” and I can capture audio evidence quite easily but photo evidence usually has come my way only via water ITC or using smoke, dry ice methods and yes, they are all 100% real.

The image below is unexplainable to me. I was testing a VERY VERY expensive lens on my Leica camera as I am in the process of a full review of this lens. In fact, this lens is touted as the best 50mm lens in the world and is free from distortion, flare (it will not flare, ever) and any kind of issues. Long story short, this lens will never show an artifact. It is a lens that retails for $7,350.00. Basically it is a perfect lens without issues or without the ability to flare or have any problems. In all of my use and testing of this lens over a month I have never had an issue or problem or artifact show up. But last night SOMETHING showed up in my photo that I did not see with my naked eye.

In all of my years of taking photos, I have never caught anything quite like this.

I had the camera in B&W mode as I was going to shoot pics with a gritty old school feel. What I see in the image is the scene I was taking a test snap of and then what appears to be a glowing mass of something right in front of the frame, center. The more I looked at it, the more it appears to be some sort of form/shape. I can not explain it, and again, no one was there in the frame besides the people you see in the background. It was only a test shot to see how much light was available. This is a 100% real authentic shot out of my digital camera. All I am saying is that it is unexplainable to me and there is no way I can debunk it. I shot it, I was there, I know my cameras and lenses and this is something I can not explain. No flash was used, I never use flash and this camera does not have a flash. Not sure how whatever it is in my frame seems to be illuminated and glowing white..

PS – As for the one person on Facebook who said it was lens flare because I was shooting into a mirror…I WAS NOT SHOOTING IN TO A MIRROR. There was NO MIRROR anywhere in the room, period. I was shooting from my table into the next room as a light test for the camera. Also, as I said above it is not in any way, shape or form lens flare as that is not possible with this lens and there was nothing to make it flare. 😉 So A: No mirror. B: It is not lens flare. C: no one was in front of me and no one walked in front of me. D: NO flash was used. Thank you!

What do YOU see? Feel free to comment below!

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This is an enlargement/crop of the face area from the out of camera JPEG image